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We have not very successful months in terms of health, so we have fun at home as much as we can 😂 😂 I found old videos and decided to make similar fresh ones)) the old ones were filmed exactly a year ago, on December 3)) here you can clearly see the growth rate of Lunyasha, of course, with the age, she became less hurricane-like, I had to provoke her for 15 minutes at first, so that she would jump at least a little)

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Luna the panther and scary mask 😱/ epic sheep hunting 🐑 - скачать с YouTube бесплатно

Luna the panther and scary mask 😱/ epic sheep hunting 🐑 - скачать с YouTube бесплатно

Hello friends! We got sick here either with the flu , or covid And we managed to make a video only from house I found in the archive old videos where Lunyasha is just a baby And we decided to shoot something like this now, look how she has changed Всем приятного просмотра Why would you bite it if you're scared What is this thing? You buy all sorts of incomprehensible things Who bit through this Tell me: it will only get better If you want to take it, take it by the elastic band by the elastic band What kind of prey is so strange Good bye, thank you No? It's still interesting to you A strange thing And if it attacks, it must be destroyed Switched the mode Turn into a robot and we'll all go to China Not according to plan Jump for the toy Busya is out of breath, tell me - I'm not a kitten jumping so much A bun! Can 't you look at me anymore ?