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[WayV-ehind] 'Bad Alive (English Ver.)' MV

🎬 WayV 威神V 'Bad Alive (English Ver.)' MV : https://youtu.be/sB2YVGPPXW0

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🎵 "Bad Alive (English Ver.)" : https://smarturl.it/WayV_BadAlive_ENG

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[WayV-ehind] 'Bad Alive (English Ver.)' MV - скачать с YouTube бесплатно

[WayV-ehind] 'Bad Alive (English Ver.)' MV - скачать с YouTube бесплатно

We're here to shoot a MV Our <Bad Alive> English version English version MV MV Let's do it! We need your energy Please send us your energy Okay, I think... Do you think you got it? Yes, I think I got it How much? This much!

What was the lyrics? I don't know See? I've got this much energy from you Wow, it's big Here, we have an iron man Iron man I'm too skinny I'm skinnier than XIAOJUN now Right XIAOJUN's gained a lot of muscle through weight training Right, he's big now He's got a big body Like iron An iron man - I'm sending you my energy - This shirt is covering my muscle I'm sending you my energy Oh, are you? It's covering my muscle Thank you Thank you for getting my energy I'll send it back to you Wow Then you can send it back to our fans What should I send?

It's like the Shaolin temple Then our fans will give it back to us All right, we'll get back to work Right, it's time to work, see you later You guys are so childish Let's dance Okay Okay Shall we do it again? I don't mind doing it again Let's do it again Till we dance better, this part is awesome It seems that everybody is in good shape One more time? You want to try it one more time?

- One more time? - He wants to do it one more time Okay, then let's do it one more time It's awesome It's really awesome I'm talking about myself I'm just kidding I meant, everybody Do I look good? I got a haircut I look different, don't I? I had long hair before, but now I have short hair What do you think? Is his hair too short? It's very short from my perspective In the past.... - You almost ate your hair - I had long hair till <Turn Back Time (超時空 回)> You could even eat your hair when you wanted to nibble something Like a donkey does But I cut my hair a lot and it ended up looking like this Actually, it's short - You look good - Now I look neat Call me a 'neat guy' or 'cool guy' Well, I don't know (What does he mean by 'cool guy'?) We didn't have enough time to practice We had to practice in short period of time So it's not easy to perform today, but we're doing our best to overcome challenges This song feels rather sexy I'm not sure whether you like it or not Now, we're filming <Bad Alive> MV We're doing our best to finish everything by tonight There are 2 outfits waiting for us One is all black and the other is... how can I describe it? It reminds me of royal The second concept is entirely new It's like a mixture of all different concepts You can check it out a few minutes later The concept of this MV is 'mix and match' But...

I'll show you the background first It looks like <Avengers>, don't you think? Now take a look at our jackets and the T-shirts under the jackets Look what we're wearing inside Each item is different from each other But when they're combined, they look pretty That's the best thing about mix and match style This is a soccer T-shirt and this is a jacket that looks like a royal family's And these are jeans Look at my shoes, they're with flame! But this fashion style goes well with the background Probably...

Well, I can't explain The items are various and dynamic But everything is well harmonized in the MV So watch it till the end The concept of this MV is mix & match Let's go I'm a bit tired It's been 12 hours since we started shooting the MV About 12 hours have passed by But we're still trying to perform better We'll be able to pull ourselves together because we have you WINWIN is tired He's tired You know what? When I was young... Like what? Many children would hide themselves behind someone and said, 'It's going to be over soon' That's what they did Really? Yes, when I was a child Did you do it often? In my case, someone else hid behind me and said, 'Hey, it's time to eat' The shoot is almost finished I'll try my best to the last Looks like everybody is exhausted We've danced all day and we're sleep deprived It's 11:45 PM, it's not much later than I thought I thought it'd be around 2 AM Are we too weak? Or not? It's my first time to wear a jacket like this Isn't it fancy? I thought it's too loud when I first saw this but it looks good in the MV It's perfectly pretty If you don't believe me, watch our MV It looks so pretty I thought the first outfit was the prettiest, but I changed my mind after trying this This is the prettiest Prince style If you think I look pretty with this, please hit 'subscribe' Can people hit 'subscribe'?

If you think I look pretty with this, please hit 'subscribe' If you think I look great, please watch our MV a lot If you think I look great, please love TEN a lot Thank you Hope you like the MV We'll do our best to make you satisfied Then, bye Don't forget to watch our MV, bye! Hope you like the MV Why are you laughing? Our fans must see that Who?

KUN, he's so funny His nose I'm not sleepy at all I'll get back to work For the last time! Go for it! This is the last scene Thank you Let's try our best to the last