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Thousands of parrots flooded the streets, rooftops, parked cars and lawns in the city of Nowra, Australia.

University of Sydney professor David Phalen said the birds will organize a picnic spot before flying to their next destination. “They mostly roam. They just look for food, and when they find something they like, everyone goes down. They eat it all, and then move to another place. This is quite normal behavior, ” Phalen said.

In his opinion, the attention of the cockatoo could be attracted by the larvae after the rain.

After the invasion of parrots, the damage is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars. Birds spoil the roof with their powerful beaks and cut the wires.

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The Birds 2: Thousands of cockatoo have invaded and captured city in Australia - скачать с YouTube бесплатно

The Birds 2: Thousands of cockatoo have invaded and captured city in Australia - скачать с YouTube бесплатно

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