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How to use the Downloader?

1. Copy the video URL

Copy the URL of the video you want to download

2. Paste it in the field

Paste the URL in the text field and click the button

3. Download the file

In just a few seconds you will get the links for download is the most popular and well-known file hosting service and the second most popular site worldwide. It is easy to use, convenient for viewers and authors, has an excellent recommendation system based on your interests - these are the reasons for such a stunning success. Nevertheless, you can only watch videos in a browser - on a personal computer or in a special application on your mobile phone - you can not download a video from YouTube without third-party solutions, or only advanced users with in-depth knowledge can do it, and you can do this without preparation not every. provides the easiest and fastest method to download videos from YouTube - not only to your personal computer, but also to your cell phone, all saved videos are available in the highest quality. Choose the method that suits you best, save videos or audio from YouTube, and create your own personal collection of selected videos on your computer!

How to download YouTube videos for free?

Method 1. Copy the address of the page from the video on YouTube and paste it into the form on our website

Method 2. Download YouTube videos using our short domain

Method 3. Use our quick bookmarklet button: