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ROBLOX PIGGY Branched Realities is a horror escape game based on the Piggy Multiverse

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WHAT IF PENNY NEVER LEFT HER HOUSE?? | ROBLOX PIGGY: Branched Realities [Chapter 1] - download from YouTube for free

WHAT IF PENNY NEVER LEFT HER HOUSE?? | ROBLOX PIGGY: Branched Realities [Chapter 1] - download from YouTube for free

Bro. I wish I had a spread. Okay. Go for it. Okay. Go. Oh, no. I did not see that one there because the house DJ. Hey, everyone. It's your friend.

Thinknoodles and, welcome back. To Roblox Piggy. But Branched reality's a piggy spin off game. Why is that? Okay, so I. Oh, I got a thing. How to. There was a how do I get codes? If I do redeem bundle, I should. Here we go.

Okay, cool. I don't know what the orbs are for chapter one. There's only one map in this. It's called Mysterious House. What if Penny stayed behind with George, home of the Biggie family? They raised two great children. Dot, dot, dot. And this is a gift unlock, but I don't think it's out yet as we get into it. If you guys a love piggy, do subscribe to my channel and like the video so that we can get more chapters on this game and more chapters and Biggie in general. Also have everybody relax a premium start code noodles helps me out a ton now.

Oh, okay. So I'm going to say I got 250 piggy points I'm going to spend all of them on Defender Piggy and we might be able to check out these two, albeit what's exclusive. Okay, we don't have that ability. Oh, these are what the orbs are for. So I've got a magnifying glass. You know what that is? Sprint that we know what that is. We laser blaster fire lasers at the enemy. Have enough track the enemy with the single press of a button. Okay, that sounds like an amazing.

How do I equip it? Wait, I got to pay for it to well, we got it. We got to earn some stuff then, so we'll stick to the portal. Master Skin. The Supreme Leader of the multiverse defense team. A leader doesn't protect the verse at all costs. Make any necessary sacrifices in order to save it. Let's. Let's play piggy. All right, so, yeah, there's only one choice.

Look how big it is. I never saw that. A biggie. Oh, we're going player. Player's been selected, not me. What's okay? Well, bad, because I don't know anything about this map. All this pay Wish you the best of luck with the cure. I'm certain your level will be returned back to you soon. No.

No, she won't. Their parents return to their household and greater than ever with no worries in the world. But soon their appreciated help begins to turn into an unfortunate decision. Penny, look outside. Mom and Dad are back Huh? So Georgie didn't leave. Oh. So they both. Oh. What is this, an orb?

Okay, so why are we pennies? Oh, that makes sense to. Oh, hey, there. Okay, look, it's Mom and Dad. Hey, guys. Hey, guys. What you all doing? I thought the house oh, you got a purple key. We need a screwdriver. I thought the house would be the same, but it's okay.

We go down here. Hang on. Didn't Mother tell us a story about the basement? I'm not risking it. A piggy woke up, but wait. Aren't we Piggy like Penny is piggy, isn't she like? Well, yeah, right. Flush, baby, flush doesn't flush. Okay, okay. I've got an orange key.

Okay. I don't know what to do with it. I'll do nice with somebody. Just got eaten. We got windows. We've got another screwdriver thing. Okay. I think these are me and Georgie's room. Where? Where, where?

Well, my G's jumped right over my head. Wait, is this orange or is this red? Red? I don't have red. I got an orange, dude. Oh, my. Oh, my. Okay, we need to get the door here so we can go in here. There. Oh, there's a hammer.

I don't know what to do with that. Why don't you grab that hammer? Okay, there's the yellow key. We've got, uh, we need a book. Where does this orange key go? Oh, oh, oh. Go box Oh. All right, so, I mean, I don't know what those are for, but I'll take them. Okay. There's a purple key there.

Okay, we need green there's where the orange key goes. Okay, cool. Anybody got you got green. Okay. Oh, red. Oh, I know where that goes. It goes upstairs. That's actually so much, like, regular piggy, like the original piggy map. Come on. Up here, up here, up here.

Where are you going? Red. Red? You took the Red King and you didn't even use it. Yes. Wow. You guys are quick. All right. Sorry for making fun of you. I will take the hammer, even though.

Ow! Oh, maybe that's what we use. Holy, holy, holy cow. Okay, wait. So where is it? Where is it? Where is it? What is that noise, bro? They're quick. Whatever they're doing.

I'm wondering if I used a hammer to get to this basement because it wouldn't let me in before. Can I use a hammer on it? No, Mommy told us that. Oh, right. I'm Georgie. I just realized that there's scary monsters down there. Yeah, that's great, George, but come on, now. Don't be a weenie. Okay? We need scissors.

Maybe there's no who has. Where do we get scissors? Okay, nice. And he's not going to. Oh, yes, he is. Okay, I was going to say he's not going to come after me, but he is. That's actually a really long way to go, but. Okay, and I'll shut the door on your face, and I'll shut these doors in your face and that door in your face and that door in your face. I don't know if it slows down, piggy, but dude, why can I find anything useful? What do I use this?

Oh, jeez. I thought I got killed. I thought I died. Oh, that just scared, like, sort of shook my screen. I don't know. I took my on screen. Oh, wait. I haven't seen the ammo. I do not want to risk this, do I? I don't know, dude.

So I still have the hammer. Don't know what to do with it. I might be. I think I might be the only one still alive, and I'm not. Oh, blah, blah, blah, blah. Do front door flat or figure big front door, big front door, big front door. Biggie I did absolutely nothing help you. I think they might actually have done it because she had blue key. Go, go, go get it. Let's go.

Oh, oh, never mind. Wiki. Why are trimmer cutters still nothing to do with this stupid hammer, but we got out the front door, so I think that's an accomplishment. Okay, he's going to he's going to, like, go around and I'm going, oh, no, he's gonna throw it. Oh, darn. Oh, yeah. Well, yes. Well, how did they how did they get so far? Oh, that we was that our parents? Because, like, I was trying to wonder or trying to figure out, okay, I'm going to do something, right?

I get that. Okay? They're like, yo, don't hurry up with the key, all right? Yeah. I just like spotting things in this game is like, ah, picking things up is not as easy as it is. And Piggy, for whatever reason, I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the graphics modem on. I don't know. I know what I'm doing here now. Are all the keys always in the are all the items always in the same place?

They seem like they are. Dude, because I remember that was there. Yeah, they are. Okay, anybody got to. Oh, boy. Okay. All right. I don't. Okay. I do know where to use this.

Oh, my goodness. Look at us all. This is a good way for all of us to die. You guys, he's waiting for us. No, he's not. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. All right. I don't, mama. Okay. He's loud, dude.

His music is really loud, so I have a hard time knowing where it actually is. Let's go. Let's go. Okay. What do we got out here? What is? Oh, so that's what that noise was. The lights going on? I don't know. Okay, so all I did was unlock it we need stuff.

Let's find stuff. We look at the painting. Why? Oh, yo, that is an open thing to have here. Okay, that's what this. Okay, purple safe. So that's where the gun is. Okay, all there's a there's a garage. I didn't know that. Okay.

And that's where the yellow oak toolbox. Yellow. You got it? You got it. You got it. We got this. Do it. Let's go. I don't know what you just got oak pliers. Let's go.

I know where those go. Those go on the front door. That's one of the things we need. The other thing we need is the wiki key. Somebody. Somebody just broke something. Guys, what are guys? I don't think Whatever you just did was a good dag. Oh, Rod. Okay, I think we can.

Okay. Yo, what did they do? What is the. Oh, okay. I'm going down. I don't. I don't know what they did there. They got into some room. We still have that blue key, though. Guys, we need that blue key.

Anybody got the blue key? We check here while scissors. Okay, I'm going to go use this because I don't know. Did they use yet? No, they didn't. Oh, this is where it could be. Hold on. Okay. There. I got the blue key plug.

Let's go. Okay, so I know. Okay. All we need is the white key. After unlock the. Oh, but there's nobody left, is there? Oh, dude, can I reach it from here? He went that way. Go. Okay, we got that open.

Grab this. I grab it. Dude, okay, rabbit, grab a cover. A little rabbit. Okay, uh, okay. Okay. I got to do this, right? Yes. Okay, we just see the wiki. All we need, dude, he is going to camp the doors, and he is there anywhere else I don't know where he is.

Dude, I don't want to go too close. Wait, let's search. Where's the key? Okay, so it's one of those two, so it's upstairs. Oh, I saw him jump. Okay. He was trying to beat me to come in. In, so I know I can go through the middle. Come on, man. I'm the only one left this last night.

Oh, you would. What are you. Oh, bro, I wish I had a spread. Okay, go for it up there. Okay, go. Oh, no, I did not see that one there, because the house are. The white kids upstairs are so close. All right, we're getting the guys it's going to be me. It has to be me. Like it's been too many and not been me.

Yep. Brouhaha. Oh! Oh! Ow! I don't feel confident at all. I should have changed my skin because we've seen that skin, like, a million times. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is cool. I like that.

Instead of just popping in the room. Yo, okay, this is kind of epic. Wow. All right, here we go. Oh, let me grab the orb, though. I mean, I can't grab those Bangarra on this one. Let's go. Okay, we going to start putting stuff on the stairs? Uh, I do need to like hockey. This stuff.

Okay. I saw Penny up there. I don't think. Oh, yeah, they got no plank. So you're going to die and you are going to get stuck, I think, um. Ah, you know. Yep, you did. Yeah. And I'm so sorry, baby. Okay, that's one.

Good. Ah. Oh, come on. Come on. Whoa. They got sprint. They have spread that. That was way too quick to get away from you. There. There we go.

Come on. There we go. Got them. I've got a lot of those new works. All right, next. I heard somebody tripped by the trap, but I don't know where they are anymore. Who's left? Who's left? Who's left? How many y'all is left?

Okay, they haven't put the blanks down to. Oh, why are you still up here? Are you kidding? Seriously, you're dead. You just let in there. That was a bad choice, I got to say. Oh, no. Yeah, Whew. All right. Streak begins on the new game.

Oh, dude, no, it's not. All is in the same spot. The green one is not there. Scissors are here. Okay, so this is different. So I thought it was always the same. The layout is not okay. There's green. Okay, I went for the scissors there because that's the best place for them anyway. All right, it's spot, dude.

It's found right behind me. That was bad. Dang. Okay, that was stupid, stupid, stupid. Oh, I almost died because, like, I was haruno for whatever reason, I thought it sponsored from the front door, just like in regular piggy. But obviously that isn't true. All right, we're going down okay. Let's wait for him to come up, though. Oh, he's coming up. He's coming up.

He's coming up. Let's go. Okay, then we're going down. Watch out. What are you doing? Those scissors, Doro scissors. Stab yourself. In the eye. Also, we kind of need those scissors. You should have left them.

All right, so hopefully someone will come do that. What else we got? Let's see. A ba ba ba ba woo. Okay, I'm not playing, dude. Somebody hit that trap, or he put another one down. Oh, okay. Somebody got stuck. Okay, okay. We got the.

That's not really that good. I was going to say, we have the purple key. I know where that safe is, but it's really nothing useful. I'm not, you know. Where's the wrench? Oh, here's the book. Okay. Okay. Is that all? Oh, dude, I might fall.

I might fall. I might fall, I might fall. I might fall, I might fall. Who like? Oh, do can we thought we get this. Well, that's what the hammers for. No wonder I couldn't find a place to use it. That's how you get the white kill they call me crazy, but I know I've seen it while slicing the sky d fragments. I tell you I know sounds insane, but it's true. This ain't no conspiracy.

This is fact. People have to realize there has to be more out there. More, I tell you. Oh, no, that was stupid. Oh, look, look. Hey. Bye bye. Okay, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, bad. The way he fell, it scared the boo out of me.

Oh, he's okay. Oh, they got the front door. Okay. Dude, he loves his traps, isn't he? I don't really have much chance, do I? Oh, you get the key. Oh, okay. I need to get that hammered, dude. Okay, that's what I want. I want the hammer.

Like, yikes. No, I'm going to bust a thing. Oh, no. This is the wrong way to bust the thing, isn't it? Oh, there's somebody else. Nice. Wait, wait. Do we. All we need is secure. The key, the key, the key.

Yo, yo, get in his face. I think I did yo, yo, yo. Go, go, go, go, go, go. I'm doing it. I'm doing it. Yikes. But the thing is, he's going to come and get me, isn't he? He's going to get me. I'll do dee da. Darn, I got over that.

They do. Oh, yeah. Do you see how big that box is? Dang. Me. What are the one to read? Wait, what? I don't understand. What are we supposed. I didn't know that this is like one.

What? We can't get in here either. Oh. Oh, okay. Okay, so we have to like what circle we okay. I got it. Okay, you got it. I don't want to do it. Do we want to do it? It's nice to stay in here.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. Okay. All right, we're good. We're going to forget he went. He went for it. I'm gonna do this one. Got of. Yeah. Do do you want a round? We're good for free.

We're free. Get down, get down. Let's go, let's go, let's go. Plug. Woo! Suck it. Yeah, I got the gig. I don't know if we're going to skate because I don't know if anybody did the other part, but it's raining. Okay, we just. Okay, that.

Okay, we need the pliers. All right, all right, all right. Okay. Orange. Orange. That's where it is. That's what it is. All we stuff to do that too. Oh, there's orange. There's orange.

Okay. All right, we're doing it. We're doing it. We're doing it. Let's do it. We got to get. So we got to get this. Okay? That's all we need. Okay, we need that.

Okay. Where do we use this? Oh, yo, that's not good. All right, there are a few. Okay, I know one place we got to use it is is up here. Oh, he went outside. She's going to camp outside. That's one. Is there anything? Is it up here?

Oh, yeah. Here it is. Here it is. Here it is. Okay, that's two. How many of those? Oh, no. How many of those are there? Oh, do this. Four.

Oh, doggone it. All right. Oh, oh. Is a gun. Oh, you can shoot it. Is there ammo no. Where are you? Get ammo. Oh, that was not good. Oh, well, at least I found out from far away OC what else we got.

What else was what's happening? Was happening. Okay, we got yellow up here. But we need orange. Orange. I think he got all of the the wrenches, the whatever they are. What are they? Whatever they are. He got them is orange. It's not.

They're on the bathroom. A lot of times it's in the bathroom right now. It's not there, so maybe he's already got it open. Here we go. Here we go. I got it. I got I got it. I got it. I got the players are. Here we go.

Here we go. This might be it. This might be. Yeah, this could be a guy's do we got it up? No, we don't got it. Yeah. Oh, man. This might be a though, because he was going for it like it was. It so I think it might be. So we got okay if he goes that way.

Yeah. Yeah, we're good. Let's go. We can go buy them up. No, we can't. Oh, dude, he knows. All right, you don't think I saw you? You don't think I saw you? I'm going. I'm going, I'm going, I'm going.

Let's go. Come on. Oh, let's go. Oh, whoa. Oh. They're all like, Know what? Oh! Run, run, run. Come on, Georgie. Run faster!

Don't give up. I'm trying my best. It looks so dopey. I'm just really scared. He's ahead of you, Benny. Georgie It'll be okay. Mother and father raised you as a king. Kings aren't scared, are they? Petty. Well, having a mommy and daddy, we left them behind.

Please don't worry, Georgie. You're safe around me. I won't let anything happen to you. Mom and Dad are infected now, GEORGIE. So, where are we going? Penny, I trust you. Well, didn't they go to the hospital to see Mr. Pee before they, you know, let's start there. It isn't too far away, all right? Just to do hospital.

Wait. Never mind. Betty. Georgie on their way. The roof and the cause of the parents untimely demise. The hospital to confront the men and cause what had happened well, I thought however they had arrived. Terrible time. A raid was in place. Oh, my. What kind of hospital is this?

Willow, hurry up. Get this over with. I trained you guys better than this. What are you doing? Willow? Pony, we're trying. Willow, grab the potion. We got this. You kidding me? Oh, man.

Oh, man. Meet me at the rendezvous point. Don't be late. Hey, where are you going with that? It could be a magical curse. Move out of the way, kid. A lot of tough your deluded, giddy fantasies. Georgie? Georgie, are you okay? It's okay, Penny.

Like you said to me, kings don't get scared. Don't worry, Georgie. I'll be okay. I promise. I'll go find the exit. I'll be back for you while she took off. Oh, now you. I thought of as not good. No, ever. Good kid.

You doing here alone with your parents? It's a long story, but stay away. They told me not to trust strangers. I'm Mr. P, the owner of the silly carnival. Don't worry. I think I know your parents. You want to come with me? No. This is all your fault.

Stay away from me. What do you mean? I hurt your parents? If your parents were our volunteers, I can confront the added strength since the last time I saw him. Besides, aren't you injured? I don't know anymore. I'm just scared. You're being very strong. You're doing great, kiddo. Here.

Something will make you feel stronger. Don't drink it, Georgie. No, money. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. My sister Penny is here to please help me so I can find her. Georgie, you're king. Don't. You could trust me, buddy. I didn't catch your name. What is it?

Well, I guess you know my parents. So my name is Georgie. Georgie Piggy. Well, Georgie, you're a very strong kid. Take this. It can increase your strength. No, no. Georgie. Whoa. You sound like a man.

Thank you, Mr. Pig. No problem, but I'm afraid I have to go now. It isn't safe for me here anymore. Good luck and goodbye. Oh, man. Penny you're back. Don't worry. I'll feel better soon. Come on.

Let's go. Lee She doesn't see the potion. Judy's going to get infected. Oh, it's gone now. Huh? Glad we can make it out of there. You okay, Georgie? Yeah. I'm feeling better than ever. Actually, the pain seemed to just fly away.

That's great to hear. Well, now that we're on our own, we've got to try and find somewhere to go. How about the forest? I'm sure we could find a cabin there, just like in the movies we watch. You'd also ask Mr. P for help, just like he did earlier. What do you mean? Well, I'd say, yeah, maybe we would. You say I said, Mr. Pearce seem to be nice.

No, no, no. Before that. What do you mean? He helped you air quotes Mr. B, some injured against the wall. You're going to give me a potion? That made me feel better really fast. Georgie. Mr. P.K., those same persons are parents who happen to them.

But he told me our parents had an increased strength after that. He. You lied to me. Actually, no, he didn't. They probably did have increased rank, but they were also infected. Georgie, what are you done? Oh, no. Penny's crying. Oh, she lost her whole family. This is it is remembering how much fun they used to have in the backyard.

Ha ha ha. Mason's okay, but I don't think for long by Penny Yeah, he's done Five years later. This is a long cutscene, dude. Five years pass from the incident, and the infection lives on. Stronger than ever. And Penny's on her own turf. Oh, that's the skin. As she went on, she began to learn life as she knew it desecrated. And she was now is now just a game of survival, dude. After the loss of her brother and her family, she decided that the only way she could survive this apocalypse was to just defend.

She needs some skin care, man. Our goal is defending herself in order to bring her family back one day. And hence, defender Penny was born I'll save you guys. I won't stop until you guys are back, no matter how long it takes. Promise still going strong after all these years. I've declined signing to many groups needing the help to survive this apocalypse. Just not every single one of my priorities. Straight. I miss. My family will be over soon.

I hope I'll never forget this day. Oh, I said. Oh, well, that is what so this is. Oh, wow. So this tells us that hole cuts scene right here. Yeah, exactly. So what if Patty stayed behind with Georgie? So that would mean that what ends up happening is instead of Georgie being the one in the storyline who isn't infected, obviously Penny is or is the one that's left behind, and Georgie becomes piggy, I suppose. Well, that is it for branch realities. That's what would have happened let's see what chapter two will be.

Leave your guesses in the comments below and I'll see you guys again soon. Thanks for watching. And of course, Noodle On!