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엄마가 손만 대면 픽픽 잠드는 떡순이의 에스테틱 asmr입니다.

진짜 귀여운데,,, 안보면 구독자님 손해거든요,,,?

이번 영상도 즐겁게 시청해주시고 피로가 싹 풀리셨으면 좋겠습니다~

오늘도 찾아와주셔서 감사합니다:)

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구독과 좋아요는 영상을 만드는 원동력이 됩니다. 늘 시청해 주셔서 감사합니다 :-)

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고양이 전용 회원제 에스테틱 ASMR 2탄 (열화와 같은 성원에 힘입어 출시) - download from YouTube for free

고양이 전용 회원제 에스테틱 ASMR 2탄 (열화와 같은 성원에 힘입어 출시) - download from YouTube for free

<Cat Spa ASMR> How do you like the bed temperature? Today's massage is for slimming your stomach. This is the first time that we are offering such a big discount. It will sting a bit.

Sting. Hello, Ms. Tteoksoon Thank you for visiting our salon today.

It's getting cold, right? Please come in with like and subscribe. I will prepare a warm bowl of soup. Ta-da. I will take your coat. We have chicken breast soup and salmon skin soup. Which one would you like? Oh, you are full? Then, I will pack both soups for To-go, and you can take them home after the massage.

Please change into this gown. How do you like the bed temperature? Do you feel slightly chilly?

I will raise the temp. You have very cold paws. I will massage your paws first. Your paw fuzzies have grown a lot. Do you want me to trim the fuzzies? The trimming service is for our members only, but you will receive it for free. Let me begin trimming the fuzzies. I didn't notice it before trimming your paws, but your jellies are on the dry side. I will massage your paws with jelly moisturizing cream.

Falling asleep... You have pretty paws. I think of it every time I massage your paws.

So pretty! You are so pretty! Do you think your paws got warmer? We will move on to the next massage. Dirty hind legs from running around so much. I will take your robe off for belly massage. This massage is for slimming your waist. I learned this massage directly from the headquarter. You can see the result in just one session.

Our clients usually see 5-10 inches reduction after the massage. Your human asked me to put special care to your waistline. Once Tteoksoon lays down, she will stay in the same position for a minimum of 6 hours.

This massage will be USD $1500 per session. Is that okay with you? Okay, I will begin. I was informed that you will be paying for it. I understand. It's a bit pricey. Then, how about this? It's USD $15,000 for 10 sessions. But if you purchase a membership today, I can give you a USD $5,000 discount.

You can't tell anybody about this. We've never given such a big discount before. I will promise you to give the best care and massage.

Before we begin, I will measure your waist. 35 inches. I will begin. This massage pulls the toxin from your chakra in the abdomen and releases it through your belly button. It's good for slimming your love handle and reducing visceral fat. After 10 sessions, you will have a cinched waistline. The massage is finished. Let's measure your waist again. Wow!

It's gone down to 25 inches from 35 inches. It's incredible. This massage is very effective for your body type.

Would you like to touch your waist? Oh, you want to look at it? Check it out. Didn't it get much thinner? Please recommend our salon to any potential customer you know of. I will give you guys one free session per person. I will begin the facial. I will wrap a towel around your waist to keep it warm. We need to remove your makeup before starting facial.

How much make up do you have on? Just the basic? Okay.

I will cleanse your face lightly. Plastic bag tingle ASMR Begin the facial. You also look gorgeous without makeup. One of my clients, Jjigae, she looks really cute without makeup on. You are just as pretty as her. So lovely. Done with removing your makeup. Sniff sniff the sponge. Since you got the face slimming massage last time, I will give you a brightening facial.

In just one session, your face will look more lifted with a sharper-looking nose line. I will take a before picture before we begin. Burying her nose with fur.

Believe it or not, it's a real massage technique I learned from a feline massage textbook. Before picture. Let's begin. How was your week? I will start relaxing your temple area. From the forehead to the temple. From the nose to the eyes. From the chin to the eyes. How do you feel?

Do you feel more relaxed? I learned this lifting massage technique from the seminar I attended recently. It helps facial blood circulation.

Your face looks more brightened already. I will start massaging your nose. Your nose and eyes will look sharper and more defined after this massage. Slight pressure to the cheekbones, and massage your nose five times. One, two, three, four, five Count 5. Five, four, three, two, one. Repeat 3 times. Do you remember Soongnyoong? The one that you came together previously?

He came back again, and I think he gave his masseuse a very hard time. So he's on the blacklist now at this salon. Five, four, three, two, one.

I will take an after picture after finishing up the facial. After picture with more defined facial features. I will lay a sheet mask as the final step of our facial today. I'm putting a headband on to prevent the serum from getting on your hairline. Ms. Tteoksoon starts getting sleepy. Before laying the sheet mask on, would you like to get your eyebrows trimmed? Your brows have grown a lot. The brow trimming service is on us.

Let's begin. You have two pimples near the eyebrows. You must be under a lot of stress.

The acne extraction service is also on us. Before extracting, we need to open your pores with a warm towel. Laying the steam towel. After the extraction, I'm going to apply an advanced care sheet mask instead of the existing one. It has a calming and soothing agent which is good for acne care. Taking off the towel. Cute! Cute! Adorable!

Now that your pores are open, I will begin extracting your pimples. This might sting a bit. Sting It's extracted nice and clean.

If you moisturize well, it won't come back again. One more. Sting This one is rooted so deep in that it might break out again. Make sure you don't forget the post-extraction care at home. This sheet mask is infused with a high-quality organic catnip and very effective for acne care. Laying the sheet mask. Cooling, right? You can see the same result if you use this face mask once or twice a week at home without coming to the salon every time. Would you like to purchase some when you register for the membership?

You can buy at a member-only discounted price. Souns good. Then, I will pack it up for you together with the soup.

I will make sure to add some extra samples for free. Take a little nap if you'd like. Oh! Hello! Mr. Soongnyoong. (a.k.a. the blacklist client) Which masseuses are you looking for today? Soongnyoong: I reserved a session with you.

Oh..okay.. Let me take a look. Soongnyoong: Where are you going??

Soongnyoong: Give me a massage too! Taking off the sheet maks and absorbing the serum. The sheet mask is off. I just stopped by the waiting lounge. And I was Mr. Soongnyoong. I think, he has an appointment with me.. I'm in big trouble. Feeling relaxed?

I will help you getting up. Stretch. I hope you had a relaxing and rejuvenating time.

And also thank you for purchasing our products. We hope to serve you again next time. Please take care and have a great day! <Behind the Scenes> Did you like the massage? So cute. This was a special treat just for you. Don't tell your siblings about it. Making ASMR sounds So adorable. I will massage your paws first.

Left paw first. She's so cute to stay focused on filming.. This massage is for waist slimming.

Mom forgot her lines staring at how cute Tteoksoon is. Totally passed out. Now sleep talking. Mom: What's wrong with her eyes? lol The massage is completed. She doesn't want to get up. Ms. Tteoksoon? Tteoksoon?

Do you not want to get up? Are you going to lay there? Please get up!

Thank you so much for coming today. Hope to see you again. :)