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This very special ingredient bring out the umami flavor on almost anything. Today I am experimenting with amazing steaks. They say if they steak is good, this makes it better. Today we are going to find out if going crazy with this ingredient is a good thing or a bad one.

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The Extreme UMAMI Steak Experiment | Guga Foods - download from YouTube for free

The Extreme UMAMI Steak Experiment | Guga Foods - download from YouTube for free

Should I be scared of the  thumbnail? Oh yeah! Cheers everybody! This is an amazing ingredient it elevates any  dish to a whole new level. To put it in simple   words if you have a regular steak and you add this  to it congratulations you just made steak on crack. That is how powerful this is, and we're talking  about msg also known as monosodium glutamate. It is   found in many different things naturally and just  a few videos back I dry aged with it and it was   a complete outer body experience. I'm telling you  this thing is crazy good.

But one thing I believe I overdid it was to add too much, that's why my  cheeks kept squeezing. I'll tell you one thing it   was weird and great at the same time. But today my  goal is to do something different and that is to   maximize msg to its best potential. And of course  the first thing we're gonna start off is steak, for   that today I chose these four beautiful filet mignons. As you can see they are some thick boys. At the   same time if possible whenever you're choosing it  make sure it has a great marbling just like this.

This is very unusual for filet mignon but whenever  you get good finds like this make sure you take it. So here's the plan as you can see these two  steaks on the left have less marbling than   the ones on the right. So my thought is if I put  msg to those two steaks and make them better oh   that's a whole new level right there.

So I went  ahead and transferred them to a cooling rack   and of course started seasoning them with msg. Now  just like salt you don't want to overdo it, you   want to sprinkle a good amount to make sure every  single surface is perfectly coated. The interesting   thing is that msg immediately starts dissolving  and penetrating the meat. That is exactly what   we're looking for, the more penetration the better. As always make sure to season both sides. For the   other two steaks I'm only adding salt and nothing  else. I'm a huge fan of something called dry brine   and if you've been watching my channel for a while  you know exactly what it is. It's basically the   best way to treat a steak before cooking it. Now to  make sure that the msg and the salt will penetrate   nicely and deeply into the meat I'm gonna allow  them to dry brine in my refrigerator overnight.

And that's perfect because it's gonna allow  time for us to go ahead and make an incredible   side dish. And I mean take a look at this! That is  what i'm talking about, and to make it it's super   easy and here's how.

I first started by cooking  a little bit of bacon, as always remember exact   amount of ingredients always in the description  down below for you. Once they were fully cooked I   removed them and using the same exact pan I threw  in a little bit of freeze-dried garlic and onions,   warm them up and throw in heavy cream followed  by a little bit of salt and freshly ground black   pepper, then you want to mix everything well to  make sure everything is perfectly combined, but   you do not want to bring it to a boil. That is how  easy it is to make the sauce and let me tell you   something this is already delicious by itself. However we're gonna need the most important   ingredient and we're talking about potatoes. I  personally like to peel them first and if you   have gold potatoes like this, these are the one I  recommend. To make sure that they do not oxidized   throw them in water. Now to slice them we want to  get it as thin as possible and nothing will beat a   mandolin. It is easy to use but at the same time it  can be quite dangerous, the last thing we want is   to hurt ourselves. So if you have a mandolin you  should definitely use the guard for it.

We don't   want to have any accidents and having a guard this  is the only way to ensure it will not happen. And   the best part is that you can go as fast as you  can. As you can see all of these took no time at   all, that's great because now it's time to assemble.

Using the same exact pan I started by adding a   layer of potatoes. Once that was done I threw in  the bacon, followed by a good amount of cheese. Now you want to be generous with cheese but at  the same time you don't want to overdo it. For me   this amount was good enough. Once that was done the  only thing left to do is to repeat the process as   many times as needed until you run out of potatoes  because the last thing you gotta add is your sauce and make sure you add all of it. The only thing  you gotta really keep in mind is that there's a   high chance of this overfloating so make sure you  use a tray on the bottom. At the same time using a   little bit of aluminum foil will ensure that the  potatoes will fully cooked. The next thing to do is   to add it to your oven at 375 degrees fahrenheit  for 30 minutes. Once that's done take the aluminum   part out and add a good amount of cheese because  once you're done the only thing left to do is to   put it back in your oven in the broiler setting  and let that cheese melt.

You're looking for that   wonderful golden brown color. Because once that  has been done the only thing left to do is to   remove it, add a little bit of chives and your  scalloped potatoes are done. That is how easy it   is to make it.

And do I have to tell you that this  is delicious? Well I hope it is speaking for itself. If we are really gonna make an extreme msg steak  experiment we gotta do something else and that is   to jazz up our basting butter. I really want to see  how different this is gonna be. So as you can see I had two fully melted sticks of butter. One of them  I'm gonna be adding a good amount of msg and the   other one I'm not. This way hopefully it will make  this steak even better and we will definitely let   you know how different it is. But now going back to  our steaks as you can see after 24 hours this is   what they look like. There is no longer any sign of  msg or salt.

It is exactly what we're looking for   because everything penetrated nicely and deeply  into the meat. The red color is a sign that the msg   worked just as good as salt. Now the only thing  left to do is to go ahead and season them.

For that   I throw in freshly ground black pepper and garlic  powder. As always make sure you season both sides   including the edges. To cook them here's the plan,  the first thing I'm going to be doing is putting   a nice wonderful sear, as that is happening I'll be  basting them keeping it completely separated the   msg steak versus the other. One we'll use regular  butter and the other one the msg butter. Once I've   gotten a sear that I'm happy with it's time to  cook them in indirect heat. But now that you know   exactly what's about to happen, I say it is enough  talking and it is time to cook them. So let's do it! All right everybody here we have our  beautiful steaks. Are you ready Maumau?

-The Guga those steaks look beautiful but what is that? - Oh Maumau you're always interested on the side dishes. I love side dishes and that thing is calling my name is like screaming.

-This is scalloped potatoes. -Give me some! -Hold on you don't want to try steaks first? -We're going to try steak but give me some of that. -You want... okay Maumau all right, all right, all right, all right. The smell that is coming out of these potatoes. All right great I know you're gonna want more   so I'm gonna go ahead and give you a second  one. -Yeah.

-This side dish right here is perfect   for any steak combination. You okay Maumau? -I'm  in paradise right now.

-Cheers everybody! -That is amazing! It is so tender. -So tender. -Super  flavorful. -What kind of cheese you put on here? -Swiss cheese. -Swiss cheese? -Swiss cheese yes.

-It does not taste like swiss cheese. -no? No it's not   mozzarella because a lot of people mozzarella but  i'll be honest with you the only reason i didn't   put mozzarella is because i ran out of it.

-If you  never had this before, this is like a lasagna made   out of potatoes. -That's exactly what it is, that's  exactly what it is. -I was about to lick my knife,  that's how good it is. Don't do that, don't do that, you don't want to do that. So as you can see we   have two beautiful filet mignons but we actually  have an experiment today. Nothing goes better   than potatoes and filet mignon. I want you to give me  your honest opinion they should be a little bit   different from each other but at the same time I  don't know. We'll start right here first. -This one?

-Yes. Oh lord, have mercy! Oh man!

It is that that's  the wonderful thing about filet mignon, it is   just so tender. You know what I mean? It is a tender  steak everybody. It has to put a smile on your face. Are you ready Maumau? -Smells almost as  good as this. -Oh you're like this is   not Maumau really enjoy the potatoes. All right steak time. Cheers everybody!

That's one of those that you have to just close  your eyes. Look at you. You told me to shut up.

That's exactly what I was gonna say. You have to  close your eyes and enjoy that flavor. -Just enjoy it. -You don't need teeth to chew a filet mignon everybody and for whatever reason if people do not like filet mignon, they're crazy. -They're wrong! -Filet mignon is amazing. -The smoky flavor that you  got on this. -Yes. -Charcoal flavor.

-Maumau enjoying the charcoal everybody. -Oh my god. -That   was a phenomenal steak, now let's jump into the second one.

You ready Maumau? -Give me give me some more of that. -All right i know you're enjoying it. Are  you ready for, that that was to clean your   palette? That's what you're trying to do? -Yeah. -I see that. Any type of excuse is good from Maumau. Okay I'm excited for this one.

Are you  ready? Let's try this one right here. Just a standard perfectly medium rare the way we like it.

You like a medium rare right Maumau? - Yeah. -That's how we like our steaks. Let me know if there's any difference. Second one. Cheers everybody! Wow. -There's no way that that is the same as this. -It's like different steaks.

-It's like a different   thing. -It is like a completely different steak I'm telling you right now. -It's like it has more flavor.

-Yes. -Like all the little flavors that you get on it  are kicked up a little notch. -Just like multiply it. -Right that's pretty much what it is. -The beefiness  of it is a little bit extra beefy. -Right. -The   saltiness is a little bit extra saltiness, the... -It  just enhances it. -The umamminess of the steak it's   a little bit extra umami.

-I agree 100% it just  enhances the overall experience with the steak   it gives a lot more flavor. Are you ready to find  out what this is Maumau? -It's almost like this was a steak   kind of washed out flavor.

-Yes. -And that one brought  out more of the steak. -I agree 100% it's like   something happened with this one bad which nothing  happened and this one here just like got waking up   or something. -If you guys watch dragon ball this is  regular Goku this is super Saiyan Goku. -There go super saiyan, I know what super saiyan is. -MSG from Uncle Roger huh? Uncle Roger approve it. -Leg up. -Uncle Roger would approve it.

-As you guys can see we enjoy Uncle Roger. Shout out to you brother. If you're watching this   video.

Anyway guys I definitely recommend using a  little bit of msg it does wonders to your steak. I not only did it with the steak but i also  put it on the butter which I was basting with. It just gives an amazing incredible umami flavor. It makes your steak taste better, it does make it   taste better, guaranteed. Anyway guys these are the  results. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you   do enjoy make sure give it a thumbs up. If you're  not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future   videos. Remember if you are interested in anything  I use everything is always in the description down   below. Thank you so much for watching and we'll see  you guys on the next one.

Take care everybody bye bye.