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Unboxing the Ultimate iPhone 12 Fast Charging Kit from my friends over at Anker!

iPhone 12 Pro Impressions!

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The Ultimate iPhone 12 Charging Kit Unboxing - download from YouTube for free

The Ultimate iPhone 12 Charging Kit Unboxing - download from YouTube for free

(slow deliberate music) (box hitting table) - Today's video is sponsored by Anker. Yo, Jonathan here, the iPhone 12 is official. We actually got four new iPhones: the iPhone 12 mini, which I'm actually super excited to check out, the regular 12, the 12 Pro, and then the big boy, the 12 Pro Max. And like usual, Apple did some things, changed some stuff up, and some people weren't exactly happy.

So what had happened was, Apple, much like the rumors had suggested, decided to exclude a charging brick and ear pods from the packaging with these new iPhone 12s. Lisa straight up got up on top of a roof to showcase this. Shout out to Lamar.

The idea here though, is that most people already have earbuds and a charging brick lying around. So therefore by Apple doing this and omitting those from the packaging, they could significantly cut down on the footprint of the box. And from what we've seen so far, it is lookin' slim. The problem here though, is that Apple decided to ship these new iPhone 12s with a new shiny USBC-to-lightning cable, which is arguably the cable that most people don't have a charging brick for. Honestly, I feel like it was one of those situations where no matter which route they took, they were gonna get smacked in the face. Alternatively, had they included a USBA-to-lightning cable in the box, the Android world would have jumped on them for including a slower cable with the iPhone 12. Luckily though, Anker is here to save the day. They sent over this fast-charging new iPhone Essentials mystery box. So let's go in and figure out what's inside, and maybe give some of it away.

So I'll be givin' away whatever is inside this mystery charging box and a brand new iPhone 12. You pick the color. For a chance to win as we unbox this and figure out exactly what is inside here, just drop a comment saying what your favorite product is, and it's not required, but for feeling like being awesome, make sure you guys drop a like, and definitely feel free to subscribe, because iPhone 12 and 12 Pro coverage is coming very soon.

So on the box, it is geared for the new iPhone, with this week's announcement, and it officially, being official, that of course means the iPhone 12 lineup. But given the hints on the box, "Are you sick of slow charging?" and to, "Get ready for mind blowing speed," one would assume that this would be useful not only for the new iPhone 12 lineup, but really any iPhone that supports fast charging. Whippin' it open though. (box hitting table) Smooth. So right up top, this little guy is the Anker Nano, and apparently they are packing 20 Watts of fast charging in what essentially looks like the old five watt brick that used to come with the iPhone. So that's pretty nice. I've used Anker forever and I've always enjoyed their tech, so this makes perfect sense to pair with the new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro if you're pickin' one up. I am gonna set this down and move over to the big boy though. This is the PowerPort III 60-watt charger.

So you could actually charge a 13 inch Macbook Pro with this guy. So this feels really similar to a 13 inch MacBook Pro brick. That is a satisfying click.

The difference though, of course, is you have two USBC ports with that Anker fast charging. So, in theory, you can charge your Macbook with your new iPhone. And that of course will pair with the cables they included in here, which look pretty premium. It's basically a meme at this point. I feel like anyone who's used a lightening cable has experienced this catastrophe at some point in their lives. So Anker is trying to change that, Not only is this USBC-to-lightning, they are reinforcing those tips. For real though, you got a nice braided cable, not that cheap feeling cable. And then you could honestly knock someone out with the ends of these. They are no joke.

Is it weird that it is satisfyingly soft? (sniffing) Movin' past the softness, last up we have a USBC-to-USBC cable, so this could also charge your MacBook or any other USBC-equipped device that you may have. So here is the five watt boy that Apple is axing from their lineup.

And unless you bought an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max last year, this is what came with the iPhones. This is probably the one you have way too many of lying around your house to the point where your phone's about to die, you're lookin' for your good charger, which either A, magically disappeared, or B, was taken by someone else. All he can find is this. And by that point, you're like, I'll keep a dead phone. So enter the Anker Nano, which essentially is the same size, but it's giving you 20 watts as opposed to five watts here, which results in three times faster charging. (energetic music) I am so pumped with this that I'm gonna up the ante and give away three of these and pair it with their super strong braided tough cable. Let's make things even crazier and give away five of these big boys. So to break down and recap the giveaway again, 10 of these with the cable, five of these with the cable, and the grand prize is an iPhone 12 with the little guy and the big boy. So if you're pickin' up a brand new iPhone 12, whether it's the mini, the regular 12, the 12 Pro or the 12 Pro Max, these might be the perfect charging accessories to pair with your brickless box.

Aside from that, thank you guys very much for watching. Hopefully you enjoyed the video. Again, big thanks to Anker for continuing to support the channel and sponsorin' this giveaway.

Everything you need to know is linked down in the description. This is Jonathan and I will catch you guys later. (slow deliberate music)