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We start the day at the mall shopping for all the Black Friday sales! It's so much fun with Evie and Brinley! But then I get a call from Daniel and he tells me she's not doing well! He has to take her in! Watch to see what happened to her and if she's ok! We are forced to leave the mall and rush back to her! After all of that I finish out the vlog with all the stuff we bought from the mall! We make it to Nordstrom and Sephora before getting interrupted to run back home!

#blackfirday #unexpected #itsrlife #nordstrom #sephora #evierich #sales #mallshopping #haul

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We're...Evie, Brinley, Kapri, Sebi, Hampton, Kendal and Daniel!

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Black Friday DIDN'T GO as Expected! Its R Life - download from YouTube for free

Black Friday DIDN'T GO as Expected!  Its R Life - download from YouTube for free