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В этом ролике мы решили провести 24 Часа в Домике На Дереве ! Мы построили 3 домика, один - для выживания, второй - для комфортного отдыха и третий - супер технологичный ! Пока мы круто проводили время, мы неожиданно

Этот ролик получился ОЧЕНЬ ИНТЕРЕСНЫМ и СМЕШНЫМ !!!

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24 Часа в ДОМИКЕ НА ДЕРЕВЕ ! *За Нами Следят*, 24 часа в домике на дереве ! *за нами следят*, 24 часа, 24 часа челлендж, 24 часа в домике на дереве, в домике на дереве, влад а4, влад бумага, влад бумага а4, домик на дереве, дом на дереве, домик, 24 часа в доме, 24 часа в доме на дереве, 24 часа а4, а4 24 часа, челлендж, за нами следят

24 Часа в ДОМИКЕ НА ДЕРЕВЕ ! *За Нами Следят* - download from YouTube for free

24 Часа в ДОМИКЕ НА ДЕРЕВЕ ! *За Нами Следят* - download from YouTube for free

Hi everyone, my name is Vlad A4. Glent, Serega. Serega, who is this friend of yours? It's my pig. His name is Squash. So, guys, we've decided to spend the next 24 hours in these treehouses. And we've built them ourselves. And it took us 3 days.

Three. But look at the awesome result! We're adults now, we've grown up, we can build stuff. So, it's gonna be fun! I suggest you spend this day with us. That's gonna be neat!

Damn, leave a like for these awesome houses. Who's gonna show their house first? Me, me, me, me!

I've built a very high tech house, I've built in a lot of cool stuff. It was very hard to build, but I've made it. Hey, what's that? A dish? Yeah, I installed a TV here. Guys, I have a satellite internet connection and TV. I'm a perfect neighbor for you. I can share wifi with you. I've got all the things with me.

I just need to unpack them and put them in the house. Is that you doormat? Cool.

- Yeah, it's high tech. - High tech? - High tech. You've got a country-tech house, and mine is high-tech. Hey, stop talking trash about my house. It's cozy and comfortable. You'll love it! You can call it a VIP apartment. Welcome to my treehouse!

Here we go. Damn, I forgot to open the door. That's an issue.

By the way, the door opens this way. I should figure something out about it, of course. As you can see, my house looks very simple. But I have another friend with me. I haven't named this chicken yet, so you can come up with a name in the comments. I'll read all the variants. Okay, look, let's go there. I have a hen under the house. This is for Squash.

Let's go, Squash. Oh, no, I mean a boar pen! And that's it, and Squash won't run away, I hope.

Let me tell you about the surroundings of the house. I'm gonna have a table. To eat, to have a picnic, just to sit and relax. Some chairs. And of course, I have some firewood. A stick, in case some animals come to visit my pets. I'm gonna.. And if the stick won't work, I have a bear trap. It's a real hunting one.

Okay, I'm gonna put it somewhere here. And a cast-iron cooker to cook. Or to use as a shapalah, when we get bored.

And here I've got a whole box of various things for the house. I'm gonna take this and this inside. Well, my approach is quite simple. I've spent a decent amount of money and bought a lot of stuff. I've got the most expensive materials, food, and the most interesting house appliances. Though, there are so many of them that I can't figure out how to get it all in. Okay, piece by piece. Oh, this is a cooler, if you didn't guess. Like, you put ice and food in it, and it won't melt.

You really need to have stairs. Like this, with a porch. So that you can go outside in the morning and like: How are my poor neighbors doing?

I see... I see. And back inside. Here we go. I've got two bean bags, to lie down and relax. I'm not gonna sleep on them, actually. I also have 2 small tables. And on the left, I have a door that leads to my neighbor. Vlad A4 lives over there.

Finally, I leaked his address. I've got a laptop here as well, of course. Also, I've got a headset.

And I've got a monitor, as well, but I'm gonna use it as a TV. And if I get bored out of head, I can invite a friend and play some PS5. My darling. Oh, and to make our evenings less boring, I brought a speaker. The guys and I are gonna listen to some music. Or just me. Oh, almost forgot to tell you the most important thing. I also brought an extension cord, because I have electricity here. Basically, I brought a generator, can you imagine?

Okay, I'm gonna show it to you. There it is! It burns fuel, and generates electicity.

Awesome! Also, I've got a CCTV camera. So that no one can break into my house unnoticed. An impact wrench. Of course, I need to work on the lighting of the house. That's why I've got this LED strip. Also, to fully relax in nature, I brought this hammock. So, I'm ready. And now we're gonna turn this on, and we're gonna have a super modern treehouse.

Let's do this. Here we go. So, I've installed the CCTV camera.

Let me show you how the things in my house work. Let's close the door, and welcome to the Glent's treehouse. On this side of the wall, I've got the LED strip lined up. It's gonna be beautiful at night, I already wanna see it. Here's the monitor, or rather the TV. The PlayStation 5 is plugged into it. Basically, I can spend here not only 24 hours, but a whole week. Let's see what I've got here. The chicken is gonna live with me.

And by the way, the chicken is gonna work as an alarm system. If a predator sneaks closer, it's gonna cluck and I'll spot the danger. Let's see what we've got in the box.

First of all, a stool. Water. I've even got this sleeping bag, and the food is stored in this cooler. I've got hot dogs and fish. Also, I've got some canned food. There are a lot of them. It's various mushrooms, tomatoes, pickles. Plastic dishes. And here is a fishing net.

I brought it just in case, maybe we're gonna go fishing. And of course, I brought tools, because things happen, maybe I'll have to repair things, to patch things up. Same as the guys, I have a door.

Here. It leads to Vlad's house. So that we can visit each other. Yo-yo-yo. Today, my crib looks like this. Rmember it like this. There's nothing here yet. The only thing here is this gorgeous leather couch. And this awesome view.

A golf club. Antlers. I'm gonna install them here.

You know, like in these fancy houses, they always install them. This is the ring flash to shoot TikToks. And to hang your clothes, am I right, TikTokers? The aroma thing with sticks. All the rich guys have this sing, too. Dishes, a tablecloth. Also, I have this cloth for green screening. An umbrella. I have an apartment with a terrace.

My golf clothes. This is either a carpet, or a blanket, we'll see. Some renovation tools.

Glasses. Spray paint. Gold. And dry shampoo. Like, you spray it on your hair, and they become kinda clean. I don't need to wait for the rain to take a shower. Sunscreen. Various things to make cocktails. Barbeque tongs.

And now the fun stuff, I'm gonna show you what I have in my cooler. Okay, just a quick look. This is a syrup, by the way.

Now it looks like this. Give me a second, I'm gonna clean it up. Pow! Look, I've got a place for filming. Now I can teleport to a beach, to mountains, to a desert, and even underwater. This is how my gorgeous coach looks like now. A dressing room. And a carefully cleaned up table. And the icing on the cake, my terrace.

Yee-haw! When I moved out from my parents, I dreamed about this. People are always asking why I work so much.

Videos, integrations, merch, apps. Actually, I just have a dream. I just want to have my own house. Just a house made of money. Meanwhile, I have this regular one, my first house. Guys! Serega! Glent! What?

I invite you to my housewarming! - Wow, cool! - No problem, we'll be right away!

Don't forget about you housewarming gifts! Wait a minute! Come on, come on. What has Vlad come up with? What does he mean, gifts? I have no idea what to give him. Oh, by the way! Can I give him a plant? It's housewarming-related.

And basically, I won't look like a fool. I'll take this sup and make a present for Vlad. Then I'm gonna invite him to my own housewarming.

We'll see his gifts for me. Wow, awesome! By the way, I didn't even have to go that far. Look at a plant I found. It kinda looks like a money tree. I basically give him money. Nice! Well, I think this is a nice thing to give. It even looks legit.

I need the binocular. I need that. As well as this.

It seems like I need each thing that I have in the house. Oh, by the way, that reminded me. There's a custom to let animals in the house on housewarming, to let the happiness enter the house. I won't let my kitchen in his house for sure. As for Squash the piggy, I can give it to him. Happiness in the house. That's what I'll say. Here we go, careful. Oh, I can hear someone's coming.

Serega! Oh, hi! Here, look, this is happiness for your house.

An animal for your housewarming to let in. Come on, Squash, go, go, go. Hey! I see. Yeah, Serega, such a cool gift. Thank you, very cool! Hi, happy housewarming! This is my gift to you, a money tree. Cool, thank you.

What the hell? Hey, can you look after my pet? No, he's not a gift.

I just left him in to bring good luck, I'm gonna take him back after that. I think it's not how gifts work, Serega. Well, you'll get your happiness, you'll see, you just have to wait! Have you gave me positive energy? Yes! This is the most valuable thing, the essential. Well, okay, I agree. Speaking about gifts made me thinking about viewer giving us gifts by subscribing: when they turn the red button grey. But actually, they give the gift themselves as well.

How come? Well, look, have you noticed that the number of our videos has grown? How often do we post them?

What we film can almost be called movies! That's because you're subscribing to the channel! I've just realized that this gives us strength and resources to create videos. Each subscription is like a brick for the quality of our future videos. Can you imagine? You can influence that! And I've started to wonder. If all of you who is not subscribed subscribe. What cool videos we will be able to make!

That's gonna be bangers! Besides, it's summer, and the sun shines bright. We've got so much energy, so many cool ideas!

The only thing we need is your support. Come on, do it, subscribe to the channel! And give a gift not only to us but to yourself as well. You're gonna have fun, enjoying life! And your mood is always gonna be good! Look at Squash, he's doing pretty great. You're just a banger, you're a trinket baby. Wait, are you implying that this is Kobyakov? No, I just got a bit bored without music.

By the way, guys, I have some music at home. Let's go to my house right after this housewarming! But only with gifts.

I have a speaker and a PS5. PS5? Sure, I'll do my best. But sure to bring gifts, though. By the way, guys, what about cocktails? I've got everything we need to make them. What do you want? Well, as a guest, I wanna get a coconut cocktail. As for me, anything will go!

Let's start making them. How do bartenders do? Oops.

We take a little of Sprite. Lemon concentrate. I think a bit of cranberry syrup should work great. Wait, was coconut even present in my cocktail? Now it will be! (Coconut syrup) Okay, now I need to stir the thing. The shaker. It's an A4 shaker, by the way. They sell it in shops.

Or at Let's do it like we're filming a rap music video. Oh, yeah!

I'll comment while the cook doesn't hear me. It smells like vomit. Yeah, is the cocktail ready? Do you think I didn't hear you? Yeah, but for real, it smells super strange. Hey, Vlad, what are these strange straws? Are they flavored? Serega, these are aroma sticks, you need to smell them. O-o-oh, and I thought why the smell was so strange.

Straws. A green one, a yellow one, a blue one. And an umbrella.

Here we go, take your cocktails, let's get the party started! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Let's try them simultaneously and film the reaction. Hey, it tastes like all the juices in a single glass. Like multifruit juice? Plus coconut, it's not a fruit after all. Multifruit with coconut, yeah. Well, it's a solid 6 out of 10.

Well, let's see how you're gonna impress us at yours. Don't forget about the gifts, and I'm gonna prepare my house for meeting guests. Too bad I don't have another pig, and you can't give the same gift twice.

I'll pick another gift for Glent. Bye, bye. That's it, we're on our way. Damn, I need to make a present for Glent. I've already given Vlad the most low-budget and original gift. Wow, what? Look at that! The chicken layed eggs! Well done I'll take one egg from you.

My gift for Glent is not just an egg, but a chicken. He just has to hatch it properly, and then he's gonna have his own chicken, just like me. Or maybe a rooster.

Hmm, by the way, I have an idea for a gift to Glent. The gift is gonna be as interesting as he gave me. Knock-knock-knock. Okay, who do we have here? Serega has come! Hi! Come on in, hi! Wow, your door opens so nicely. Wow, wow, I guess it's Vlad, trying to break in, right?

Yeah, that's me, hi! Hi, guys, take a seat! Welcome to my treehouse!

Look at that, he does have a real tree here. Awesome design. Where have you bought it? - What? - The pole. It's a real tree! Oh. You know, a treehouse. A tree.

Where are the gifts? Here! But that's my gift to you!

It's the plant! No, why would you think that? It's the same plant, it looks exactly like it! No, Glent, I think we just bought them in the same store. I give you a money tree, too. Thank you! I was very glad to receive your gift, too. Okay, right. Serega, what are you gonna give me?

I'm gonna give you a hen. But that's an egg. That's an egg, and when you hatch it, it's gonna be a hen or a rooster.

Just put it under your butt next time you're gonna play PS 5. So, guys, maybe we should play PS 5 now? Yeah. Okay, guys, you play, and I'm gonna work on my laptop for a while. Okay, you've been playing for 20 minutes already. Maybe we should go to Serega's housewarming? Or maybe later? I need to chop firewood. And by the way, Squash is hungry.

Let me feed him, okay? He's behaving kinda weird, isn't he? It's like everyone invited each other to a housewarming, and Serega bailed out.

It's time to play golf. What else can you do, when you're living near the field and you have a house? To play golf. It's getting a bit boring in this house. I need to turn the music on, at least. Oh, let's get the party started! Yeah, that's great. A golf course. Now I just have to stand properly.

What's that music? I don't like it. People play golf in silence.

Damn, I can't concentrate with all that noise. Glent, turn it down! Glent, don't you hear me? What's up with that? Why are you throwing stuff at my house? Why are you playing music so loud? I can't play. Well, okay. How do I turn it up?

I'm gonna chill in my hammock. Here. Oh, nice!

Now that's what I call outdoors recreation! Okay, I've prepared everything for a bonfire. Oh, yeah, I need to light it up with something. I'll get something from home. Oh, the chicken made a big mess. Ew, it hit my nose really hard! Damn, my matches are at home. Vlad has the aroma sticks, I can borrow them, I guess. Meanwhile...

Here are the matches, let's go to Vlad. Glent has left the house. Okay, I've got a plan.

You'll see, I'll film it. Sheesh, fresh air. Here it is, nasty thing. That's it, nasty thing, you won't bother me anymore. Okay... Hey, Vlad, are you here? He's not home. Okay. I think he won't mind if I borrow his aroma sticks.

I'm gonna refresh the air in my house quickly, and that's it. Careful. Okay.

Okay, why does my house stinks so bad? What the hell? I had my aroma sticks here. Hey! I thought they were blown out by the wind. Okay, what the hell. It stinks like a farm, and my sticks are gone. Okay. Serega!

Hey, have you stolen my aroma sticks? I didn't steal them, I borrowed them. I'll put them back.

Goddamn! Serega, you took them without asking! You weren't home. Now my whole house stinks, you broke into my house! Now it's full of your farm smells! Glent! Guys, what's happened? Serega broke into my house and stole the aroma sticks. Let me check my house as well.

I wanna see if he stole something from me as well. I wasn't even near your house. You were, I think.

Where's the speaker? Serega, have you taken the speaker, too? Why would I need your speaker? I enjoy nature without it. Give me the speaker back! Oh, I still have the connection. Okay, let's unpause it. It's not from your house, Serega. It's from his house.

Hey! I'm using the bathroom. What bathroom?

Give me my speaker back. And you dare to call Serega a rat! Okay, neighbors, you're not allowed to enter my house! You too, get out of here! Now that's a situation. Wow, and I called them friends. One better than the other. I thought I'm gonna share dinner with them. And now I don't even wanna see them.

Now I'm gonna order some food. A pizza, for example. Hello, hi.

Listen, we're in a treehouse, and I wanna a pepperoni, if it's possible. Oh, the street and address. Can I send you my geolocation? Hello! They hung up on me. They can't deliver here, apparently. Then I offer Vlad to feed me as a way to say sorry. For stealing my speaker. A gread idea.

Okay. Like, it's lacking some spiciness. Well, let's add some pepper.

Soon, the fish soup will be ready. It lacks something. Oh, I'm in a forest! I'll go get some mushrooms. - Who's there? - It's me, Glent. Oh, you're there. Hi. So, basically, I'm ready to forgive you, if you make me a dinner.

- Do you want a steak? - You bet! Of course, I want!

I've already marinated it. I just need to pour some lemon juice and salt. Damn, I don't have such a window, by the way. I've only got one. Wow, Serega is heading for the forest. Hey, I have an idea. What's that? We can prank Serega! We can steal his Squash piggy and replace it with...

He's gonna go insane. Come on, come on, come on, while he's out. Come here, piggy!

Okay, let's take him away. Okay, you sit in here. And we'll roast some meat. I'm glad I brought the grill. Hey, what the hell? Where's Squash? Squash! Guys! Guys, guys, have you seen Squash?

He vanished. Oh, but haven't you brought him for the grill? What?

You took him and..? Squash! Come on, Serega, it's a prank! That's my steaks, I brought them. I don't know where your Squash is, maybe he ran away. He tried to dig a hole... Maybe he's in the forest? Look there. You, prankers!

Squash, where are you? Squash, where are you? This way I'm gonna search for him forever.

Hey, is anybody here? I should better run from here. Hey, while Serega isn't here, maybe we can play with the mini-pig for a while? Let's train him, let's go! Okay, buddy. Down! Sit! Speak! Roll!

Off, don't! Fetch! Walk!

"Walk" is working. Guys! Oh, Serega, look! We've found your Squash. Damn, thank you. Jeez, you saved me. You're welcome. Guys, why was I running? Because while I was searching Squash in the forest, I've heard some noise, steps, breathing.

I think it's some large animal, or a monster of sorts. No way! Come on, Serega, we're far away from the city, there's a fence, the area is secured, there's no way someone's here!

(No entry) I've really heard the stomping, the breathing. Come on, relax, Serega. There are no monsters. Let's just eat in peace. We'll share some meat with you, you'll eat. I'm gonna bring some dishes. And I'm cooking fish soup. Do you like fish soup? No, I've never tried one.

Vlad, have you ever tried a fish soup? No, I don't like fish. So, Serega, eat your fish soup yourself.

We have meat here, enjoy your meal. - You, too. - Thanks. Help yourself with the cheese. Here. By the way, the treehouses is a great idea! Do you know where I took it from? Subscribers wrote it in the comments. They said, film the treehouses.

I love it when subscribers suggest us ideas for videos. Yeah, that's true, they're smart. - How many subscribers' ideas have we filmed?

About 20. - Yeah. Shush, guys, can you hear it? This is the same sound I've heard in the forest. Okay, let's go back, back inside. Guys, I haven't told you the coolest part. When I bult this house, I made it secure, and placed a laser security system. Anyone who goes through these lasers... is gonna get roasted.

Don't worry, my neighbors know about it, it's safe for them. That's why I'm completely safe. Okay, okay, okay, what do I do?

How to make it safe for me? Okay, now. We have this unusual firewood. Here they are. Right. Now I'm gonna sharpen these sticks on this side with a knife. And I'm gonna secure the house greatly. Oh, I think this should definitely scare the beast away. And no large boar would break in.

We need to fight animals in hunter's way. And I have a bear trap for it. It is below.

And glue. This glue is very strong, and I'm gonna put it on these two trees, to that a predator that wants to crawl them will stick to them and couldn't crawl further. Okay, one tree is ready. The second one is smeared with glue as well. Here's the trap. Okay, that's it, I need to go upstairs and hide the ladder. Here I come, piggy! Okay, faster, faster, faster! That's cool!

I'm safe, it's warm, I have electricity. What the hell? What is that?

Okay... The generator's cable has come off. It couldn't happen by itself, someone's done it. It means that my security system doesn't work. I need to go to the guys. That's it, I don't care! Why are you scaring me? Vlad, someone's shut the light off. The cables are ripped out of the generator.

Okay, you've got a camera there. Can you see through it? Right!

My precious! I have the footage on my phone. Now we'll see. What the...? - Serega, Serega! - Serega! Serega, Serega, Serega! Serega. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Let us in. Oh, the smell. Come on in, quick.

What's happened? We watched footage from Glent's cameras. Some monster ripped Glent's power cables. - We need to isolate ourselves from it. - Come on, come on! Oh, it's a bit cramped in here. That was definitely not an animal, it's a monster! That's why we need to saw this ladder off. Well, we have no other option.

We can raise Serega's ladder, so no one can get up here. Come on, Serega, saw it, saw it! Come on, Serega, what's taking you so long?

That's it, it's almost done. Wow! - No one can get in. Have you seen it? - I've seen. Do you hear it? - Turn off the lights, turn it off! - What? Let's spy on it, I've got the binoculars.

Okay, okay, I see. What? What's there?

Is that a monster? - Guys, I think it's not a monster. - What is that? It's a person wearing a bush costume. Let me see this bush Guys, they've got us with this very harsh prank! That's Kobyakov's prank costume. He wore it three times already. Is that Kobyak? Let's prank him, too.

Let's catch him. I agree! Let's wait till he gets closer and then capture him!

Let's fire the grill! Oh, this is so tasty, Glent! Where did you get this recipe? This is a very secret recipe. No one knows about it. This is the most delicious hot dogs in the world! Guys, I'm gonna get some sauces. So, get the cooking done, come on. Serega, wait for me!

I'll get some secret drinks. And I'll get some cups for the secret drinks. Cool, guys, he has to fall for it!

I wonder what is this delicious thing they have. Wow! Yeah, we need to come closer and check it out. While they're gone. Hey! Gotcha! Guys, that's insane! Look! We tied him up.

Do you know why? Oh, you're not gonna believe it! That was so unexpected!

Because it's not Kobyakov, it's a paparazzi! He was following us the whole day long, taking sneaky pictures of what we were doing. That was super material, I could be rich! Okay, we'll confiscate your memory card. Could be rich! Get a real job. Work on us, for example, in A4 production! I agree, just untie me! Too late!

Guys, I think we've finished with this video, we've shown the most interesting parts. I suggest we go home. But what about me?

Well, you gotta wait till the morning. - That's it, bye! - Bye, good luck, paparazzi! I hope no one eats you! You can't do that! Stop! That was me, my name is Vlad A4. Glent, Serega! Be sure to leave a live.

Bye, everyone!