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Here is my unbiased not investment advice for entertainment purposes only thoughts on all of this:

First, DeepFValue:

I think….Too many people followed his advice word-for-word, and copied his moves because he has TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AT STAKE. But, what many people forget is that he is playing with HOUSE MONEY…he is ENTIRELY investing with profit, and - in his position - it’s IMPOSSIBLE for him to lose money. There’s a big difference when you’ve been holding since $4, and everything is GRAVY…and when you’re buying in at $300 in hopes that he knows something you don’t.

Do I think he’s RESPONSIBLE for what people do with his information? NO, not at all. BUT, if he hired an attorney, that attorney would tell him to BE QUIET, STOP POSTING ON REDDIT, TAKE PROFIT, comply with all regulations, and move on.

Second, lets talk about WallStreetBets:

It’s no surprise, I’m a fan of the community. I’ve been browsing that subreddit for about 2 years now, I find it highly entertaining, every now and then I’ll come across some VERY well written insights, and overall, I think it’s a beneficial outlet for so many people. HOWEVER, I don’t think WallStreetBets will be held liable for anything they say or do on a public forum.

However, where I see the biggest problem is how many people have bought into GameStop at EXORBITANT prices, for the SOLE purpose of trying to “Stick it to the hedge funds.” At the end of the day, in hindsight…THOSE turned out to be some of the biggest losers, and while hedge funds can often stomach losses like that…as an every day investor, losing 60-80% of your investment in a week could be a SIGNIFICANT blow to your finances.

Third, speculation.

The reality is, in situations like this - even the most educated guesses are wrong, and it’s up to you to decide what you’re willing to trade, and how much you’re prepared to lose. As this event shows us, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN - and even under PERFECT conditions, short term speculating is a dirty game.

I think it’s important to realize that holding on to a poorly timed investment longer, doesn’t automatically make it a good investment, and you’re going to need to decide - for yourself - where you cut it off. If you’re willing to ride it to the ground, so be it - but if this is money that means a LOT to you, then it’s worth it to be careful. There’s no shame in taking profits and being a well rounded, level headed investor.

And lastly, we need to talk about Media Attention.

Many people would argue that peak media attention coincided with peak prices…and, to me, that’s correct. The price of GameStop only goes up as more people cover it, but - as soon as that attention shifts, as it will with ANYTHING - the price will fall, since there can only be so many people buying in at once.

But, at the end of the day - this whole situation DID expose several issues that need to be addressed, it raised more awareness around investing, the importance of diversification, not investing more than you can lose…AND, no matter what happens, the real winner - STILL - is going to be the COMPANY itself, GameStop, who actually has a MAJOR chance to turn their business around and turn it into something quite profitable.

So, if you want to “stick it to the man” - my best advice is to support the companies that you really believe in, by using and buying their products…and, over time, that will come out ahead.

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Suing Robinhood - The Aftermath - download from YouTube for free

Suing Robinhood - The Aftermath - download from YouTube for free