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IMPORTANT: I filmed this video before she came back to instagram but decided to post this as I did not share any strong opinions in any direction and mostly discussed the public perception and will be posting a PART 2 (about her return and the conclusions we can draw about this current situation/generally about cancel culture) tomorrow! This is a video on the Bratphobic/Griffin photoshop/blasianfishing etc situation, explaining the reasons she temporarily left the internet.

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Intro Art: Alice Piscedda (

Songs: DJ Quads – Flowers

Aso x Distant.lo – Rift

(I do not own the music; all rights go to the aforementioned artist)

All opinions in this video are my own; nothing is sponsored unless explicitly stated. The purposes of my videos are always related to education, news reporting and commentary/criticism.

#bratphobic #y2k #twitterdrama

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the "Bratphobic is CANCELLED" situation - PART 1 - download from YouTube for free

the "Bratphobic is CANCELLED" situation - PART 1 - download from YouTube for free