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Happy 2021 🥳 I wonder if this year will bring us any new furry animals! In today's video, you get to see all of the pets including the cats playing, my methods to clipping the rabbit's nails, tons of binkies and zoomies and adorable Lenny!

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New Year, Same Pets! - download from YouTube for free

New Year, Same Pets! - download from YouTube for free

Oh get it whattt? there you go! Hi! Oh my goodness it's a cat attack! Just to clarify the cats aren't fighting it may look like they're fighting but they're not They do this like 7 times a day and they both initiate the playing so it's not one-sided, it looks rough I promise you it isn't they're just INSANE. Sadie don't kick him in the face JJ you're enjoying that toy a lot your tail is even getting poofy okay well you have fun with that and I'm gonna go see the rabbits bye!

I wonder what's new with the buns. Buns! what are you guys doing?

nothing? one thing that I did get done that I said I was going to awhile ago was get this is crooked oh my goodness. Okay well we're going to ignore the fact that this plate is on crooked but this is a dimmer switch for the room so it can go on and then you can also like can you tell it's dimming so I love that. Another awesome thing I haven't gotten to show you guys is the rabbit's new hay box. So this is one of the 101Rabbits wooden hay boxes and its a really great design, it fills it fits a lot of hay there are these 4 holes here the only is I just have to every couple times a day pull some more hay to the front but other than that it fills 5lbs worth of hay I think which is a tremendous amount of hay. hi Lola oh you guys are coming out to say hello? oh my gosh Hi! Today I'm actually going to be cutting their nails and I thought I would show you guys because I do two methods of cutting their nails because both of the rabbits are different. Cleo's fine with one method and Lola is...

difficult. Hey Lola you only like certain ways to clip your nails hey but we have to do it. Rabbit's nails grow pretty fast so you're often going to have to cut them usually it's best to do it once a month sometimes you can do every couple months but it's best to do it every month.

So the method for Cleo I use is a towel and I have to be super careful because rabbits are smart and Cleo can figure out what the towel means real quick but these are the clippers that I use on the rabbits they are like cat ones I guess, they work fine for rabbits but so step one is catch Cleo in the towel ah come here Cleo you were so good today Okay you're not really gonna get a good shot but essentially she's in a bun burrito and I'm gonna cut her nails. Oh you have too much fluff So to do Cleo's bottom feet it's a little harder you don't want to lean them on their back but I just kinda clear a way to see holding her up and down not on her back So I've gotten the majority of Cleo's nails and they all seem to be decently short so she's not having fun so just gonna let her go and then I'll give her some treats I'm sorry I have to do dat or else you're gonna grow too long Now we're full of hair. Now Lola's method is a little bit of a different way. Because Lola doesn't like being wrapped in a towel it stresses her out way too much and I'm really scared she'll kick and just break her back and we don't want that to happen so what I do is i get her in a carrier I put her up on a stool in a well lit area JJ do not bother her and then I open the carrier I put my hand on her and I'm able to snip and hold her paw and snip her nails. It's a very difficult method but it's what works for me and Lola. Can I see the other paw Miss sass some of her nails are actually very short so I'm not gonna clip some of them I don't think those need to be clipped lets see I need to see this foot, lemme see your foot oh your toes are very short that's good we only had to cut a few hey? so then she can go back. look at the hair that is covered on me this is what you get for having rabbits Lola she's annoyed there you go! There you go!

Good job! looks like there's mass destruction after the nail cuttings I know you're angry but it had to happen. Bun buns do you wanna come out?

is that it for tonight? Oh Cleo's done okay Lola time to go back! thump thump so I don't know if you guys can hear that noise but that's Lenny's wheel. Lenny your wheel keeps hitting the side of your cage it's very loud. So here is Mr Lenny he's actually doing pretty good he's been coming out a little bit earlier now I think he comes out about like 10 maybe 9:30 I've caught him a couple times now. I'm also excited because I ordered off of Etsy from a shop in BC this is just some Dandelion root I don't know why it's so hard to find this but I could only find it on one shop that's in Canada so i got some dandelion root for Lenny dandelion root is really good for hamster teeth and it has a lot of good properties as well so I'm gonna give Lenny one of these, do you like this? a dandelion root! what is that Lenny are you gonna take it are you listening to the rabbits you just listening to the rabbits you gonna take your root? oh you're gonna pouch it?

can you do that oh it's kinda sticking out Oh my goodness oh no it's still sticking out it's still right there! you gotta push it in or you gotta fix it, I don't know if you should pouch it it's not it's kinda too big yeah chew it a bit no I think you should chew it in half that might be helpful or don't listen to anything I say you're gonna have to chew it ya like that no NO did you get it oh i think you fit it all well your method worked. So Lenny did go back into his house as you may know hi Lenny just isn't into human interaction so I keep it simple to just weighing him and giving him a treat like that so you guys don't get to see him super long and I really really do apologize.

I do want to do a video on the subject so maybe that'll be my next topic to talk about but that is it for this video and I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing every one of the pets and I'll see you guys in my next video, Bye!