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В этом ролике мы Разрушаем 100 МИФОВ за 24 Часа ! Можно ли забраться на стену на вантузах, возможно ли съесть плитку шоколада за 100 шагов и еще много других безумно интересных мифов !

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Разрушаем 100 МИФОВ за 24 Часа ! - download from YouTube for free

Разрушаем 100 МИФОВ за 24 Часа ! - download from YouTube for free

Hi everyone! My name is Glent. Kobyakov, Seryoga. And you're watching the A4 channel.

Today we will check 100 different myths. There are 100 cards on the wall that A4 Production has prepared for us. And we will take turns choosing a myth and checking it.

It will be very interesting today. I can't wait to start, so let's go! - I'm the first, I'm the first! - Come on. I want to choose something closer to the beginning. - Oh, let it be 3. - Come on, what's there? Wow, that's interesting. You can light a candle with the help of smoke.

I've heard that, but I haven't seen that. No, I don't think it will work. That's some kind of nonsense.

This is a myth. - I think it will work. - Let's check it out. - Let's check it out. Well, we have an ordinary candle, fire and a glass. That is for the smoke to go up, and not to the side or to the right. Well, it's not going to work, guys. I'm telling you. First we light it up.

I'm telling you, it will work. I've heard that, but I've always wanted to see it myself. We cover it with a glass, prepare the fire.

- Did you see that? - What?! How does this work? Come on, try it again. - We cover it with a glass. - Did you see? The fire was transferred through Wi-Fi...How is that?! - I didn't touch it. - What?!

- Wanna try it? - Yes, sure. - Now, wait.

- I think there's a catch here. - Turn on the fire in advance. - The first myth works! - Wow! Let's move on to the next one! Okay, now my turn. I choose number 46. A drop of lemon can burst a balloon. - A drop of lemon?

- No, that won't work, I'm sure. - Let's check it out. - Let's go.

So, we have a knife, a lemon and a balloon. We cut a slice of lemon. - It won't work, it won't work. - I don't believe it either. So what? It's not working. Well, it turns out that the myth is not true. You can't burst a balloon with lemon juice, but I know that you can do it with zest, lemon peel to burst a balloon. - I still don't believe it.

There is such a thing. It contains something there. Let's check it out.

We take a lemon peel and try it. Okay, come on. WHAT?!! I almost went into labor!! You see, you can burst a balloon with a lemon, but not with its juice. But zest. Okay, now my turn. I want to check the myth at number 10. Let's check the 10th one.

If you char an egg and put in into water, it will become transparent. What? Well, let's check it out.

We take a candle, light it. Now we take the egg and char it. - Should we char it completely? - Well, at least half of it. Geez, it's so beautiful! We've charred half of the egg so that we can clearly see the result and now put it into water. - Did you see that? - Come on again. - Do you see this?

- It became the color of metal. Well, on the one hand, it can be considered transparent. - Oh, why?

- What?! Damn, it's a pity there's no such effect when you pull it out. The guys and I talked and agreed that the myth works 50%. The egg changes greatly, but it does not become transparent. It's like the color of metal. So, it works just 50/50. - Okay, Seryoga, your myth. - Now me. I'll choose number 69.

I won't go far. - And? - Smoldering tea bags can fly.

Wait, I've seen this somewhere. They can really fly like rockets. Looks like it's going to work, guys. It will be very beautiful. Come on, Seryoga, go check it out!! All right, we have a fire again, a tea bag. We take the scissors. We cut off these edges here. Here.

We won't need this. We pour everything out. Okay, now just put it on the table.

- Like in a straw? - Yes. - We put it on the table. And...light it from above. It will be very beautiful! If it works, it will be very cool. Launch sequence has begun! The main thing is not to blow it. All right, quiet.

Now look, the moment of truth. And...and...and? - It doesn't work.

- Wow! Well, look, it should work, I've seen this in TikTok. Let's prepare many, many tea bags and try again! Well, here are a few tea bags. The moment of truth: Will it take off? Come on. Well, we do not give up and took a plate, transparent and round one. Damn, it's not working. Maybe we are doing something wrong?

Or this myth just doesn't work. I don't know why it didn't work for us now, but I saw that it worked for others. Let's proceed with the next myth.

Well, I choose number 35. Well, because I want our channel to have 35 million subscribers as soon as possible. Well, Kobyakov, you know, it's not enough just to want it. You need to ask people who are not subscribed to subscribe. Ah, well, okay. Guys, all those who are not subscribed, please subscribe to our channel. Check your "Subscribe" button. If it's red, quickly click on it so that it turned grey. Well, we're checking the next myth.

You can't eat a chocolate bar in 100 steps without stopping. Well, this is just for you! - Well, I can easily eat a chocolate bar in 100 steps.

- You won't. I tell you this: you can't eat a chocolate bar in 100 steps. That's impossible. - Look. - Let's bet one kick. - Break it. - That's it, I'm breaking it. What is one chocolate bar per 100 steps? - This is a very long distance.

- Look. - Just be honest, you can't stop. - Deal, let's go!

1,2,3. 23,24,25. 47,48,49,50. 60, Kobyakov. 61,62,63. 75, that's it! 77,78,79. 90. There are 10 steps left!

91,92,93. 98,99,100! So what, how do you feel?

The myth works. (True) It's true. It is impossible to eat a chocolate bar in 100 steps. There are some specific tactics there: you need to chew properly, drink a liter of water before that. In short, it's very, very hard. So, subscribers, here's a life hack for you. If you want to win an argument, look for the same self-confident people as Kobyakov, and argue with them. It is impossible to do that! Let's check the next myth.

Now my turn. And I choose this myth. - Whoa.

- You can inflate bubbles from candies. From what candies? Chocolate ones? Okay, let's check this. We've got candies like this and a very, very thick straw. We'll inflate bubbles through it. First, we warm up the sweets in the microwave. I think 90 seconds will be enough. And what will happen to the sweets in 90 seconds?

They will turn into caramel. Okay, okay, okay, it's already boiling there! Well, we take a straw, dip it and...

- Ouch! - Aah, I'm sorry! Well. - Oh, did you see that? - What??! I've got a bubble, look!! Give me more, give me more. Haha, what a straw! Well, the fact is, we managed to make a bubble!

- It turns out that the myth's confirmed? - Myth confirmed. Let's move on.

Well, I choose number 2. What kind of myth do we have here? You can stand on an egg container without breaking the eggs. - Impossible. - I don't believe it. - Let's check it out. These are the containers we have. There are ordinary eggs inside them. Here, they're raw, they do not spin.

Okay, Seryoga, come on, stand. Well. - Here are our eggs and...

- Come on, Seryoga. - And...I stood on it. - Are you standing? - Wait, wait, wait, wait. - We release you. - No, guys, I don't believe, I don't believe! - One, two, three. Are you standing? You've got to be kidding!

- Okay, let's check. They're safe! - The eggs are safe!

- Kobyakov, you wanna try? - Come on. And...carefully. - Are you standing? - I'm standing! - Are you standing? - I'm standing! - It works! - Come on!

How?! - Quiet. Whup.

- Safe. - Safe. What if we try it with open containers? Seryoga, how about you try to stand on an open container? - Damn, I don't think it will work. - It will work! - One, two, three! - Okay, wait, wait, wait. Guys, wait, wait!


- I'm not moving. - Well, get down. What?! Geez, that was scary, but the myth is true! (True) - We're moving on to the next one? - Yes, it's my turn! - I choose number 100! - Whoa, we finally got there! The coin can fit 25 drops of water.

- Well, it depends on the coin. - That's impossible! 25 drops of water.

- Let's go check it out! - Let's go. So, we have an eyedropper, water and a coin. We collect it. 25 drops per one coin. That's impossible. Think yourself, 25 drops right here. Come on, the first one. 1,2,3,4,5,6.

- 14,15. - Wow, it's already 15 drops. - 21,22,23.

- Quiet, quiet, be careful. - 24,25. - Well, stop, let's record it. Look at this huge layer of water! It's bigger than a coin. - Let's move on. - You want more? - Yes. - 40,41.

- You're kidding! 43,44. - 44.

- 44 drops on one coin! - How is this possible? Okay, this myth works. I didn't really believe it, and I'm shocked myself. Well, that's interesting, let's move on. Glent. Come on, if it comes up tails, viewers will leave a like. - Come on. - Tails are where the number is.

- Should I turn it over in my hand or not? - Turn it over. - Tails!

- Tails! Leave your like! You owe us a like. Everything's fair! - Glentik, choose. - Let's go! I choose number 16! The fingerprint reader can be fooled. It's enough to make a fingerprint on a piece of paper using a marker and attach it to the scanner.

I don't believe it, it's impossible. Well, there are such strong protection systems. Let's check it out.

Well, we have a phone with a fingerprint reader. Look, it works. That's it, we opened it. Now we take a marker and paint my finger. Come on, leave it till it's frozen. We transfer the fingerprint to the paper. I don't think that's enough. Let's try to do it properly. Come on, help me draw it.

- Enough, enough, enough, Kobyakov. - All right, come on. Oh, there's a clear fingerprint right here!

Let's cut it out so that it's more convenient to attach it. Here's our fingerprint. We apply it. It didn't work. Let's try again. No, it doesn't work. But it's working with my hand. Damn, I've even gotten sad. Why didn't it work?

It would be such a great life hack. This myth doesn't work, let's proceed with the next one. (Lie) I choose number 5!

Whoa, let's see. You can charge your phone by sticking a fork in a watermelon, apple or potato. No, no, no, no, no. That's impossible. - Well, we have a charger, a phone. Kobyakov, give me yours. - Here. Oh, it's not fully charged. Now we'll charge it.

That's nonsense, it won't work. What do you mean, it won't? That is a natural source of energy.

Okay. And... One, two, three! - It's charging, it's charging! - What is charging? Of course, it's not, that's stupid. Wait, wait, maybe I need to rub it on my hair to give it electricity. Seryoga, that's nonsense. We have a scientific program here, it doesn't work like that.

Okay, the watermelon doesn't work. Apple. - It will work 100% now, Kobyakov.

- Uh-huh. Okay, let's move on to the next life hack. No! I want to test it on potatoes, I still believe that potatoes can work. Well, what are you hoping for, Seryoga? Well, the charger is just broken, I'm telling you. Let's see the next myth. (Lie) - My myth is number 33. - Whoa.

You can leave secret messages with milk, citric acid and onion juice showing them up with a candle. - Secret messages? - What?!

Let's check it. So, we have onion, lemon and milk. Also, we have brushes, fire. And now we will write messages on these sheets of paper, and then try to develop them with a candle. Come on, do it already. - I can't see it at all. Are you writing something? - Yes. Wow.

It's not visible at all. If it shows up, it will be very cool. - Okay, good.

- I can't see anything at all. Let this sheet of paper dry. Now milk. - All right, it also needs to dry. - Mm-hm. - And onion. Well, that's it, I wrote it. Okay, now we take the already dried lemon and bring it to the candle. Aah, what if we should do this that side?

Come on, show it. Damn, no, it's not working with lemon. - Now milk.

- Come on. Milk works! Lol, look! You know, I may have jumped to conclusions. So far, we haven’t gotten anything useful here. Let's taste the onion. I think the onion will work. - You see that? - Yes!

- Strike me pink!! - The onion really works! - Geez.

- What?! Hoow??! You can leave real secret notes. Not secret notes, but secret desires, dreams. 35 million subscribers! This is our dream, fulfill it! The red "subscribe" is below, click on it! It turns out the myth works. I'm just shocked.

I'm shocked, look. (True) - Okay, Glent, your turn. - Come on, I'm ready.

I take the myth here. The magnet attracts burnt matches. Whaaat?! - Are they metal? - They're burnt. This is physics. We studied it at school. Let's check it. I still don't believe it.

First, let's check unburnt matches. It's not attracting. Is the magnet real?

Check it. Of course it's real! Here, see, a coin. - How do you like it? - Now take it away. Well, it will now remain here forever, it's okay. We light our matches. That's it, they should burn completely. Well, let's check it out.

Look! It's magnetized! What about this one?

Try it. Really. Look, that's a magnet, it works. It works!! (True) Let's move on to the next myth. I choose number 29. You can climb a smooth wall with the help of plungers, using them as sucking cups. - Well, I've seen it in movies. - Me too.

If Seryoga climbs it, I am sure it will work. - That's interesting. Let's go check it out.

- Let's go! So, we have such a smooth wall and 2 plungers. Well, let the viewers subscribe while you're trying to crawl it. - Did it work? - One stuck. - Oops. - Oh, the plunger has stuck greatly, will you try it? I'll try to hang on to that. - Quiet, Seryoga, what's up?

- Get up. It's just that the plungers are, you know, old-style. No, I think it's not working.

I'm kind of disappointed, of course... No, well, what did we expect? This is just shown in films. No one does that in real life. Well, yes. It's a pity. So, Seryoga, Seryoga, you are not James Bond, and the myth is destroyed. Let's move on. I choose number 58.

Ping-pong balls explode when heated. That's not true. It can't be that, I tried to light them.

- They light up, but they don't explode. - Well, they can't explode. - Well, no, they can. - Let's check it. What happened now? - What should I say? - Be... - Be bad! - No, not that.

All right, guys, write in the comments what we should say to Kobyakov. - Well, let's go check it out. - Be...whatever...

We have fire and and a ping pong ball. Let's check it. Well, it just burst. Well, but there wasn't a pop, wasn't explosion. - Well, like 50/50. Let's try one more time. - Come on. Let's warm it up from the very bottom now. (Fart) Farted, he farted!

It didn't explode, but it farted. No, there was no explosion. I think it's a lie.

Myth destroyed. - Okay, I'll agree. - Me too. - Let's check the next myth! Number 37. Myth: a string of beads violates gravity. I think I know what it's about. Guys, your brain will just explode now. It will be very beautiful.

Well, look, ordinary beads, a jar. And... - Well, something happened.

- Something happened? You think something happened?! - It was awesome! - Cool. Well, in fact, this is not even a myth, but an experiment, but we checked it and it works. Seryoga, choose your number. Well, come on, give me these beads! I'll choose 93. You can break the ruler with a sheet of newspaper.

- What?! - I know, you can only break a ruler on your head. Let's check it.

Well, here is an ordinary ruler, wooden one. It's not broken anywhere. Here, I bend it, it won't break. And a sheet of newspaper. Well, look, I put the ruler on the edge, without a newspaper. Whup, it's just flying away. It didn't break. - You should have warned me! - Ah, I'm sorry, Kobyakov.

- Well, we put a newspaper. - Come on, and... - You must be kidding!

- Whaat?! - Come on!! You saw it yourself, it's just a sheet of newspaper. It worked. Really, the wooden ruler broke. (True) That's physics, guys. The newspaper's area is very large. And it covers the ruler, and, accordingly, does not allow it to jump out. Let's move on.

- I choose number 88. - Come on. If you put a napkin on a full glass of water, then turning it over, the water will not pour out.

- Let's go check it. - Let's go. So, we have a glass, a napkin, water. We fill the glass with water. I've seen it many times, but I still don't believe it will work. We cover it with a napkin. Well, so far everything is good, the water has not yet poured out. If it works, it will be just the best trick. Mm-hm, I don't think it's real.

It's just a napkin, it's thin, it can rip at any second. And...we turn it over. - I'm letting it go.

- Come on. WHAAAT?! YOU'RE KIDDING!! It's holding up, look! Quiet, quiet, quiet, Kobyakov, turn it over. Okay, okay, okay, we believe it! (True) - It's just a usual napkin. - Well, yes, a usual napkin. - And what if I check now?

- Are you kidding? - Don't! What are you even saying?

Okay, choose your number. Well, my turn. I choose number 76. You can make walkie-talkies out of cups. Now, I've seen this in cartoons, but I don't believe it works. It's impossible. Well, I have a cup. I'll need an assistant. I'm here.

According to the myth, we need to pull the rope and talk to each other. (Pick up) Strike me pink! It works, really!

What the hell? Try to stand there. Look, I'm now taking a loop and put it in a cup. Well, I have a loop here, I close it with my hand and pull the cup. (Please leave a like and subscribe) Come on, it works! I never believed it! (True) So that you understand, it's just a usual rope. I do not know how it works, some laws of physics and so on, but it works. But the rope must necessarily be stretched, or it won't work.

(Let's move on) Here's my number - 4. You can not fold a piece of paper in half more than 7 times. Oh, well, this is an old joke.

I think I managed to do that once, or no. We need to check it out. Let's go! Each of us has sheets of different sizes. Let's try to fold it. - One. - So far, we're going fine. - One. - One.

I fold it twice. I make very thin folds on purpose. - Two.

- Three. - It's already going tight, boys. - Me too. - Four. - Oh, it's so hard... - Five. - Five. - Guys, I can't. Come on, come on, come on.

Five. - You need to fold it twice more. - We need more than 7.

It turns out that 7 is still possible? Personally I can't do more already, that's impossible. - Well, me too. - Six, six. - Come on, Seryoga! I also have 6. No, it's impossible to do it 7th time. - Let's push it together. - Man, this is unreal.

And what if we take a hundred-meter sheet of paper? Well, what's the difference? You always fold it in half, in half, in half, and as a result, you don't have anything left.

That's it, no, I didn't even get 7. Here, look at what kind of sheet I got, and what it was like. That's crazy. It turns out, myth confirmed. (True) Number 89. Cinnamon protects against water. - Whaaat?! - How's that? - I'll now prove it.

We open the cinnamon, pour it into the water. Well, it's not drowning. Okay, fine.

Now I'll dip my finger in there, and it won't get wet. I'll never believe it. WHAAT?! - Some kind of poop. - Just some sausage. - Look. - Is it dry? - The finger is dry. Well, a bit, but it's dry.

Wait, I want to try it, too. I wonder what it feels like. It's kind of dry, but I feel cold like it's wet, but in fact, it is dry.

Wow! Try it at home! Myth confirmed! Let's move on. (True) Now I'm choosing. I want to check this myth. You can play slots for free by tying the fishing line to a coin. I've seen it in cartoons. Let's check it out.

- Let's go. - Come on, let's go. We have a coin, a slot machine, and a fishing line tied to a coin.

Well, let's first try to throw it there and then immediately get it back. It broke off. How's that? Heey, it was me who paid for it! Fine. Guys, what if we try to drill that coin and then tie it? Let's check it. We drilled a coin. The slot machine is not working.

Let's try to insert a coin. Well, we need to do everything gently and correctly. It holds!

It's holding my coin! Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet. Ah, damn, well I'm still keeping it, it hasn't gone far yet. There's a button here. They usually press it. Kobyakov, come on, try to hit it. Just don't hit me. Pull it, pull it. Well, no, it's not working.

Look, there's a hole here where all the coins get, and it's almost out. Here it is. It won't get back.

Yes, that's that coin. It's not working this way. It's a pity. (Lie) Let's move on to the next round! I choose number 21. And what's the myth? Two thick books, interleaved with their own pages, cannot be separated by force. I know it, I checked it. - I can do this!

- You can't. - Let's check it. Well, these are the books we have.

They're already interleaved. By the way, you can see that they are not glued together. - Well, Glentik, take it. You didn't believe it, so let's check it now! - Yeah, I didn't. One, two, three. What? Are you holding it? What's the catch?

Kobyakov, help us. Pull, pull, pull it harder. - Well, we can do it!

- No! Even if cars pull it, they won't separate it. This is a fact. But that's just a paper, right? Well, shake it. Can you shake it? - What?! - That's impossible. I saw a video where only tanks managed to pull them apart.

Come on, that's some kind of nonsense. Now we will show you that these are two completely clean books. I'm shocked.

Let's see another myth. This one is confirmed. (True) 62. Sticky tape covers the holes. Ah, I saw this in tiktok, but it's impossible, I don't believe it! - I didn't see it. - I didn't see it either. - Let's check it. We have the same tape as in the ad.

Let's test it. As I understood, we need to make a hole. - Yes, I'll take care of it.

- Come on, let's cut a piece of it. - I'm ready, and... - Kobyakov, get ready! - Okay, did you drill it? - Kobyakov. - Come on, press it. - Man, I'll press it now! I found it, I found it! Come on, raise it higher, higher!

- Did you tape it? - Yeah, I taped it. - Is it okay?

- Well, it works. - Yeah, it works. - It turns out, it works. Glent, choose, it's your turn. I choose myth number 32. You can stick as many needles as you want into a balloon covered with tape. I've seen this, it will definitely work. - I think it's true. - Nonsense, that's nonsense.

It will easily burst. We've got a balloon that's covered with tape, and needles. Well, let's try.

I think it'll burst with the first needle. Here's our balloon covered with tape. Let's try it. You must be kidding! Whaat?! - It didn't burst? - Nonsense, this can't be happening. Why doesn't it burst? How's that?

- Let's try two of them at the same time. - Come on. - How is this possible?

- One, two, three. - How is this possible? What the hell is this? - Physics! - Yes, it deflates a little. - Yeah, watch how the hole expands. - All right, look, it's all covered with needles. - That's crazy! - But it deflates.

- Myth confirmed! I'm shocked. (True) - Well, now me.

- Come on. - I'll choose number 90. Well, what kind of myth I'll get? A bag of chips can be reduced to a miniature size in the microwave. - How's it? - It can't be true. - Let's quickly check it! - Here's a bag of chips, it's empty. - Well, I don't believe it.

Let's test it. - I put it into microwave. - Yeah.

- And press it... Let's go. - Is everything all right? - Yeah, everything is fine. - It's burning! - How to stop it?? See the size of the bag of chips! Do not try it at home! - Here, there you go, a bag of chips.

- It's so tiny. The letters are still visible. Here, Lays.

But do not repeat it at home. We've done everything for you. How is this possible? Wow. Here, a key chain. Myth confirmed. (True) - I choose number 67. - Come on. You can hold a soap bubble in wool gloves.

- Well no, that's impossible. - Yeah, it's thin... The bubble will burst immediately.

- Let's go check it out. - Come on. Well, gloves, soap bubbles. - Wow, unusual. - Inflate it. - Kobyakov, catch it. Catch it, catch it. - Really, I'm telling you, that's impossible. - Come on, more!

Come on, give me more. Well, at least one of them, please! - This big one, this big one!

- Try this big one. - The myth doesn't work. - I really believed it. (Lie) Let's move on to the next myth. My myth will be number 94. The original crocs always fall on the sole. - No. - Is it true? - What the hell?

Let's check it. Okay, let's check it. I think it's not true.

They're so unsual. - They should fall like this, right? - Yeah, come on. - What?! - How?! - The next one. And if I do like this? No, I know how it won't fall for sure. - Are you sure?

- I know how it works! Wait, I'll try to throw it. - What?!!

- Well, it turns out it's true. Confirmed... I thought it won't. Myth confirmed. (True) Guys, just look how many myths we've checked today. Let's do this. If the viewers leave one and a half million likes, we'll continue busting myths. - I agree. - With great pleasure.

Guys, leave your likes. Please collect one and a half million likes, and we'll continue shooting it. Well, we hope you enjoyed this video.

If so, please like it. You hung out with me. My name is Glent. Kobyakov, Seryoga. Bye, all!