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Watch Jimmy play Among Us with The Roots, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo and streamers Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Victoria Tran and Corpse Husband.

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Jimmy Plays Among Us with Gaten Matarazzo, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Corpse Husband & More | Tonight Show



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Jimmy Plays Among Us with Gaten Matarazzo, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Corpse Husband & More | Tonight Show - download from YouTube for free

Jimmy Plays Among Us with Gaten Matarazzo, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Corpse Husband & More | Tonight Show - download from YouTube for free

-Hey, guys, welcome to my Twitch channel. This is my first Twitch stream, so thank you for watching. There is gonna be probably a lot of mistakes, but it's gonna be fun either way.

Thank you so much for watching and tuning in and playing with us and streaming with us. We're gonna play a few rounds of "Among Us." For those of you who don't know because it's gonna air on "The Tonight Show," it is a game. Well, we're gonna play -- we're gonna play a few rounds of "Among Us." We're gonna do it. Let me do it. I'll do it more time. First mistake down. Play a few rounds of "Among Us," and we're gonna do it to raise money for a great charity called Feeding America. A lot of people out there, they need food. So anything you can give, donate below if you can.

Really, it will change -- You'll change some lives tonight. Playing with me today, please welcome from "Stranger Things," Gaten Matarazzo and Noah Schnapp. Whoo!

-[ Whistling ] -Gaten, you know me. -We got this, buddy. -Yeah, we do. -From The Roots, we have Tariq Trotter, Questlove, and Kirk Douglas. -[ Whistles ] -[ Deep voice ] Let's go. -Whoo! -Let's go! -From the "Among Us" team, community director Victoria Tran. -Go, Victoria.

You go, girl. -And we have streaming icons Sykkuno... -The icon himself.

-...Valkyrae... [ Indistinct conversations ] ....and, of course, if you can tell by the voice, we have Corpse Husband. -Yay, go, Corpse. -The icon himself. -Hey, guys, here we go. I'm not gonna say go easy on me because I'm ready to play. Where am I? Oh, I'm the blue. Alright.

So everyone has their -- Everyone's a little different. I went just full on, just...natural. -You're really not gonna dress up?

-I went naked. I'm surfing it out. That's how -- -Pure being. -That's how it all looks. -Alright. Are you ready? Can we start? -Okay, you ready to start this? -Okay.

-Here we go. -Starting. So we're gonna be open mic, right?

-Yeah, we're open mic. -We're talking the whole time. -Gonna be casual. Learning experience. -Alright. Oh, no. -Oh, boy. -Alright. I'm nervous.

Okay, shh. I'm not saying anything. -Okay.

Make sure you don't give anything away. -Okay. So we're all dark right now? -I wonder who Jimmy is. -Do you want to go together? -Yeah. -Oh. -Dude. -Oh, my God, someone's already dead.

-I don't know who did it. I just saw them walk out. -We're just gonna start.

-Jimmy first? -Oh, that's why Jimmy was screaming. -Was it or is this part of the plan? -I saw Tariq out of the map. -Yeah, I saw Tariq. -Who was walking in? -No, no, no. This is exactly how I planned this to go. [ Laughter ] We all talked before the game.

-You're so smart. Continue. -Yeah.

Thank you. -Please continue your -- What is the logic here? I would love to know. -First of all, I'm coming to you streaming from my apartment, clearly, because my artwork. And so, yeah, the logic here is just you have no idea who I am or what I'm about to do. Do I like being killed? Maybe. That might be part of my thing. -Maybe?

-The pressure's off. -Yeah, that's my thing. When you play against me, I'm the one that likes to get killed.

But I don't -- I know who did it. Do I know who did it? I don't know. You never know. -Obviously, you know. -You should know. -Are there any accusations? -Wait. Did anyone -- Wait.

-Yeah, no one voted. -Wait, wait. -Alright, I voted.

-Questlove voted. -So did Kirk and I. -I voted. -Who did you vote for? -It wasn't me. I was with Gaten. -What, do I look like an idiot? -Yeah. -Who did you vote for and why?

-Oh, am I supposed to tell you? -Yeah. Discussion time.

-You don't have to technically. -Yeah. I don't know. -I guess if you want, keep it to yourself. -Yeah, I don't trust it. I'm not -- I'm not talking about who I voted for or why. -I want to see who you voted for. -We got five seconds. Five seconds.

-I'm skipping. -Four, three, two. -Who did you guys vote for?

-[ Gasps ] -Oh! [ Laughter ] -I voted for you as a joke. That was a joke. [ All talking at once ] -I thought you voted for me. -Betrayal. -No one's judging for my murder! -Yeah. -Why am I stuck? -Oh, I'm stuck.

-Oh, we're stuck. -Open the settings and then... -Yeah, we have to open the settings.

Open your settings and move. -Oh, okay. -Yes. Sorry. It was totally, totally part of this. -Okay, I'm moving. -Wait. Kirk, Noah, Sykkuno, open your settings -I'm stuck. -You should be able to move.

-Okay. -Oh, pizza on the table. -Okay, cool.

-Alright. Alright, alright, we're good. We're good. We're free. -Wait. Gaten, where are you? -I don't want to be in here. -Jimmy, even though you're a ghost, you can do your task. -So I'm not the killer.

-You can still help out. -Man, Jimmy's a ghost. -Yeah, Jimmy died first round.

-Yeah, wasn't he the one who died? -I was never here. -Where you escaping to? -I'm sorry. -I was always a ghost. -Oh, it's one of those. Oh, shoot. Gaten, I'm watching you. Don't worry.

-Thank you, buddy. I appreciate it. -I'm protecting you.

-Thank you. -It's not Corpse, I feel like. -Well, I'll protect you if you protect me. -It's not Corpse. -I'm gonna go. -Oh, my God. I didn't see anything. Don't kill me! [ Laughter ] -It's like, "Who?" -No!

-Someone in there shouldn't be doing something. -Where, where, where? -No.

You're making me nervous. Oh, my goodness. -It's fun to be a ghost. Kirk knows what I'm talking about. You know what I'm talking about! -Protect me. -What's wrong with you? -I saw. I saw everything.

I saw everything. -What? -I got it.

I got it. I got it. -Weird. -I did it. -Kirk. -No. -Kirk. -Oh, my God. -Kirk.

[ All talking at once ] -Kirk. -What did I just do? -You murdered.

-Guys, get my body. [ Laughter ] -Can I vote? -What did I just do? -You can't vote. You're dead. -Victoria, did you see anything? -You were near the body. -Wait, did you guys watch me die? -Wait.

Jimmy's dead? -Who'd I kill? -He died two rounds ago.

-How did Jimmy die so soon? -[ Laughing ] How did Jimmy die? -You didn't even come to my funeral. Quest, I can't believe I'm watching this. -I think that's me over there. -Who are you guys voting for? -I think I have an idea. Can I, like, make my case? -Yeah, yeah.

-Yeah, make your case. -I was with Noah the whole time. And then I went to...

-What? I did -- -Well, I was with Noah the whole time. I went in the comms room to fix what was being sabotaged. And the minute I did that, he was gone and the only person I saw in the storage room with us was Sykkuno. -[ Gasps ] -What? -I'm not ratting on anybody. [ All talking at once ] -The whole point is to rat on people. -Oh, it is? -The whole point is to rat on people.

-I don't know, man. Snitches get stitches. -It's on you, Sykkuno, is it?

-I saw who it was, but I don't want to... -He said -- He was saying, "Oh, Jesus." -Oh, he said, "Oh, Jesus." [ All talking at once ] -Wait, who are we voting for? -I voted. -Alright, snitch, Sykkuno. Who is it? -10 seconds. 10 seconds. -It's purple. -Quest!

-Five seconds. -Oh, my God. They totally got me here.

-Wait. Is this people voting for me? -Yes. -Yes. -You voted for yourself. -Vote for himself. -Wait! It was Questlove! -He voted for himself.

-One imposter left. One imposter left. -One imposter left.

One imposter. -Quest, me and you, dude. -I literally don't know what's going on, so... I'm just faking it. -Quest, you can still do your tasks, so... -Wait. Am I a ghost? -Yes. -Yeah.

-Yes. I believe you are indeed a ghost. -Come with me.

Come with me. -I need to do my task. -So what do I do? What am I doing? -Oh, God. -Wait. I know who the other killer is. -We got to stick together. -Who does?

-Wait. You know the other killer? -Who knows the other killer?

-Who is it? -Who? -Again, guys. -I can't say. -Wait. -Help me. -Task completed. -We're all innocent, right? -We're innocent.

We're innocent. -That's the vibe I'm getting. -I get it.

-Wait. You guys have done no tasks. -Wait, that's a task. -I just totally -- -Yeah, who's not doing their task? -What's a task? -What's a task? Quest. -I've been walking around. -Okay, okay.

If you're a crewmate, if you're a crewmate... -Oh, my gosh. will have some things on the top left that tell you what you need to do.

-I'm playing "Asteroids" right now, and it's really fun. -That's good, too. -Sounds believable. -Are you -- are you -- -Sounds believable. -Jimmy, you're in the weapon room right now? -Yeah, I'm definitely in the weapon room, ghosting. -I'm gonna pay you a visit. -Alright. Corpse, come say hi to me.

-Alright, well, I'll come say hi. -The vision is insane. -Yeah, I can see everything.

-Go downward. -What's up, bud? -I don't know what I'm doing. -Oh, God. Wait, what do you mean, "what's up"? You can see me? -I'm just gonna watch Corpse for a little bit. I want to see what he does. -Hey, Jimmy, I can't find you.

Oh, Jimmy's dead. -Gaten, is it you? -Oh, my Corpse!

My soap boxes! Aah! [ All talking at once ] -Now I can see you, Jimmy. [ All talking at once ] -It was in -- It was in storage. -He was just alive. -Wait, it was in storage? -Storage? -Wow. I'm watching everyone act, and it is unbelievable.

Someone in here that is a great actor. Tariq, it's not you. -[ Laughs ] -No, it's def-- It's not me.

It's not me. -It's not you, but someone is acting so well right now. -It's Kirk. It's Kirk. -I know who it is, and it's unbelievable. -It's definitely Gaten. -We have to snitch. -I don't think none of The Roots are acting. -Okay, wait, no.

Didn't you call the meeting? -I can't even try to act. I've been dead the whole time.

-I reported Corpse's body in the storage room. And I came back from -- From there... -I want to look at comments. -He was in navigation with me. -There's comments? I want to see them. -I'm seeing a lot of Bob Ross heads. -Chats and e-mail only right now. -How do you go to the chat?

-I'm looking at the chat, dude, and it is -- -I don't think it's yellow, green, red. -Is it? -I see a lot of heads.

-It's on me. -Oh, okay. -We're getting no information. Victoria, who is it? -I don't know. -Why is the chat just emojis? -It's because they're in emote-only mode. -Corpse, I can't believe I'm the one that got you killed basically. -Wait, Corpse is dead?

-Why don't you let them say words? -They're not paying attention to this game. -She was trying to be cool.

-Corpse, you can't talk in that voice no more, man. You're dead. -[ Deep voice ] I'm sorry. I'll use the other voice. -Oh, my God. -Once he dies, he's like, [high voice] "Hi, guys." -[ As Bullwinkle ] Hey, Rocky! -I'm voting Kirk, too. -You think it's Kirk? -Kirk.

It's Kirk. -You voted Kirk. -I don't know.

-It has to be Kirk. -Oh, geez. -Got to be. -This is unbelievable. What I'm seeing here is unbelievable. This is probably one of the best games ever played. -No! -Yes, that's right! -I'm not that good an actor.

-Sorry, Kirk. -Wait, wait. -Wait.

I'm still playing? -I'll be honest. I just gave in to pressure. Everyone said Kirk. -Tell me what to do. Like somebody. -You go to the task, Quest, and you press "A." -I'm trying to eat this pizza. -Remember, you're supposed to do your task. [ All talking at once ] -I don't think that's part of the task.

-You're not -- you're not gonna do anything here, right? -You're separate. -We're a group now.

-What? -I don't even know what to do. -Splitting up -- that's what you're not supposed to do in horror movies. -No, we got to split up so the killer has a chance to kill us. -Okay, yeah. Let's all... Who's following me? Questlove keeps following me. -Weird.

-I'm not following you. [ All talking at once ] -I'm in outer space right now. -Oh, my gosh.

-Come back. -Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. -Oh, my gosh. -Jimmy, where are you? We can finally be together. -Wait, wait. That makes me want to call an emergency meeting right now. -I'm calling HR on the Corpse.

-What? -What? -You're scaring me.

-He wants to hang, man. Wait. There's gonna be a meltdown real soon. -In an hour. -They got it? -Guys, I have an idea. What if when you die, you mute? -I was in the room with Valkyr-- with Rae and. -Yeah, yeah.

-...and Victoria and Sykkuno was there, but Tariq wasn't there. -Mm. -So now we're back in?

-Dig that. -No, no, no. -Corpse, here we are together, dude. And Quest. -Should I use it? -We're three ghosts. -I'm gonna use it. -Do it. -Oh.

Oh. -Uh... -I call this emergency meeting for the purpose of I'm making an accusation.

The rest of us already was in one little section, Tariq was not. and the stuff was sabotaged. So... -You know what? That's good enough for me. I believe you. -Good enough for me. -You caught him. -Can the imposter be dead?

-You are. -Who? -Oh, I thought Questlove said -- Yeah, the imposter can be dead.

-He's been dead. -He's been dead. -Why am I still playing if I'm dead? -What? -[ Gasps ] -That's not how you lose. -Wait, that's... [ All talking at once ] -It's Victoria, isn't it? -No! -I'm now a ghost.

-It's Victoria. It's so Victoria. -It's Victoria.

-It's Victoria. -Wait, can you call -- Wait, can you sabotage while you're in the room with people? -Yeah. -Sorry? -Then that was a completely illegitimate accusation. -Okay, I didn't hear what you said. -Sorry. I'm calling Orson. -That was a good Norm Macdonald impression.

[ Laughs ] -Right. It's got to be Victoria. Right?

-Can we just vote? -No! Why?! -Where do all the ghosts -- Where do all the cool ghosts hang out? -Wait. So, yeah. -Let's just do it. -Let's just do it. -Emergency meeting?

-No. -Yeah. We're just -- -Wait, wait, wait.

-Any last words, Victoria? -Are we going Victoria? -Fine, I was gonna try and kill one of you before you called an emergency meeting. -You think it's Victoria? -Wow. -It was a confession. [ All talking at once ] I just couldn't do it anymore. -Your acting is so good, Victoria. It's insane.

-Oh, I'm so anxious. -Dude. -You didn't kill Jimmy first, did you?

-Trying to be fun and... -Yeah, who killed Jimmy first? -I didn't kill anyone. -Wait. Really? -Oh, my gosh. -That was unbelievable. That was so -- -That was an experience. -Oh, my gosh.

I'm sorry, Jimmy. I'm sorry, Jimmy. You were right there.

-I don't know what I'm doing! -I was messing with you and you're like -- -I do not know what I'm doing. -No, I liked it. I liked it. -I'm being trolled right now. -I'm sorry, Jimmy. You were just -- you were just there and ready to die. -Yes. -I agree.

-Hey, I have an idea. -I saw the chat. -Teach us how to play the game.

-Wait, where is everyone? -Noah, what are you saying? -What, Noah? -I saw in the chat, a lot of people saying, "When you die, you should mute." -Yeah, I agree. -Yeah. It all depends if we want to continue talking and whatnot. -I think that was like a warm-up round anyways. -Yeah. -Also, I guess it's not great for television.

I mean... -That's true. Yeah.

So you're trying to go for television. -I'm the host of the show. Hey, I'm just gonna mute myself. -Yeah, we killed the host of the show first? -You're the host. -We killed the host. -I killed the host first. -I was coming -- Victoria, is that what I was -- -I think we can agree, though, like if you die, you can just, like, keep it down. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-Shut up. -I'll keep it down. -Start with Corpse.

-I'd just like to know how I went wrong. -Is someone not updated? -Should we go Skeld or Airship? -We're going to do Airship. I don't think we can actually change. -Alright, should we play again? -I think so. -Yes. -Yeah.

-Wait. Is everybody here? -Yes, I am.

-Ready? -Well... -Yeah. -One more. -One more. Alright, thank you. -We are missing... -Who's not here? -Corpse, we're in this together, bud.

-Noah's here. -Yes. Absolutely, Jimmy.

-Who are we missing? -Yeah, if we want to switch maps, we'll probably have to switch out. -Quest? -I'm right here. -Someone's not updated. -There he is. -Tariq! -Hey. -All in?

-Yeah. -Here we go. -Wait, we're doing it -- we're doing it now?

-Yeah. -Oh, okay. We'll do the Skeld again. Why not? Do the Airship after. -Skeld. -Alright. So this is Skeld. This is...

-The same map. -Same map. Same map.

Gotcha. Oh, gosh, you get to change the map. This is insane. Alright. I'm gonna play much better. -Oh, you're gonna -- There's gonna be a time when we switch. -Don't worry, Jimmy. -Don't worry, Jimmy. We got you.

-These guys bothering you, Jimmy? -Yeah. -Why did you stand on a vent?

Why did you stand on a vent? -I didn't stand on a vent. Stop following me, man. -Why -- why are -- -Get away from me. Everybody get away from me. What's going on?! Let me be! Oh, my God! No!

-Okay. -No! No!

Oh, my gosh. Don't kill me, please. Please! -Jimmy's the imposter. -I think Jimmy's real nervous. -Jimmy's definitely the imposter. -Let me play! Please! No!

-He's giving it away. -I'm not giving anything away. Kirk, why are you not moving at all?

-I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm moving. -Stop following me. Everyone, stop it. -That's your name, Jimmy. -We just want to make sure you don't die. -No problem. Good task, everybody. -You're all making Jimmy super nervous. [ All talking at once ] -What task is that one?

-What are you doing? -Corpse, don't say, "What are you doing"? What does that mean?

-Corpse, let's -- -Watch this. Watch out! -Oh, no! -Who's dead. -Someone killed Rae. -[ Gasps ] Someone killed Rae. -Not Rae. -Rae? -I was with Jimmy and Corpse.

-Sykkuno and Jimmy were with -- were with Rae. -It was Gaten. -It wasn't me.

I was with Gaten. -I was in storage. -Yeah, me and Gaten were together, so it can't be us. -I went up to the cafeteria from there. -Hmm. I think it's -- -I was filling up with gas. -I'm gonna say it's a Tariq. -It definitely wasn't me. -Wait, why?

Why did you vote first, though? -Just because I saw Gaten, like, hanging out real random like he was trying to prank somebody. -I feel like I saw Tariq walking.

-I think it's Kirk. -I think it's Tariq, man. He voted first. -Tariq's the quietest. -He came on so quickly. -Yeah, exactly. [ All talking at once ] -I'll succumb to peer pressure. Why not? I'll succumb to peer pressure.

-Oh, my goodness. [ All talking at once ] -Tariq, is it true? -I didn't think they were actually going for me.

-No. -Ha ha. -Sorry, everybody. Sorry. -He was innocent. -Cool. Cool. Y'all did me dirty. -Do your tasks.

-Go to settings, Kirk. -Corpse, we got to stick together. We're in danger.

-We're like the last... -Victoria. -Once you're a ghost, you can, like, go through walls and all that. -Victoria, you got me last time. -Let's just stand right here. -It's true, but this time I will not because I'm not an impostor. Don't even worry about it. -Is anybody gonna give me any props for doing tasks? -Good job!

-I did plenty of tasks. They did me no good. -What you're supposed to do.

-Oh. I thought you were supposed to die. Kirk, what are you doing on that vent?! Oh, Kirk, no! Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh! Did I just mess up? -I get the feeling that it might be Kirk. -Oh, my gosh.

Emergency meeting. -It's Kirk. -I'm telling you, man.

It's Kirk. -Oh, God. It's -- -It's Kirk. -Absolutely. Kirk all the way, dude. -Wait, why? -Flipped down the wall. -It was Kirk. -I forgot how this thing works.

-It sounds like it's Kirk. -Sounds like it might be Jimmy. -No, man, I never saw anyone go down the vent.

-Peer pressure, so I'll go with... -I'm thinking it might be Jimmy, right. -I voted for Kirk. -I'm starting to think it's Jimmy, too, actually. -Yeah, that's the point, Gaten. -Mine's not voting. -No, Gaten, you should say that. -Did I vote? Oh, I voted.

-You already voted, Jimmy. -Sorry. -No, Gaten, you should say that.

-Yo, look at this. Look at this. Watch this. Watch this. -Oh, my... -Look at this. What a different game we play. What a different game. What?!

-He was one. -Kirk. -Come on now.

-Good call. -Who you gonna trust, your buddy Jimmy? -Alright, this means Jimmy's innocent, right? Unless he still has a partner. -Yes, unless he was so good. -Wait. How many are left? -Dude, come in a room with me. Victoria, come in a room with me.

I'll show you if I'm innocent. -Sure. -There's no way he threw his partner under the bus.

-How are you showing me that you're innocent? -Well, Corpse has to leave the room, just give us some private time. -All I'm saying is if something happens, I didn't see anything. -There's only four people left. -Corpse. -What? -Alright. -There you go. -I'm scared.

I feel like you're gonna murder me now. -I can't. No, 'cause -- No.

Sykkuno's watching. Wait! Sykkuno's in the other room watching! Sykkuno's the other imposter! -I was watching... [ All talking at once ] -Hold on. I'm chasing Sykkuno right now. He is such a -- Look out! Ah!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

My goodness! Get away from me! Oh, my God. Get away! Somebody help me! Somebody help me! Sykkuno, go down the vent! He's not an imposer. Maybe he is.

Oh, no! He snuck in here! Help me!

Oh, my God! [ All talking at once ] -Victoria's gonna kill me. Kill me. -Get him away from me. -I know exactly who did it. I'm following the person who just murdered me. -Wait, who is it? -You are? -Oh, no.

-Let's stick together. -I'm doing tasks. -Guys, we have to stick together.

-Where's Jimmy? -Where is Jimmy? Let's all look for Jimmy. -A secret location. -You were just with him, right? -Wait, where did he go? He was just here. -Over by the door! -Why is it locked?

[ All talking at once ] -Am I dead or I'm in the vent, playing around, waiting for you guys? -Oh, my God. -Wait.

-Jimmy just vented. -Who's not doing their tasks? -Wait. Jimmy just vented? -Jimmy just vented. -Jimmy just vented? -Jimmy just vented. -Jimmy just vented. -Is Jimmy the other one?

-Jimmy vented. -Vote him off. Vote him off.

Wait, what? We just saw Jimmy vent, right, Corpse? -You guys, I'm dead. -It's obviously Jimmy. -Two people dead... -I got killed and nobody saw me. -...and Jimmy vented. -Well, Jimmy, what do you have to say for yourself? -I thought everyone can vent.

[ Laughter ] -What? -Wait. -Not everyone can vent.

Only the imposters can vent. -Jimmy, you just gave yourself away. -You just gave yourself away. -No, no. He didn't... -Wait. Does that mean you sold out your fellow imposter? Did you sell out Kirk? -Look, look.

Now that we've all voted, look, look, Jimmy... [ All talking at once ] -Corpse, do you have something to say? -Jimmy didn't actually vent.

-Did Jimmy not actually vent? -What? -Corpse, why did you vote for him then? -It's Corpse? -[ Gasps ] It wasn't Jimmy! -It's Corpse. -I told you. -It's definitely Corpse. -Oh, is it Corpse?

-It's not Corpse. -This is pure chaos. -I know.

-I'm scared. -My God. -Guys, I'm so scared. Don't leave me alone. -Is there only four of us? -It's funny that you're ghosts, yeah. -I'm scared. -Guys, stick together. -That was totally fun.

-Is it? I think -- -I'm rocking these tasks. -I'm scared.

-Stick together. -I'm extremely innocent. -Hey. -Look at how innocent I am. Would a guilty person do this? -Would a guilty person... -Would a guilty person do this? -Sykkuno did it. -You're doing the same thing as I am.

-Wait. Is it just us four? -Yeah.

-Is it just us four? -There's four left, yeah. -It's just us four. -So it's one of us. -It's definitely one of us. -I want to see how this plays out. -Someone call a meeting. -I know. Where is everybody?

-We have no idea. We have no evidence. We have to wait.

-We don't. -I'll call the meeting. -Or we could just vote someone right now. -We should just vote. -I want to keep doing my tasks or does anyone care? -Yeah, do your tasks as a ghost. -Let's just randomly -- I feel like we should randomly just guess. -Yeah. -I feel like Corpse is sus.

I feel like Corpse is sus. -It's not Corpse. -It's not me.

So that narrows it down. -I know who it is. -Sykkuno, who is it? -It's not me. -Noah. -Wait, wait. -Sykkuno. -All of us said it's not us. -Let me take a good look at you guys.

-Okay, it's not me. -Sykkuno's real quiet right now. -It's Sykkuno.

-Sykkuno. -It's absolutely Sykkuno. -For sure. Because he's too quiet. -It's definitely not me. -Why are you covering your face? -He's covering his face all the time. -No, no, no, no. -It's Sykkuno.

-I'm covering my face, too. [ All talking at once ] -Noah, who did you vote for? -I saw you murder me, Sykkuno.

-What? -I saw you murder me. -You saw it wrong. You must have seen it wrong. I'm innocent. -I know who it is. -Yeah. No. -Okay, well, I voted.

-I know who it is because -- -You look to the left. -You do? Alright.

Corpse, you know who it is, right? -Yeah, yeah. -Vote for him, Corpse. -Sykkuno -- -[ Gasps ] -[ Gasps ] -It's a tie. [ All talking at once ] -It's Sykkuno. -Are you kidding me? -No one's -- It's a tie. No one's gonna get -- -It's a tie. Someone else has to call an emergency meeting.

-The killer has to kill. -Someone has to kill. -Follow Sykkuno.

-I do. Okay. -Don't follow me. Don't follow me. -I'm right on you. -You're gonna be extremely bored if you follow me because I'm innocent. -I got an idea. [ All talking at once ] -I mean, technically we should call -- Fine. -I'm gonna leave the room.

Whatever happens... -It's like 199 or something. -Wait, what?

-Why do trying to dug us? -Wait, why do you split up? -Victoria, go ahead and fix it. I'll just chill over here. -I'm just doing tasks. -No one else is doing the reactor. -Don't worry about it. [ All talking at once ] That's what it is. -Don't worry about the MedBay!

Don't worry about the MedBay! [ All talking at once ] -He was chasing me. He was gonna kill me.

-I told you. -Noah, are you joking me? Who was it? -Oh, my... -I told you! [ All talking at once ] -Thanks a lot, Jimmy. -Good job, Noah. -Noah, good job. That was the real deal.

-That was very good. -That was fantastic. -Clutch.

-Very good. -They played it very well. [ All talking at once ] What are we on? -New map. -New map? -Yeah, we should do the new map. -What do you think? New map. -Yeah, let's do it.

-Alright. We're live again. We're on a new map.

We're doing Airship is the map. And I just want to thank everyone again for being with us. And again, if you can donate to Feeding America, please. There's a lot of food pantries out there that need help. A lot of families out there need help. Anything you can give would be awesome. Such a -- I'm already looking. There's so many people watching this. It's -- it's wild.

If everyone just gave a dollar, we could -- we could -- we could change -- change the world right now. So thank you so much. And thanks also to the streamers.

I just want to say thank you so much for what you do, because I know about Twitch. I never jumped into it 'cause I could never devote enough of my time and do such a good job like you guys do. You guys are pros, and I just want to thank you. It's awesome to watch. -Yeah. Thank you, guys. -What you do -- what you do is unbelievable. And I honestly, I'm a big fan and so, yeah. So thanks for letting us play around you guys.

I appreciate it. -Oh, no, I'm glad to play with you. -Thanks for inviting us.

[ All talking at once ] -Do you think that that's gonna prevent them from still killing you? -I see what's happening here. He's trying to butter us up. -Go after Jimmy right now. -No, no. -Buttering us up. -I love all the heart emojis. -I changed my name. It's not Jimmy anymore.

-Yeah, okay. -There's so many hearts. -I love it.

-I'm under -- I'm planning under Sykkuno's name in this game. -Why can't they talk? -Okay. Are we ready? Can we start? -Alright, let's go. Let's go. -Let's do it. -This is a different map.

This map is way bigger. -Yeah, this is a bigger map. -Oh, no.

-There's gonna be a little bit more chaos. -And new tasks. -And new tasks. -Come on, shush. Tell me what's up. Give me the shush. -Oh, God. No! Oh!

No! -Wait, what is this? Why is there three things?

-So you get to pick where you spawn on this map. -You get to pick where you basically spawn. -That's pretty cool. -My screen's blank. -It takes a while sometimes. -Your screen's blank? [ All talking at once ] -Jimmy, don't. -Oh, my God. -I would never.

-What is this maps? -We've got to hide somewhere to stay alive. -You can hit the...

-I know a secret spot. -...the button on the -- on the left of your controller. -And no one ever goes here. -Over here. You can check out the map. -What's this secret spot? -Wait. I want to know the secret spot. -No, you can't tell Rae.

It's too secret. -What the -- -I want to make sure -- I want to make sure Tariq's okay, though. -Oh, okay.

-Oh, snap. -Oh, Jimmy, he found our spot. -Oh, you're in the secret spot. I found it! -[ Laughing ] I mean... -Oh! -What?! -Damn. -Oh, no.

-Ready? -No! -10 seconds.

-The last thing I heard was, "Oh, it's Jimmy. He found our secret spot," and then Sykkuno's dead. -I found it. -I'm actually stumped. -Really? -Okay, well, you found it, Jimmy? -No, I forget who did it. -Wait. What?

-I'm trying to look at all the colors. -Oh! -It might be Noah again.

-Okay. Let's not put the blame on me. -Wait, wait, Corpse. -Wait, wait, Tariq voted first again. It might have been Tariq or Noah. -No. What? -It might have been. [ All talking at once ] He killed and split the scene.

-I was with Sykkuno in our secret spot. -Meep. -And -- Oh, God.

-And now Sykkuno's dead. That's why I'm voting for Corpse. [ Laughter ] -Oh, gosh. -You wish. -You have to rat him out. -You wish. -Who is it? -No, it's Jimmy. -Don't do it.

-Oh, no. -I'm awful. Do I press "X" to kill someone?

[ Laughter ] -Jimmy needs more practice. -I know. Oh. -Uh-oh, Jimmy. -You guys actually voted him off. -Oh, Jimmy. -Jimmy is a target. -You can say hi. -Oh, Jimmy.

-Jimmy was the imposter? Who would have ever known? -I know.

-Oh, my God. -Shocked. -I was trying to play the opposite by saying that I definitely did it. I can be sneaky. [ All talking at once ] I can be sneakier. -What's up, bud? Oh, hey. What's up, dude? Respect.

-Fancy seeing you here. -Is someone impressed by the washroom stalls? Sorry.

I just... -Yeah. -Yeah? Oh, thank you. -I think you're an impostor. -No, Victoria's coming to kill you. -You know what you should do? You should follow your partner to see who your partner kills. -Are you luring them, Victoria?

-Yes, she is. She just wants us to go in the stall. -No, I'm just -- I'm just -- -I'm just saying Victoria is the one who took me out first.

-You shouldn't say your partner's name out loud or else everyone's gonna know... -I'm not following. I just want to be safe. -But if you're a ghost, they can't tell if you're following them, right? -Right. You do it. -No, no. You do it. -If you're a ghost, they can't see.

-You do it. -Oh, I can't do this. -You know I'm bad with card swipes.

Okay, okay, I can do card swipes. -You got it. -Why is this place so big? No. -Massive. -Well, it's absolutely massive. -It's bigger than the other one. -Hey, Tariq, how you doing? -So it can support more players.

-This is unbelievable, dude. This is so fun to watch. -[ Gasps ] -You don't even know who I'm following.

But, man, oh, man, when you see -- -More players? -This is just fantastic. -Alright. -I'm just glad you're enjoying. -Where is everyone? -Why is this map so big? -Okay, Kirk is totally innocent. -Is everyone just in rec -- Everyone's in rec-- Oh, no. Okay.

I see. -I don't know how to get in. Oh, get away from me.

[ All talking at once ] Get away. Get away. -Noah. -The rest of us are going kill you. -Get away! -Noah. Watch out, bud. -You don't know what's happening. -Noah, we're gonna get ya.

We're gonna kill you. -The rest of us are gonna kill you. -Wait.

Are you just hiding out? -How can they both kill you? There's only one imposter. -Wait. Quest, you can't just hide. -Stop following me. -Wanna bet? -Questlove, talk to me, dude. -Hi, Jimmy.

How you doing? -Oh, okay. -Victoria, Victoria.

-Quest, you can't just do that. -Do what? -Victoria. -Stand there. -I'm not sure about you, Noah. I trusted you in the last round and now... -No, it's not me. -Trust no one. -I would have killed you by now.

-And why are you watching me? -I just happened to find you in a secret room. -Why are you snitching?

-I'm not snitching on you, dude. I'm just saying, like, if you play "Call of Duty" and do that... -Okay, I think -- -There's a literal armory here, and we can't use any of the weapons. -That's what I said. -I could have killed you already. -They're peaceful. -I can't believe you guys all voted me out. [ All talking at once ] It's like, "Man, our friends are getting killed off one by one on this ship." -Oh, report, report. Oh, my God.

-Oh, man. I was with Corpse. I was with Corpse.

I don't know. -I thought it was Rae. -I'm just saying -- -I also thought it was Rae. -Yeah. -I had such a strong feeling. [ All talking at once ] -It might be Noah. He was following me. -It's not me. -You watching Tariq?

-Guys, what about Kirk? -I was watching Questlove with an egg on his head. -Okay.

-All I'm saying is... -I think it's Kirk. -Mm-hmm. -Last time Noah refused to admit it was him. -All I'm saying is there's only one of us whose eyes we cannot see. -Oh. -Hmm. -Jimmy, tell us who killed you. -Oh, wow.

-Voting for me. -Look at that. It's a tie.

-Gaten, why are you voting for me? -Because I don't trust you anymore. You got me in the head. -Aww. -I was definitely with Questlove. Did not kill anyone. Did not slash anyone. [ All talking at once ] -Gaten, where are you? -I'm right here.

-Oh, God, Victoria. -Sykkuno, where we off to? Sykkuno, you know who did it, right?

-Oh, I know exactly who it is. [ All talking at once ] -Your partner's name should be Rae. -In it to win it. -In it to win it. Oh, I have a task for you. So, you know... -I'm guarding him. -I got to go to the cockpit now. -I'll follow you there.

-Okay, it's not any of us four. So who's left? -I don't think so.

-Victoria. -There's still many people. -No, it's not me, Victoria, Corpse, or Gaten. -Yes. -I just want to witness this murder. -So who's left? -Do you want to -- You should just follow your partner around, right? -Oh, it's Kirk. It's definitely Kirk.

I thought we voted him out. -No. -Yeah, Kirk's a little too quiet.

-How's it going, dude? -Hey, what's up? -What's up, Kirk? -Why is everybody -- Stop sweating me. -No. I just wanted to be friends. -Why is everybody on me like this? -I just -- We want to be friends, Kirk. -Leave me alone.

-Can someone bring me back to life? -No, I'm sorry. -Get out of here, Corpse!

-You're making me uncomfortable. -Can you get through here? [ All talking at once ] -Whoa, whoa. -It's either Kirk or Quest. -Walk the plank, dude. -Near the vent. -Nah, I'm trying to download some data. -Guys, where's the cafeteria? Where is the button?

-Oh, yeah, I see. -The button? Top of the map.

-It's over here. -Oh, the meeting room? -Yeah, the meeting room. -I see Gaten. -Hi. -Oh, my God. -Victoria, why are you following me? -Do you just want me to press the button? -I don't trust none of you.

-Oh, my gosh. -Get out of here! -This game is getting very cliquish.

-I'll leave! -You're getting very cliquish. -I'm a loner, man. I'm a unicorn. -Somebody better come. -I'm the unicorn in this. -Oh, my God. -Oh, my God. Oh.

-Vote for Kirk, vote for Kirk. Vote for Kirk. -Who's instructing this?

-Corpse, you called it. -I called it. -Who's instructing this? -What about Tariq? -It couldn't be me. -Why did you call it? -Well, I had a Ouija board and it told me to call a meeting. -Guys, what about Tariq? -Oh, my gosh.

-I believe it's Kirk or Questlove. -Okay. I think it's Kirk then.

-It's not Questlove. I was with him. He's just not doing anything. -Okay. -I was doing stuff. -Alright. I'm muting myself. -Wait, you're a ghost. [ Laughter ] -♪ I was walking with my ghost ♪ -Sykkuno said to follow his partner.

And then Jimmy said... -My tag fell out again. -Yo, Corpse is more talkative now than ever.

-I know! -And he's just deflecting, deflecting It is Corpse. -Oh, there is Kirk. -Ooh. -Goodbye! -Kirk, tell us now. -Game over. -Corpse, I thought I killed you ages ago. -Oh, my God.

-Oh! -I knew it! -Oh.

-I said it so long ago. -Now let's see who you really are. -Good job, everyone. -That was great. I actually thought it was Corpse. -Yeah. -I tried to kill you, but I guess I was slow with the button. Oh, well. -Me, Kirk?

-No, I was trying to kill Corpse, but I failed. -I appreciate it. -One more?

-Hey, guys, think you're down for one more? -I would love it. -Yeah. -Yes. -Now that we all got the hang of it. -Say it again. -I love this game. -[ Laughs ] -Oh, really? -$11,000.

-$11,000 raised for Feeding America, by the way, guys. -Yay! [ All cheering ] -Thank you, everyone, in Chat, too, for all the emote love.

-Let's go. -Wait, why can't they talk? -There's no moderators, so they can't control the chat very well with this many people. -Yeah. [ All talking at once ] -Guys, we're gonna do one more round. Again, donate if you can during this round. So far we've raised over 10k, which is so fun and that is amazing. You have no idea how many lives you're gonna save by doing that and change by doing that and what they use to change the future. It's awesome what you just did.

-I think we can hit the goal. -Thank you, Feeding America. This is awesome.

-Yeah. -Alright, here we go. -Let's hit the goal. -Wait, are we missing someone? -Missing one person. -Missing one person. Oh, there we go. -Ah, there he is. -Questlove.

-There I is. [ All talking at once ] -Oh, my God. Alright, here we go.

This one is for real. -The real. -Alright, no more practice. -No practice. -No more practicing. -Alright. No more practicing. -It's on now. -Shh.

-[ Chuckling ] -Give me the tea, give me the tea. -Dude, you know I'm gonna go to the kitchen and say, what's up? -Wait.

-Watch out. -Don't. Jimmy, don't. -You all playing already? -Wait, Kirk, how -- -Yeah, we started. -Aah! -Don't, Jimmy, stop! -Whoa! What in the world?

-Leave me alone. Everyone leave me alone. -Oh, no.

-They were glitching. -Are we glitching? -What are we, the same person? Are we glitching? -Oh, no. I think -- -Why is it so glitchy? -What are you doing out there, Noah? -They're lying. We're not glitching.

This is all part of the person's plan. -Oh, God. -Victoria.

-Hello. -The person's plan. -Stay away from me. And also, if you know me, stay away from the vents. -Oh! Ha! -Come at me! [ Laughter ] Outside, dude. Let's go.

-Yo, I saw my murder. -What? [ All talking at once ] -What is going on?

-Ow! My gosh! You just scared me. -Someone decapitated me. -I have no clue. -Don't you dare, dude. -Oh, man, I'm so gonna... -Not you! Not you!

Not you! What's going on? You all hanging out?

-Can I... -You were all just standing on top of each other. Trust. Trust in the bathroom, dude. [ All talking at once ] [ Laughter ] -Why are we all here? -We're all hanging. -We're hanging out in the bathroom. -Understand that we're a team. -It's gonna be a stack kill.

-Oh, no. -Killer, reveal yourself. -Oh, I know who it is.

-Can you stack kill? -Maybe every person in the stack is innocent then. -Yeah, we should do our tasks. -And I'm gonna haunt you. -Wait. Is that... -You didn't get killed yet. -Start running. -Weird.

-Yeah. -I just want to go and do a little task. -I'm locked in a room.

-I'm gonna haunt you. [ All talking at once ] -I'm not doing it. I can't open the doors. -I don't understand what the task is. -Oh, no, it's the doors. -The doors. -You guys know what I'm talking about? -Oh, no. Why are these doors like this?

-Why you running? -Rae, I'm following you. -Okay, okay.

Please don't kill me. -I know who it is. -Please don't kill me. -You know who it is. -Come with me. -What is happening? -Right here. Right here. This is where...

-Yeah. -Oh, man. -Where is everybody?

Can I pick up any of these weapons? -Oh, my God. -[ Gasps ] -Uh-oh. Found a body. -[ Gasps ] Okay, I'm with Noah. -It's not me! -No, who am I with? Am I with Noah? -Yes, you're with Noah.

-Oh. [ Laughing ] I'm with Noah. We found a body near...

-The murderer is wearing glasses right now. -Tariq's real quiet, don't you guys think? -Yeah, Tariq, why you so quiet? -I'm just chilling. -I know my murderers. -Suspicious. -Usually, you're the first to vote. -Yeah. -Yeah, Tariq.

[ All talking at once ] -Alright. -Alright. -Wait, who you guys voting -- -[ Speaks indistinctly ] -We know who to vote for.

-Victoria, you have a point there. [ All talking at once ] -Tariq's so nice. I can't take you out. I'm just doing Gaten for fun. -I'm thinking [inaudible] -I'm voting Gaten this time. -Nah, don't vote Gaten. -Oh, my God. -Tariq didn't do it. -It worked.

Tariq, it worked. -I know. -I'll feel really bad if it wasn't.

-Everyone believed me, dude. You guys don't understand... -He was innocent. -Wow. -Part of the game. Has that happened to you already? -Yes. -Yeah. -I'm sorry.

-Oh, sorry. -It's cool. -I didn't vote for you.

-It's cool. -Yeah, we didn't vote for you. -I know. I saw that. -Not that it made a huge difference, but... -Yeah. It made... -Yeah, I mean... [ All talking at once ] -I got to take out the trash?

-Rae, is it you? -It's not me, it's not me. -Alright, Rae.

Come with me. Come with me. -Okay, okay. Wait. You're not gonna kill me, are you? -I can't do this. -Hi, all. -I just don't get it. -Keep your eye on Valkyrae.

-Trying to be in the room. What happens? -Keep your eye on Valkyrae.

-What?! I reported the body. -Rae, I don't think you have to worry about any of us. -Someone's gonna die. Someone's gonna die here. -Wait, really? Why do you think that? -What if you see a ladder? What do you do, hope for the best?

-Where are the lights at? -Maybe it's because the lights are getting... -Oh, my God.

-Rae. -Jimmy's running away from the lights. Jimmy's running away from the lights. -Watch out, Kirk. You better watch out. -There's a blanket. What does that mean? I can't be the killer. Oh, no!

Oh, no! -What? -Told you.

-What is happening? What the heck is happening? -Wait, what happened? -I don't know. [ All talking at once ] -Can we be friends? -I thought he almost dies in the beginning. -Jimmy, you're supposed to be dead. -We're all in the bathroom. -Wait, Jimmy's supposed to be dead?

-Is this all of us? -Yes. -Yeah.

-Someone make up for this mistake. -Oh, my God, the killer -- Oh, no, no. Where's Sykkuno? -Yeah, where is Sykkuno? -Suspiciously, not with us. -Valkyrae. -Doing innocent things. -I see Sykkuno. -I'm so innocent.

-You see Sykkuno? Run. -Uhh.

He was in -- Okay. -No, no. I'm extremely innocent. You have nothing to worry about from me. -Just keep pigs in a blanket. -Oh, hello. -What am I gonna do with all these pillows and stuff? -You can take a nap. -Run!

-Take a nap. -Flap 'em! -No!

Stop following me! Oh, my God, it's Sykkuno! -No. -No, it's not me. It's not me. -No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no! -If it was me -- -Chill out. -A dead body.

-It's Kirk. No, it's not Kirk. -Kirk's dead.

Kirk's dead. -Valkyrae's the murderer. -They killed him. -What do you mean? -It's not. It's not Rae. -It's not me. -Collectively. Rae is the murderer.

-Oh, I think I know who it is. -It's not me. I reported the first body.

-I know who it is. Oh, no. -Wait, Corpse, why did you call it? -I found a body. I didn't call it. -Oh, what? -Yeah. No. Who was behind you?

-It was Kirk, right? -Yeah. -I'm gonna say it's Victoria, despite seeing her other acting moves.

-I trust Jimmy. I was with him, like, the whole time. -No, no, he's completely innocent. -I think Victoria. I think Sykkuno. -Rae's the murderer. -Wait, wait, I was with Jimmy the whole time. I was with Jimmy the whole time. He can tell you.

-Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae. -I see Victoria. -Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae.

[ All talking at once ] -You guys are supposed to be dead! -Look at her face. -I didn't say anything. -Ghosts are just chanting, "Rae, Rae, Rae." -I have a feeling that it might be Rae. -I didn't like the violent way you... -[ Speaks indistinctly ] -I'm gonna keep yelling, "Rae, Rae, Rae." That's the whole thing of the game. -I voted. -Who's yelling? -I think Victoria.

-Wait, was it Rae? -Why me? -Yes, yes.

-Jimmy, you're just salty. -My God, you guys vote for -- -What is happening? -Sykkuno?! Are you joking?! -He's suspicious. -He's not suspicious. He's not suspicious. He's not suspicious. Alright, two imposters remain.

-It might be Jimmy again. -[ Speaks indistinctly ] -No, Jimmy. Jimmy, you were just accusing me for no reason.

-He was. -I've seen your acting and sometimes you like -- You look around the room like... -Guys, I think it's Rae. [ All talking at once ] -Listen. It's not Rae. -I'm not gonna stand and hide. -10 people said it was Rae. -It's not. Listen, they're trolling.

-Rae, I can see it in your glasses reflection. [ Laughter ] -I just saw Rae vent. I just saw Rae vent.

-[ Laughing ] [ All talking at once ] -We're all just hanging here. -Where are you going? Where are you going? -This is the longest I've -- -Push the button. -Where you going? -I'm gonna push the button. -Anyone trying to do any of the tasks? -No. No one.

Noah, come here. Come to this deep, dark corner. [ Laughs ] -Oh, my God.

-It was Rae. -I told you! -I've got three of the ghosts chanting, "Rae, Rae, Rae." -Everyone was right. -[ Laughing ] -It's true. Jimmy did call me out. -Oh, my gosh. -Like, Rae took a knife and decapitated my head off violently. -And then laughed at it. -Right.

-Rae brought me to a corner and killed me. -I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

-I only killed one person. Rae, thank you for carrying that. I only killed one person. -You didn't kill anyone? -You know, I killed -- I killed -- Who did I kill? I killed one person. -Jimmy, what is the charity at? -Did you kill Kirk, Victoria? -We're almost hitting the charity goal.

-Jimmy, Jimmy, what is the charity at? -What is the charity goal? -The charity is Feeding America.

-No, but I mean, like, what is it? -There's a goal. It's $25,000. -Oh, what is the goal? It's endless. -It's endless, but on the screen, it says $25,000. -Oh, $25,000 is the goal, by the way. -What are we at right now? -We're at $17,500, and I'm just going to announce right now that I'm gonna take care of the rest of it so we can make our goal.

We have $25,000. -Aw, Jimmy. -That's cool.

-Thank you guys so much for doing this. -Thank you. -Thank you for having us on. -Awesome. Again, my thanks to Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, Victoria Tran, Tariq Trotter, Questlove, Kirk Douglas, huge shout-out to our streamers -- Valkyrae. Rae! -Murderer! -Oh, my gosh. -She never killed me.

I'll trust you forever. And Corpse Husband... -Thank you.

-...who was my pal the whole time, even though I don't even know if you ever were an imposter. -He had my back. -No, I wasn't. -He had my back a lot. -You guys are the pros here and thank you for being patient with us brand-news, or newbs, and showing us the ropes. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you all and thank you all for watching. And to everybody who donated to Feeding America, we appreciate it. We're gonna make a highlight reel of us playing tonight, and we're gonna show it on "The Tonight Show" next week.

So be sure to check that out. -Oh, my gosh. -Great.

-I forgot to tell you guys that? -Small details. -The game sweat is gonna be funny. That's gonna be really funny. -Sorry about that. Good night, everybody. -It's okay. It's okay. It'll just be all yelling.

All you'll hear is yelling. -Good night, all. -Victoria, thank you.

-Thank you. -I miss you guys. That was fun, man. -Bye. -See ya. -Later, skaters.