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1. Kill The Ice Age Baby:

A Game by kypello.

Start at: 00:06

this game is just one giant shitpost. (said the dev)

2. The Internet Is Bad:

A Game by Aims (Aimee Zhang and Lori Fu)

Start at: 13:57

Created in under two weeks, the internet is bad is an art game about meme culture and the rapid expansion of technology. Enjoy good vibes, art, and memes.

Music: "Wiild" by Chahine, "i miss having sleep overs" by a l e x


A Game by CahGames.

Start at: 20:19

Inspired by the monkeys that create those annoying scam ads.

What is Winzorz_exp?

Winzorz_exp is a free OS pretty useless because it has a zorzware included in the installation, but it has also a super efficient antivirus so it's probably worth it.

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This is No Commentary Gameplay.

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Discord: WesttlE#5711

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3 MEMES Games | 3 Indie Games #36 - download from YouTube for free

3 MEMES Games | 3 Indie Games #36 - download from YouTube for free