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The office jedi return for another Nerf Star Wars battle!

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An office Nerf War gets kicked into hyperdrive as Nerf guns, lightsabers, and now beskar spears clash in this epic battle of office Jedi, nerf herders, and the Mandalorian bounty hunter!


Kevin Le as Kevin the Jedi (

Dina Cataldi as Dina the Jedi (

Bruce Inaba as the Mandalorian Custodian (stunt actor) - (

Alex Walker Smith as the Mandalorian (voice actor) - (

Michael Adams Davis as the Boss

Kelly Sparrman as Kelly (

Directed by Michael Schroeder

Written by Michael Schroeder and Michael Adams Davis

Produced by Brian Fisher and David Odom

Director of Photography - Michael Schmidt (

Editing/Sound Design by Michael Felker

VFX by Richard Cabrera of Romthirty VFX -

Music Produced and Arranged by Alex Walker Smith (http://AlexWalkerSmith.Com)

Fight Coordinator - Bryan Cartago (

Grip/Gaffer - Will Greenberg

Sound Mixer - Karl Soelter

Steadicam Operator - Phillip Greenbaum

Makeup - Isabella Gerbino

Mandalorian and Jedi Dina costume - Michelle D'Antonio

Mandalorian Spear and Custodian costume - Jamie Frost

ALSO STARRING: (The Nerf Herders)

Brian Fisher

David Odom

TJ Smith (

Jude Lanston (

Justin Chesney (

Areany Tolentino (

Soren McVay (

Sarah Rodriguez (

Meghan Murphy (http://www/

Josh Salisbury (http://www/

Zach Bachand

Isabella Gerbino

Bryan Cartago

Special Thanks to Ryan O’Toole and Max Dionne of Fandom

A Warp Media LLC Production 2021

- The Warp Zone -

Michael Adams Davis (

Brian Fisher (

David Odom (

Michael Schroeder (

Ryan Tellez (

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Nerf Star Wars 3: Office Jedi vs The Mandalorian - download from YouTube for free

Nerf Star Wars 3: Office Jedi vs The Mandalorian - download from YouTube for free