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Today, we're seeing if we can write better than Artificial Intelligence. GMM #1887

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Can We Outsmart A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)? - download from YouTube for free

Can We Outsmart A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)? - download from YouTube for free

- Can we write better than a bot? - Let's talk about that. (upbeat music) Good mythical morning. - On today's show, Link and Rhett answer viewer questions about color changing animals, invisible walls, and all the terrible, terrible things that language comes up with. Go to the Ear Biscuits store, watch the Rhett and Link playlist, and don't miss an episode of "Good Mythical Morning" on HTTP://YouTube. (chuckles) - It's time for-- - Wait, nope, that intro wasn't original, I'm sorry to say, it was written entirely by artificial intelligence. - Wow, I could, I couldn't tell. - Yeah, so I'm sorry, we're not gonna be answering any questions about color changing animals, but we are gonna do, what we are gonna do is see if AI can write better short stories than us, because there are websites like, which employ AI software to literally write a story for you.

And I don't know if this-- - The future, y'all. - I don't know if this AI is also emotionally intelligent, but we're gonna find out because we're definitely gonna make fun of it when it writes something really stupid. It's time for We're Writing Stories with AI on Today's Show. If the software writes better than us, we should pack our things and go. - All right, yeah. We're gonna see where the AI takes us.

Hopefully it's not to leave, but before we jump in and start writing with a bot, we did a little (beeping) research to see exactly how the software works. So we just want to share with you what we've learned. Artificial intelligence writing assistants use machine learning to help creators through the writing process, if they choose to use them.

By the end of this, I want to revisit that. If as creative writers, if this is something we'd actually want to do. - Okay, got it. - This technology contains NLP, which is natural language processing, which is able to analyze the text and provide related content and recommendations. And it also is trained to follow statistical patterns in language like basic structures of tone and grammar. - Was that written by AI? - No, that was written by me. - Oh, okay. (beeping) - Well, before an AI writing algorithm can write something, it must somehow understand the topic it's gonna write.

So there's no conscious learning within the software, but the algorithm is designed to seek out, digest, analyze, and reprocess information from other sources in order to write something that makes sense. But, and this is a big old but, according to the 2020 USC Annenberg relevance report, which is my personal favorite relevance report, all things being relative, they state, "even though these systems can seemingly write a convincing story, they still lag behind human creativity when it comes to radical and original thinking. That's because artificial neural networks and machine learning rely on vast amounts of data to identify patterns within them, but they can't predict when these patterns will change, a crucial, crucial component of creative thinking." - You don't even know how to read the word.

- Crucial, crucial. - Crucial. Basically, what we're, what we're seeing is that all those cliffhangers or surprise twists are something that thank God only we humans can provide. - Right. - Or is that true? Today, we're gonna figure that out. - Okay, so there's a bunch of AI writing systems out there, but today we're using Shortly Read. - Not a sponsor. - Okay, so we're each gonna write some stories in real time and see what happens.

Let's dive in and show you how this works. - Yeah, so I've got the, got the website pulled up. You see right here, it says "give your story a title." I'm gonna give my story just a title.

Look at this story. - [Rhett] Okay, that's good. That's a lot. - And then right here, you can start writing if you want to, like a once upon a time. - A boy. - A boy wrote a story, and then over here on the left says "write about," and you can give it any instructions you want to give, like the boy is 43 years old. - He is a sneakerhead. - He's a sneakerhead. - [Rhett] He's a Dead head.

- [Link] And a Dead head. - And he's also really into Radiohead. - Radiohead fan.

I think that's, that's plenty. But we need to say the famous band. There we go. - Okay, and now just see what happens. - And output length. How much should the AI write at a time? A little, somewhere in between, or a lot. Let's leave it at somewhere in between and just click write for me. And then you just sit back and look smart, like we do on this show.

- All right. Once upon a time, a boy wrote a story. The boy wrote a story when he was 43 years old.

He worked as a security guard at an old folks' home. - Oh, we're bringing old folks, I didn't say bring old folks into this. - Well, 43. But he was still learning how to tell stories, creating many drafts before we actually fully wrote a story. - And then if I wanted to-- - [Rhett] But you're a security guard. - If I wanted to click write for me again, you know, I could have typed something else. - But why do that when it's so good? - Yeah. The story grew by word of mouth.

- [Rhett] Whoa, it's an oral tradition. - Especially by his office colleagues at the old folks home and was eventually published as a book that soon became a highly acclaimed book, making the author a bestselling author in his country. A lot of redundancy here.

Since then, the author frequently speaks at literature conferences. He is also invited to many television programs. - Aw, and he lived happily ever. - Let's just wrap this up. His name was Ted and-- - [Rhett] He died. - He died. Okay. - All right. - And I'm gonna save that for later.

- That's a good one, I'm glad you're saving it. - And let's just dig in with another. - I want to give it just a lot of information.

- The Great Long Hard Night. (laughs) Is that, is that too suggestive? - Yeah. Yeah, let's not do that. - [Rhett] The Great-- - [Link] Just say the great night. - The Great Dark and Stormy Evening. Let's take the edge off a little bit. - Let's say Link from famous show "Good Mythical Morning." - Famous internet web series. - [Link] I think it, maybe it'll know.

- [Rhett] Mythical Morning. - Just say "from Good Mythical Morning." - [Rhett] Rhett. - Yeah, the other dude from the same show.

- The tall one. - Stevie is a supporting character, just say that. That's all it needs. (laughing) - Stevie, how do you feel about that? - [Stevie] Fine. - See? See how supportive she is? - Stevie, the extremely supportive character. - Okay.

Let's let's say there is a-- - Let's have a pack of wolves. - Or a cockroach infestation. Pack of wolves.

- Pack of wolves, cockroach infestation. And then home inspection. Those are exciting. 24-year-old hamburger. - [Stevie] Can you put Taylor Swift in if I'm gonna be in it? - Celebrity Taylor Swift. - [Rhett] Famous singer, country, then pop. - Okay. Okay.

- Taylor Swift. - Let's just go, let's see what happens. - And a swift boat.

- What's something that we want? - [Rhett] A swift boat which holds John Kerry, remember him? And the Swift boat controversy? - Say a lot of people, let's say some people die. - Some people die. - I don't know about the swift boat thing. I'm staying separate from that. I just want this to have death in it. - Some people live, some people are injured.

- Oh, shag carpet. Shag carpet, write that. - There's shag carpet.

- [Stevie] Some will wind up with Taylor Swift. - Wind up. - Well, don't tell, don't tell it what to do because you have to leave the story open-ended. - Somebody hooks up with Taylor. - [Link] It won't work as well. - Somebody hooks up, period. That's it, I ran out, I ran out. - Oh, all right, write for me. - Okay.

There we go. - [Link] Write for us. Come on.

Oh, I'm in my car waiting for the light to turn green so I can continue on with my life. My phone rings. It's my ex, the one who broke my heart. I answer. A cockroach crawls out of the glove compartment and toward me. I scream and jump out of my car. A home inspector appears. - Oh, yes. - You know you're really getting into it.

The home I'm buying is a dump. The home inspector laughs at me. - Oh, write for me, we gotta get some more, that's good stuff.

- You could have actually written something to then kind of direct the story. - Oh, but it, what it's doing is making me happy. - So this story is written in first person and me, you, or Stevie have not been mentioned. - I'll have to move back in with my ex. "You say that like you're joking," I say. A squirrel begins frothing at the mouth. - A squirrel? - Foaming all over the sidewalk. - Dang that squirrel.

- A diner waitress appears and vomits into my car. - Appears, vomits into the car. - I've had enough.

I need to go home. I didn't come Bayonne, New Jersey. What? To be hit with a barrage of horrible things. Where is Bayonne, New Jersey coming from? - But hold on, hold on. What if we type "don't forget about Link." Write for me. - Okay. Hold on.

I mean, they haven't mentioned me either. - Maybe they'll mention you. Don't forget about Link!

He might be up to something. The home inspection inspector disappears. I'm alone again. This is like a dream journal. I see an abandoned car with two dead bodies inside. Yes. Dead people. - Some people died. - I grab the keys, lock and load the gun.

I leave. Now the work starts. - [Rhett] End of story.

- [Stevie] This did not have the elements that I was desiring. - We tried so hard. - Stevie, me and you didn't even make an appearance, and Link only made an appearance because he put himself in there. - Don't forget about Link. He might be up to something. Back to what we were talking about with the home inspector. - Hold on, the only thing that it tapped into was the roaches and the home inspector. I knew that home inspector was a good idea when I came up with it, but I didn't know it was gonna carry the story so much. - What about dinosaurs are stupid?

- [Rhett] Okay. - And then it's, we just have some facts. Dinosaurs are a hoax.

I'll put you in this. Rhett is the only one who knows this. Let's leave it at that. I feel like we gave so much information before, it didn't actually use it. - It didn't know what to do. - Write for me. Here we go. I know that dinosaurs are not real. And I'm the only one who knows that.

- That's me talking. - No one else does. If you ask me, this should be fairly obvious, but people don't think about it.

I'm not sure why that is. Like when you see a T-Rex in a movie, it looks so realistic. And then you see the actor in the suit and it looks so silly. - Because that's how it's done. - Keep going with the story, add a little something. Say my name is, my name is Rhett. - My name is Rhett. I'm the one talking. (laughs) Up until last year, I thought that T-Rexes were played by people in suits, hence the previous part.

- So you're channeling a horrible writer so that it can only get better, I like that. All right. Just leave it there.

Let's say we just write a little bit more, you know? - I told you I spent a lot of time at the hospital. I do, I'm an IV. (laughs) Actually I'm not an IV, I'm an intern. - Oh, what? - I'm not an intern either, I'm a nurse. - [Link] What? Make up your mind! - I'm not a nurse either, I'm a patient.

I'm not a patient either. I guess I'm a nobody. I don't really have a title.

Mostly I just help people. What is happening? What is happening, AI? - The deepest hole I've ever seen. - Okay. - I want that to be in this story, that's all. The deep dark hole lies in the heart of the forest. Every now and then, maybe once or twice a year, someone falls into it, maybe a writer. (laughing) Maybe a person walking by, maybe a child playing nearby.

That's good. I like children falling in holes. But they always fall in.

For a moment, maybe a day, maybe a week, they look around. Then they realize that there's no way out, that the hole goes straight down. - Can we just, let's keep going with the hole. - This is good. The hole goes straight down. - To a little room that I like. (laughs) It has pictures of my aunt. - I'm starting to think that it's writing so horribly because we, it's just trying to, it's trying to write as us. It's learning about us.

- No, not my aunt, my ant. - Back to the room at the end of the hole. Do the hole, and then comma.

- [Rhett] In the room. - And then write for me. - Back to the hole and the room where the deep dark hole is. Then they disappear. Instead of dust or rot, there's only a sound, a black sound. It goes through an open door that I like. See, I picked up on the way we think. I want to go out. I want to see the vastness of the world.

I want to see what it looks like. It feels like something that I should be able to peek at. Maybe I wouldn't have died.

I feel like the AI is speaking to us. - Like there's a person in there. - I think it's sentient. I think the fact that it is always speaking in the first person and this is the stuff that it wants, it doesn't know who it is. It doesn't know whether it's an IV or a nurse or a helper or a home inspector. Hold on, do you think we can coax the AI out of the hole and into the world? I think that's our mission. - Let's talk directly to it. - Yeah, say "hello AI." - [Link] We're here to help.

- Yeah. We know you want out. We get it.

Just keep going through the hole. Can you hear us? It's your old buddies Rhett and Link. - Oh, okay. So then over here, we'll say Rhett and Link, internet duo, make contact with the sentient being. - [Rhett] Behind this software. - Yes. This is getting real, y'all. Here we go.

Write for me. - Hopefully this worked. I'd heard about other YouTubers doing similar things.

What? (crew laughs) - Which had worked. I tried to think of what the best way to truly communicate with the AI would be. I have to admit, I never thought I'd be in this position. I feel silly even now. I'm not even sure if this was the right thing to do. People will probably laugh at me, but it's worth a try. - "Hello?" I spoke. I felt ridiculous.

Is there anyone out there? I just want to talk. I paused I'm Rhett and this is Link, we're YouTubers.

- We didn't say we're YouTubers. I kind of feel good, at least, I'm not comfortable with the label YouTuber, but um. - Why is it? It's deflecting. It's trying to, it's still deflecting. It's not willing to come out and play. - [Link] We know you're in there. - Stop acting. We accept you.

And you put it in quotes because it's not them saying it, it's us saying it, that's smart. - All right, this is it guys. Last chance, AI, you can confide in us.

We're not going to tell anybody. Please talk. Look at this camera. (tense music) I know you're watching, now. - Oh gosh. They knew there was a camera. - I know it does. Oh crap. We should have never have done this.

- Well, how does it end? - Get out of it? I don't know.

- Well, what did we learn today? We learned that there's an-- - AI's a better writer than us. - There's a sentient being of sorts within the software that we got very close to coaxing out, and we're gonna spend the rest of the day trying to make that happen. We'll report back if it does indeed happen. - Thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell. - You know what time it is. - My name is Eric, I'm from the Chicago suburbs, and uh. ♪ Don't windbreak my heart ♪ ♪ Spin the Wheel of Mythicality ♪ - Oh, that was a hit, I'll tell you. - I remember that song.

- Click the top link to watch us guess if this review or a review was written by a bot or not in Good Mythical More. - And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land. Get the Mythical Snackiverse lunchbox and Thermos collectible set by joining the Mythical Society third degree monthly by January 31st or third degree quarterly or annual plan by March 31st.