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Gila monsters (Heloderma suspectum), like their cousins the Mexican beaded lizards (Heloderma horridum), are venomous lizards. As such, they are some of the most famous, and the most feared lizards on the planet. They can't possibly be good pets. Right? Clint explores these beautiful, notorious, dangerous lizards to determine if these beautiful lizards deserve their notoriety for being dangerous, and if the Gila monster is the best pet lizard for you.

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"Gila Monster Skull" by Ryan Somma under CC BY 2.0 ""

"Real Lanthanotus borneensis" by Chien C. Lee, Wild Borneo Photography under CC BY 4.0 ""


Clint is a professional biologist and educator, but above all, Clint LOVES reptiles and he loves to share that love with everyone he meets. Whether you're lover or a hater of reptiles, you can't help but get excited with Clint!

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Gila Monster, The Best Pet Lizard? - download from YouTube for free

Gila Monster, The Best Pet Lizard? - download from YouTube for free