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Legendary rapper turnt singer T-Pain stops by the trap to chop it up with Karlous Miller and the movie star Navv Greene. From Elon Musk to drifting to Khelani and more! T-Pain covers the spectrum in this jam packed - over 2 and a half hour - episode! Every moment is hilarious and T-pain tells some of the most amazing stories from his successful life an entertainer!

Karlous gets right to it and gets strip club advice from the man who fell in love with a stripper and Pain speaks on the Bugatti that he really didn't even really like. Pain explains how he got Pimp C on the "stripper" remix and shares a hilarious story of that one time he embarrassed himself in front of 21 savage! Karlous Miller wanted to know more about WASCANSIN and expresses his appreciation for the hit song "I'm On A Boat"

This is a wild episode where T-Pain suggest Jay-Z is in the illumaniti and asks the question would you put a computer chip in your brain? Plus T-pain puts us on game about the Bolivian special forces and tells us about his experience on the masked singer.

In the last hour T-pain talks about the time he worked with Usher and tells the story of being at Michael Jackson's house for the first and ONLY time! This episode is going down in Black history and it all happened with T-pain drunk on wine! This is the coldest podcast! #85southshow #tpain

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Director - JOE T. NEWMAN -

Producer CHAD OUBRE -

Producer - LANCE CRAYTON -

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不不不T-Pain in the trap! with Karlous Miller and Navv Greene - download from YouTube for free

不不不T-Pain in the trap! with Karlous Miller and Navv Greene - download from YouTube for free