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Corey sinks his teeth into a rare signed copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula, in this clip from Season 4, "High Stakes." #PawnStars #RickHarrison

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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Pawn Stars: SHOCKING PRICE for Signed Dracula Novel (Season 4) | History - download from YouTube for free

Pawn Stars: SHOCKING PRICE for Signed Dracula Novel (Season 4) | History - download from YouTube for free

i've got a book about the vampire ball vampires  mr dracula himself and it's also autographed   by the original creator and author mr braum  stoker it's worth money lots of money i hope i decided to come to the pawn shop today to  sell my autographed copy of braum stoker dracula   the kids are going to college i need money how'd  you get it i bought it at a charity auction okay   remind me asking what you paid for it uh  less than what you're gonna give me for it   all right this is the guy that put dracula on the  map he didn't invent the vampire though that had   that's been around for years and years and years  the interesting thing about the book is that   the original idea came from vladimir brom stoker  made him a vampire but the real vlad the impaler   impaled over a hundred thousand people on the  way into a city i don't know that's weird in my   book i don't have any idea you can imagine just  the smell of that awful bram stoker pretty much   invented the modern day vampire story the vampire  genre is huge these days and that wouldn't happen   if we didn't have dracula first it's all original  no torn pages yeah everything's in good shape so   what do you want to do with this i'd like to sell  it any idea on how much you want around 15 000. problem is you don't have a first edition  those first editions were printed in europe   it was a first edition what  you're asking for all day long and i don't know what his signature's worth signed  copies of this book go for crazy amounts of money   so it's worth getting checked out let me get my  buddy drew down here to check out the signature   okay and once he does that then we'll work on  some numbers okay good i'm really excited that   he's bringing an expert to try to authenticate the  book to see if it's real where i can get my money   dracula book i got an american first edition   allegedly signed by braum stroker wow how  about that the guys usually call me down   when they have questions for signatures then  books documents or any type of memorabilia   brahma stoker actually wrote over a dozen  books but this is by far his most famous book   i mean how many movies we made about this yeah  i mean it was actually not the original book   there was a book apparently written 30 40 years  beforehand and it never caught on like this book   it's definitely the most famous horror book ever  written no doubt about it well what do you think   corey the signature may not be authentic uh you  know me man if it doesn't have paperwork with it   or anything i call you well let's take a closer  look at the signature and see if it's authentic okay if their signature's authentic  it's going to be worth a lot of money one thing that's interesting is before the turn  of the century he would write his capital b   in kind of like an arm type shape the upper stems get the little switchback type  loops here t-bars well let's see this is uh this is authentic there's no doubt in my mind  good no no doubt it's a autographed copy of   braum stoker dracula one of a kind i'm really  excited let's talk numbers now you know what his   signatures are going for the condition of the book  is not very good pages are not missing but there's   a lot of wear i fight i put a retail on it really  i would have to say four or five thousand dollars   okay absolutely appreciate you coming down but  thank you thank you take care it's not the 15   that i was hoping for but uh make me an offer i  wanna say two thousand dollars yeah a little more   how about uh three thousand gotta pay for college  got cars to buy and the man just said four or five   thousand he did say four or five thousand we're  talking about auction and retail prices though   i'll tell you what i'll do uh i'll do 2 300  for you and that's the best i can do 25. 23.50 that's my best offer deal let's go write it up man i'm  walking out of the store today with 2 350   i'm happy glad i came to the pawn shop