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Rare coin expert, Sandy Campbell, reveals that the recently discovered gold-colored object was a knob possibly linked to a high-value jewel chest, in this clip from Season 8, "Rocky Road." #OakIsland

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"The Curse of Oak Island" follows brothers Marty and Rick Lagina as they investigate the mystery of a buried treasure on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

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The Curse of Oak Island: ORIGINS OF GOLD OBJECT REVEALED (Season 8) | History - download from YouTube for free

The Curse of Oak Island: ORIGINS OF GOLD OBJECT REVEALED (Season 8) | History - download from YouTube for free

charles barkhouse joins rick laguina as they meet 

with rare coin and artifact expert sandy campbell  

in the oak island interpretive center 

sandy hey rick to get his analysis of  

the gold-colored object found one day 

ago by gary drayton it's from the swamp  

wow and and deep oh really three or four feet down 

well that's cool gary believed that it was gold  

you know i i think it's quite yellow but let's 

you know let's clean it up let's sure put some  

water in here and have a peek i'm curious what 

we might see if you're curious we certainly are  

an ultrasonic cleaner is a device that works 

by creating high frequency pressure in water  

to thoroughly but gently clean objects 

without causing abrasions or damaging them  

you know after sandy's initial impressions he 

decides to put it in the ultrasonic cleaner to  

pull out any details either on the obverse or 

in the reverse of the knob let's take a peek

it was definitely found in a swamp 

there's a lot of dirt coming from inside  

this is really quite odd

i mean you can tell by the 

workmanship it's fair for modern  

it could be some kind of a a knob from a 

jewel chest in the oak island interpretive  

center i think it was quite ornate at one time 

rare coin and artifact expert sandy campbell  

has just given his opinion that the 

gold-colored object found in the swamp  

may very well be connected to a chest and perhaps 

one that contains something of great value  

when you said it was ornate does that mean 

that there's something from more high-end  

oh i i would think this is more high-end yeah yeah 

for sure you know probably somebody with money

it could have been just for 

a secret box he it who knows  

the question is what was inside it yeah 

you know i know what was inside the box  

it's funny out in the field that that had the 

appearance of gold no this here screams brass  

really if it was gold that color would be a higher 

carrot it wouldn't be 10 or be like 18 karat or 20  

carat it would have a little more weight because 

gold is much more dense than than copper and  

zinc although you know under a loop it does 

have a really you know close resemblance to gold  

so sandy affirmed that it was not gold 

nor gold-plated but what he did attest to  

is the fact that this was an item not of 

common usage it was indeed a high-end item  

and that it in his belief that it came from a 

chest that's interesting but it's not definitive  

what is a high-end chest pole doing 

three or four feet down in a swamp  

certainly an interesting piece i think we've 

done as much here you've done as much here as  

we possibly can yeah can't say it often enough we 

thank you for your assistance well the journey is  

really the treasure absolutely but let's not roll 

out you know a big bag of gold at some point so  

we appreciate the help sandy really do thank you i 

appreciate the opportunity see you later take care