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woke up extremely late this morning and found myself extremely sensitive to any form of sound., any vibration, footstep, or perturbation in the air waves woke me up but left me still extremely tired.. i dont know how i possibly slept in this house before now i notice every single tiny sound anywhere around me and i cant turn it off its taking so much of my mental energy just listening to it all so i b just staring off into space and hearing noises.. i every little wobble in a fan, the capacitive whine of electronics discharging-charging, the low rumbling vibrations of a ball being dropped on the ground, i cant help but hear it all;; some evil wizard must've cursed me with Hearing+™ in my sleep

also doesnt help that i am typing this on some cherry mx blues lol

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meme, cheese touch gaming, quagmire toilet gaming, qtg, fnaf

tbh - download from YouTube for free

tbh - download from YouTube for free