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02:21 Мельбурн - самый комфортный город в мире.

07:43 Самые дорогие сигареты ever

09:30 Переулок AC\DC

10:35 Австралийский Брайтон Бич

11:21 Озеро цвета Барби.

14:10 Немного о понаехавших

15:47 Пингвины

17:24 Наши в Австралии

22:30 Австралийские животные - Тасманийский дьявол, кенгуру и коалы.

26:23 Великая Океанская Дорога ( Great Ocean Road)

27:26 Немного о серфинге в Австралии

33:27 Ночуем в Австралийском доме.

36:50 Сидней

37:17 Bondi Beach. Самый известный пляж Австралии

38:24 Австралийский Гранд Каньон - Blue Mountains

42:00 Сиднейская Опера внутри и снаружи

49:19 Мой фидбэк по Австралии

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Австралия, которую вы не знаете. Большой выпуск. - download from YouTube for free

Австралия, которую вы не знаете. Большой выпуск. - download from YouTube for free

City beach, Victoria state City beach, Victoria state, Australia You won't believe this, guys... But everything you've heard about Australia is true! Well, welcome to Australia! Oops, forgot to adapt the picture... Much better! Welcome to Australia guys! A great country that gave us Uggs, Wi-Fi and Wolverine! It is the only continent country in the world, and the only continent which doesn't have volcanoes.

This country boasts thousands of unbelievable beaches and very happy people! In this episode we will visit two largest Australian cities, Melbourne and Sydney, and try to figure out which one is better. We'll also ride with a local in a convertible across the most beautiful road in Australia; see some unexpectedly mind blowing sights and beaches; shed a wagon of tears from cuteness of local fauna, and most importantly try to figure out what is this place all about and why is it so awesome!? But before we begin, let's go over how I got here and how much was it... First thought that comes to mind when someone mentions Australia to you, is probably that it is very far and costly to reach. All in all, it is all very true!

My flight cost me 1000USD... ...and that's one way! Of course it's expensive, but there are ways to save up!

The Aviasales app that I use to buy my tickets, has some very neat search filters that are as follows: The Quickest The Cheapest and Optimal! I first found a ticket for $720, but there was one big issue with it! The trip would have taken me 48 hours, meaning that I would then need at least a day to recover, but given that I don't have much time, I went for the Optimal option, that turned out to be slightly more expensive, but also two times faster! ...Actually I always go for Optimal option) You, on the other hand, are free to chose whatever option fits you better, but isn't it just great to have options? Thanks for this, Aviasales! I decided to start exploring this country, from it's largest city. I am not the biggest fan of visiting cities during my trips, but Australia is just a different case altogether, since most people live in cities along the coast, and country's central part is hardly populated, resembling more of a desert, which is best described by this picture... The green parts are the forests... Here is Europe for a comparison.

This is why we begin our introduction with the most dynamically developing city in the country. Before we delve into it though, let's do a quick test so I know what to expect from you. How about we test your knowledge on Australia?

Name the capital for me please... is it Melbourne? or Sydney? The right answer is of course Canberra, but it is fine if you thought of Melbourne... at some point it ev.... oh, was it Sydney that you went for? Well, then you ought to watch this episode! I'd like to warn you, that this is a biased review, since I absolutely loved Melbourne, but let's get the capital question out of the way first. Canberra became the capital after Melbourne and Sydney couldn't decide which city should become the capital, and became the only option that both sides were happy with.

As for Melbourne, it actually gives you a good idea of what the country is all about! First, it is packed with Victorian style buildings, that often settle alongside modern skyscrapers. This is logical though, because Australia is formally ruled by Queen of England, which in turn includes English language and left hand trafiic.

Secondly, the city is soaked in traditionally relaxed vibe, and a feeling of ease, that positively affects the atmosphere of the city. There are lots of tourists, creatives and art districts. Streets are clean, there are fountains with drinking water, even homeless people are organised here, with belongings arranged better than most of our houses. You may be thinking that there must be a reason for all this... and you won't be completely wrong! Melbourne carries a special global award, that it received not once, not twice, but 7 times in a row, being the city with most comfortable living! 7 TIMES, GUYS! Resultantly, I was very keen to find out, what differentiates this city from the rest, that it achieves this award every single year. Two days of investigations and analysis later...

I can report the following... Oh, don't forget to compare it to your city! Transport.

The city is packed with green public transport, including these colourful, old school trams, all free for the public. Yep! There is also underground, trains and bikes, with bike lanes covering the whole city. Secondly, it's a very green city, which doesn't only include streets and hundreds of parks, Here is one, 2 3 and that's just a small part of it, but also greenery on trees, that makes Melbourne quite similar to Singapore. It's a very very green city, trees are just everywhere! You are surrounded by skyscrapers, but unlike New-York, that is filled with nothing but concrete, this place is full of trees! Layout of the city is another strong factor, as all streets are perpendicular for the ease of navigaton. Lack of billboards Melbourne also boasts a lack of outdoor ads, it's not non existent, but is packed in a way, that it doesn't bother you at all. As for architecture, modern skyscrapers share the city with very old buildings, whilst victorian structures are direct neighbours to art-deco.

Interesting architectural designs are also present, for example this looks like a typical facade, until you zoom out and see the portrait of a person this building honors. Of course my fav mash up style is around too! It is safe to say that local architecture is top notch, making you enjoy every bit of the city.

Melbourne is Australia's capital of sport. It is where Australian Open tennis tournament is held, plus it houses a footie stadium, an explosive mix of rugby and soccer, where players run over 20km during one game, and the judges nearly never stop the game. That's Australia for you, guys! Locals make an impression of pretty sporty bunch, which is in part a government's merit, as it fights for public health in a quite peculiar way. I think that gov's anti smoking campaign is absolutely genius! They just made them most expensive in the world! least I've been told so! Most expensive cigarettes that I ever saw, where in Singapore, costing around $15 for a pack. So let's just go into a 7'eleven and see how much they cost here.

Well guys, a pack of Marlboro Gold roughly costs $24, and I truly think that it is the best way how you can keep people away from smoking. I mean you'll definitely stop or go bankrupt) So we have clean streets and positive attitude of locals towards their city, absolutely ridiculous amount of restaurants and bars, plus a thriving night life...'s a queue to a club opposite my hotel...

That's a recipe for the most comfortable city for you! It's not as recognisable as NY or Amsterdam, but a comfortable and convenient city for everyday life, with no traffic, agglomerations, and everything at your hand's reach. It's not a city that stands out, it's not small nor is it big, not a village but not a hectic cosmopolis either. It is a place of moderate everything, and the best way to describe it would be to say that this city has it all, but not more than you need! I don't want to linger any longer in the city, but I just have to show you a bunch of places... First, this pretty amazing street... or an alleyway to be precise! Named after AC/DC band, it was officially opened by the city's major with the following opening speech: As the song says, there is a highway to hell, but this is a laneway to heaven. Let us rock!

This alleyway has its own vibe, and is fully devoted to band's oeuvre, since in case you didn't know, AC/DC is an Australian band. Safe to say that fans will love this place! Shamefully I never knew that they are Australian, but credits to the major for doing this, and making such a cool place out of it!

...just so you don't embarrass yourself like I just did, I must mention that... Russel Crowe, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Kate Blanchet, Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger are all Australian too. Another place worth visiting is at Brighton Beach. Yep, these guys also have one, and it is one of the main symbols of Melbourne, thanks to it's multi-coloured beach houses, all, over 100 years old! There are 82 of them, they are all of the same size and made from the same materials. It is a mega popular spot, and house number 38 became my personal favourite. Most interesting part about them is the price, and yes they are all for sale! An average price of one is around $150'000, due to the touristic value and all that jazz of course! Nevertheless, the next spot was discovered by total coincidence during my Uber ride.

This, nothing more and nothing less, is pure magic! A pink lake right in the city! It looks absolutely out of this world!

Wow factor is shooting through the roof! How about we take a look at it from above!? I am sure if you take acid on daily basis, such sight won't blow your mind, but what's crazy is that just yesterday this water had a standard watery colour. There are more of these lakes in Australia, and I was actually planning to visit one, even though it is miles from here. This one on the other hand is right here, which suddenly became the most convenient thing ever!) Plus I see a lot of locals, which means that it is rare for them too! The reason for such drastic colour change is the heat and lack of precipitation. It is in these conditions that the sea weed produces red pigment, making this lake look absolutely other worldly from above. Happening on average only once a year, I consider myself extremely lucky to have come across it. As you may have noticed, in order to travel the world comfortably you need one specific skill...

English Language. Dear all, I will not indulge in a debate on how important English language is in the modern world, and that it is a base skill you should have during your travels. Plus, the list of countries where people speak English is not limited to only US and England.

It is also Canada, South Africa and other 55 countries. How did I learn it, you may wonder... By Skype guys, and it turned out to be extremely productive, as you don't have to go anywhere or wait for someone. All you need is your smartphone and internet. So if you are ready to jump onboard, try the online English school SkyEng! It's core difference compared to Skype lessons, is a complete platform that includes lectures, dictionaries and lesson' notes. Oh and the teacher you will work with, will be appointed to you based on your interests, be it film, music, travel or business. Or maybe it is spoken English that you want to improve... Just go for it, people!

By following the link in the description, you will get a free trial lesson, and two extra free lessons with my promo code PTUSHKIN Here is a very important point about Melbourne and Australia, according to the actual locals... Australia is the land of immmigrants which is clear by the people you see on the streets. 10 out of 12 people I spoke on the street to, moved to Australia from another country.

There are over 200 different nationalities residing here, and they all live next to each other without conflicts. It is remarkable! There is even a bridge here that shows all the nationalities that ever visited and moved to Australia, including of course people from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other ex USSR members. Or how about a neighbourhood called Balaclava? I was stopped by police on the first day of my arrival, because I decided to do some drone footage near a building that later turned out to be a city hall... Well, one of the policemen was originally from Ukraine... Us foreigners, usually call the locals Assies, and I had a meeting planned with some Aussie friends of mine, later the same evening. Before that happens though, I decided to stop by the famous St. Kilda Pier, to check up on other locals, that populate Melbourne over 100 years, and every evening the Pier attracts hundreds of tourists all drawn to meet these guys...

that pop out from the dark towards the red light. ...sorry guys, I was laughing all this time! Aren't they just super cute and funny?

The penguins are protected by the penguin police, that is comprised from volunteers that manage the tourists so they don't scare the animals. These penguins don't grow bigger than 40cm, and resultantly look absolutely tiny in real life. This Melbourne pier has long become their home turf, home for their penguin chatter) *Specky is filming you again! **He should pay for this! **I don't do free pics! If you just want to get acquainted with the fact that penguins live here, this place is just fine, but you won't be able to see them in detail due to lack of light and too many tourists. Nevertheless, according to my friends, there is an island nearby called Phillip Island, where you can truly get up close and personal with them. This is what it looks like... It was time for me to leave and meet my friends, Sergey and Ksyusha, who live in Melbourne for 8 years now.

First we went to see Melbourne by night, and to be frank it is as good as it is during the day. Only question here, is what happens to seagulls that fly over the place.) Oh and I learnt more about public transport... - [S] It goes non stop on weekends!

- All for the people as they say! I obviously wanted to see how the guys live, and here it is... - [S] This is our livingroom as we call it. The flat turned out to be amazing, and here are some secrets about it! I absolutely fell in love with this table as soon as I saw it, and guess where it is from? It's from the trash. It was thrown away! This super comfy sofa... let me show it to you...

The covers are new thought right?) So yes, this black sofa... was also thrown away and picked up by the guys. It's just next level, I tell you!

Alright, what else? How about your stool? - [S] Same, in fact someone threw away two of them! - [A] They look brand new though! People of Australia, please move to Kiev! I need stuff like this! I need furniture for my studio! It is basically totally normal to leave unwanted furniture on the street, as people hope that someone will pick it up. Otherwise they will have to pay for it to be taken away.

Never thought I would say this, but you can find solid stuff on the streets) So what do you do these days? - [S] We run our own business and organise quests. This may sound unbelievable, but Sergey is the first person who introduced Australia to quests, as the scene was literally non existent before him, and became a good foundation for his endeavour.

He literally pioneered it here! - [A] Did it turn out to be profitable? - [S] Well it's a tough question... - [A] Did it go well or not? - [S] As you can see we aren't starving) I think Sergey is just shy, because the revenue of his company is around 100k pa, and it's definitely something to be proud of! As always, locals are much more informative than google or wikipedia... - [S] Did you know that prostitution is legal here? - [A] Nooope - [S] Now you know) - It's an official business and it's fully legal, - which means that they also pay taxes. Sergey and Ksyusha live in a cosy district called Clayton, but I was more impressed by its inhabitants...

This may seem normal to locals, I mean they have parrots flying freely in the back yard... not in cages, but back yards! Well, my appetite started growing, so we went off to see other flying creatures that inhabit Australia.

Jesuuuuus! There are so many of them! They are just everywhere! Despite the noise they all make, it's actually bed time now for these foxes. Important thing to mention, that it's not bats but flying foxes, who are harmless and eat fruits and flowers. Another difference is that they don't have sonars, but very good eyesight and sense of smell. This place reminds me of a kindergarten during sleeping hours, when instead of sleeping, some kids chat, some fight and some just freeze. The frozen ones... Fighters.

Grown ups. New guy in class. The curious one.

Book worms. Although they somewhat resemble bats, these guys are super cute, especially when they are watching you from above with their cute little eyes, as to who is that down below, not letting them sleep in peace.) If someone had approached me, and asked to donate to flying foxes foundation, I'd do it without thinking twice! Because cute! The whole topic of animals in Australia, deserves to be put into a separate episode, because Australia is home for such animals, that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Meet the Tasmanian Devil, that got it's name thanks to the sounds it makes at night. Quite a cunning mug, that is! As for sad news, due to incurable pandemic in Tasmania, 70% of all devil population is already gone, with only 10000 still out and about. In order to save the devil population from it, these animals are brought to Australia, and I think they love it here! Next, is the main symbol of Australia...

as kangaroos are even part of the country's crest. The little ones are super cute, and aren't afraid of people since we are in the contact zoo. As for the wild ones, I doubt I'd be able to even come close to one.

Kangaroos have very weak paws, but extremely strong legs and tails, that allow them to jump 3 metres up and 8 metres in length. There are of course exceptions... Just look at this guy! Must be a cross-fit champion in the kangaroos world) Wouldn't be surprised if he gets a knife out... See, you don't have to go to the gym to gain muscles, try jumping instead! - Isabel, look at me! - You don't need this guy... - He's got thousands of other girls... - Come to Israel with me!

- I have a flat there! Kangaroos turn out to be quiet and peaceful creatures, this of course does not include the wild ones, that can even attack dogs, and people had to step in. I tried to fight one, but nothing happened...

See... he definitely didn't expect this. Best to just feed them...) Now, let's shift our focus to the superstar animal, and my personal favourite, the koalas! All that these guys do, is eat and sleep! The latter happens in any postures...] Laying down, sitting down, hanging from a tree... I believe it is a great luck to see a koala move) and we got lucky again!) Taking into account that koalas sleep 20 hours a day, I think it is safe to say that we are very similar to them. Don't they just look like they had the best night out? Whilst foggy eyes start to show glimpses of intellect, there is still retardation to the moves, combined with a dire need for water. To sum up, koalas look like cute hangover buddies, smelling quite alike too.

I went full koala last night! Since we are done with animals, let's make our way out of Melbourne, to see what the rest of Australia looks like. Our world is packed with beautiful roads, and those that I remember well are: Transfagarashan in Romania and a small but beautiful road on Farer Islands.

There is another such road near Melbourne too, and those who compile these lists, always include it in the spectrum. It is called Great Ocean Road, and Sergey and I plan to take on it! - You ready? - Let's go! Maybe I should also start doing quests in Australia... Being a Smart owner I shouldn't really comment on this, but this car is tiny! I just saw a Daewoo Lanos... a little part of home, away from home) We are in Torquay, the world famous town, known for its surfing spots. Australia is considered one of the world's surfing capitals, since it is all surrounded by ocean.

Also, most renowned surfing brands, including RipCurl, Billabong and Quicksilver, are all Australian too! Uggs were also invented by local surfers, to stop feet from freezing after the ocean. To cut to the chase, this country is ideal for surfing, which is what most people do anyways.

...and just around that corner, you will find one of the most legendary beaches, and I am of course talking about Bells Beach. Remember a cult film Point Break? It is exactly this beach that they refer to, talking about the storm. Waves are massive here, attracting people from all over the world. Yep, people come to Australia, buy old vans and transform them into campers, pack them to the brink with necessities and start exploring the country. No idea how long it takes them to cover whole Australia, but most likely a couple of months, since they do stop overs at every spot. ...and stop overs are imminent because these places are beautiful. Australia is like one single beach, boasting an extremely wide beachfront and turquoise water. This is why it is hard to imagine any sort of agglomeration on these beaches, as there is just enough space for everyone.

Still, these beaches are not ideal though... I am sure you spotted what's missing... Right?

There is no one here who sells sunglasses, bags or does massage! This must be the largest market in the world, and no one has thought of it! It's such a basic way to make a killing! - [S] For locals, beaches are beaches, - not shopping centres! I think we got carried away slightly... Shall we? Great Ocean Road is a 243km long highway, that flows around Australia's southern beachfront. It twists and turns becoming a seprentine of immaculate beauty, making you enjoy every second of it. It is quite diverse too, at times lingering into the rain forests, then returning back to the beach.

But it's main point is that it passes through all top notch sights! These 45m tall rocks look pretty stunning in the sunset, but to be frank, it's more of an over-marketed tourist spot, that most visitors don't go further from. *Random shot.

I forgot to take it out during production It'll be over soon... - [S] Do you want to see something better? - There will be no tourists, - and visually it may just be even better... Further down the road we found many more spots, that although may not be as beautiful as 12 Apostiles, were at least absolutely deserted, which is a great recipe to enjoy the nature! Somehow, doing the same whilst being surrounded by herds of people, is just not as good. As you can see we got pretty burnt, and decided to stop for a meal, which is when I realised how to best describe this country. Everyone is super chilled here, not the same way it happens in Jamaica, where no one cares about anything, but instead people are just easy-going here, in turn making you feel at ease too. The atmosphere isn't necessarily idle or celebratory, but everyone is just at ease here ...and relaxed, which is awesome! - [A] I've got a question for you...

- Do you have an Australian passport? - [S] Of course! - I got it 4 years after moving in.

It's never a bad thing to take food with you!) - [A] Where are we staying tonight? - [S] We'll be staying at my friend's family house, - a typical Australian version of it! - [A] Sounds good! - [S] Let's check it out! This is what a typical Australian house looks like. It comprises two levels and so many rooms that I think we didn't even see them all. Big thanks to Peter, Sergey's friend, for letting us do a sleep over! Many thanks Pete! ...and then we woke up to the lushest morning ever!

Weather is just perfection! Since the opportunity is there, let me show you what an Australian village looks like, with a population of 250 people. There is a city hall, firefighters, a shop, petrol station, whilst all morning action happens at the post office.

Peterborough was great, but we had to leave because I had a plane to catch. Melbourne is a great city full of great people, and I would have loved to stay here longer, but we still have Sydney to investigate, don't we?) Safe to say... that I am already over my budget) I mean you book a rental right? Originally it's meant to cost $100 per day... Then, upon arrival it turns out that you have to pay for its pick up, for dropping it off at the other place, add insurance to it and road toll, for it to finally add up to $300! It's not always like this, but this is what I ended up with. As for my specific case, not taking fuel into the account, it will cost me around $200. I hope it will be worth it! First thing I have to get accustomed to, is that the turn stalk is on the right, and by memory I keep turning my wipers on...) Oh come on!!!

What's good about Australia, compared to other left hand drive countries, is that there is a myriad of signs that constantly remind you about it, prompting you to look the right way. Well, hello Sydney! Let's not beat around the bush, and get right to the main sights of the city!

As you may know, US has Venice Beach, Brazil has Copa Cabana, whilst Australia can relate with its Bondi Beach, the most renowned beach in the country. ...and this place is literally mind boggling! Bondi Beach is one of those places, that you have to see, not listen. Oh, and best if it's ground footage too! This beach is amazing! Just look at the colour of that water! It's quite compact, being maximum 1km long, but it has it's own vibe, that just draws you to stay here longer. But, I have made a tough decision to leave now, so I could show you another interesting place. 3 hours later It started to get beautiful before I even arrived, and I believe we are in for a treat!

Definitely not expected this! The name Blue Mountains is derived from all these eucaliptus trees releasing a vapour that makes these rocks look blue from afar. ...and never have I imagined, that Australia has it's own grand canyon, that unlike the Arizona's canyon, is densely covered in greenery!

Oh my... This is crazy! This place is unbelievable! Let's be honest with each other... Who would have thought, that there is Australia's own Grand Canyon, just two hours away from Sydney? We usually associate this country with kangaroos and beaches, but these actual places, go far beyond the typical stereotypes. It is in moments like these, that I regret constantly filming and running all over the place. I just want to pause everything and spend the whole day here. There is a hiking trail, a river where I could dip in, I would have loved to hike across this whole valley, but unfortunately I only have an hour at most.

Incredibly beautiful place! It's a place where your goosebumps get goosebumps! Every rent-a-car dollar that I was whining about, has just been repaid in full!

What a beauty! Prior to my final leg back to Sydney, I had to find a place to sleep over at night... and here it is, a 3.5 start hotel by the road.) Although I was keen to jump into a shower, it was my usual ritual that I had to complete beforehand... Shower time! Oh and I do this ritual every single day! I woke up early in the morning, got into Sydney two hours later, dropped my car off and prepared for some quality city exploration. Just like Melbourne, Sydney turned out to be pretty cool too, but to be honest I didn't see much, because I headed right for the main attraction! The Sydney Harbour, home to the main tourist attractions of the city and most likely the whole country. First and foremost the Harbour Bridge, it is one of the largest arch bridges in the world, 134m in height and over a kilometre long, and cars you see now, are 49 metres above the bay.

The bridge is quite old, usually called a Hanger, due to the way it looks. Oh and you can take an excursion to the top of it, just like those guys there... Nevertheless, the bridge is not the frontrunner of this ensemble, it's this guy...

We are all quite used to this building from the outside, but how many of you have seen it on the inside? An english tour cost me $40, the Japanese and Korean tours cost $80, whilst mandarin speaking tours are $110! I think Australians have cracked the pillars of the tourist business.) First that strikes you, is that it's not only operas that are held here. The opera house serves as a stage for performers like Goran Bregovic and even Iggy Pop. There are 5 or maybe even 6 concert halls, but the main thing is of course the interior! It definitely doesn't look worse than it does on the outside. There are no columns, which greatly adds to the space, whilst the whole structure is held by concrete cables, that add up to 350km in length! This building is a true engineering masterpiece, whilst the excursions are absolutely useless, as filming is strongly prohibited. Hi) I think it's best to spend this same amount on the actual opera ticket instead of an excursion.

Unfortunately though, there are no shows tonight, and tomorrow I am flying out. Still, if you ever come to Sydney, do me a favour and go see an actual performance! To summarise, this is a building that Melbourne is missing so much.

Trust me, if only Melbourne had this opera building, or something similar that would make the city famous, we would have known nothing less about it, than we know about Sydney. This is why, any city that plans to become a tourists' mekka, absolutely needs one main attraction, the postcard view that it will be known for. As for Sydney's postcard view, it's the other side of the bay where it can be seen from. To get there, we have to cross the bay on a little ferry. Not sure if camera captures it, but it just started to rain! Perfect) Pic for my mom This looks like a very upmarket district, with nice houses and our favourite expensive cars of course) A private school around the corner became a great opportunity to showcase the trends in the latest Australian school fashion... This is what boy scout's dreams are made of! I am eager to find out how much they pay for school refurbishment...) In the end I didn't even have to approach anyone, because I got approached instead. Interestingly, although the school is private and expensive, it is standard school busses that take these kids back home.

This is that spot I was telling you about! Despite the grim weather, my mood just got better, all thanks to this fine view! The best part about it though, is that the place was nearly empty, which meant that I could just soak it all in!

As for other great news, the rain has stopped, the clouds parted, allowing me to show you this view in all its glory! It was back in Manhattan, when I enjoyed an urban environment as much, as i am enjoying this right now. It's just me, my camera and these stunning postcard views! I am ecstatic! This place is amazing, and I mean Australia as a whole! It's a top notch country, guys! An hour later I was still there, spoke to a guy who immigrated from China, met a funny guy from Argentina... drank some water, and checked out public loos... here is more on that...) Let me remind you that I am in a public toilet, in a pretty busy location.

It may have only been a couple of minutes, but it's as if I've just been to the future) Hope our future is similar to this one! And now, this whole catharsis later I think I am ready to share my thoughts on Australia. Well...

To be honest with you, I just didn't expect anything like it. I mean I was preparing and reading up on it, but I just didn't expect it to be this cool. I was governed by stereotypes... the kangaroos, beaches and the opera house. In reality though, everything that I saw throughout my trip went far beyond this basic template of sights. It is for couple of days now, that I am living with a thought that Australia greatly reminds me of Israel, and I can explain why... Both of these countries were built by immigrants, and all people that populate them moved in from other countries. Immigrants are the people who work hard, those who are ready to invest their soul into what they do, the people who are usually highly motivated, and just look what they have built... It is an amazing country!

Australia is a country that outperformed any of my initial expectations. I definitely got more than I expected! My trip to Australia does not end here, as I am flying to Queensland next, the third and last state that I will visit.

It is home to one of the main wonders of this country, and you'll be able to catch up on it, in the second episode on Australia. Thanks for watching, do travel more, as it is definitely worth it!