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Приглашаем в Новгород-Северский. История города насчитывает более 1000 лет. Это город князя Игоря и Ярославны, Новгород-Северский (Черниговская область). Город с древней историей и возрожденным Спасо-Преображенским монастырем. Новгород-Северский монастырь является действующим.

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Новгород-Северский: история города князя Игоря (English, Russian and Ukrainian subtitles) - download from YouTube for free

Новгород-Северский: история города князя Игоря (English, Russian and Ukrainian subtitles) - download from YouTube for free

We will tell you about the city, that everyone has heard of who ever studied Russian literature. But few have been to this city. And we are heading there right now. Channel “Autozakordon in the winter and summer ”and your guides Tatiana Andreeva and Konstantin Krasovsky are on the river bank. This is the Desna River in Ukraine. In “Tales of Bygone Years”, it is written that the Kiev prince Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia, ordered the construction of fortresses on the rivers to protect against nomads. One of them was built on the Desna. And got the name Carthage, which is translated into Russian as ' a new city'.

All cities were once new but few retained that name after a thousand years. That's how Novgorod appeared on the Desna. To distinguish it from other new cities, it was called Seversky or Siversky. This name has derived from the name of a Slavic tribe siverians. Originally this city like most Slavic cities, was located on a hill by the river bank. Now this hill is called Castle Hill but nothing is left here from the city and the fortress.

On the slope of Castle Hill, there is a wooden St. Nicholas Church. It was built in 1720 and is a monument of Ukrainian folk architecture.

We went down the slope of this mountain to the Desna along a narrow steep street. And had to climb to the city along the street, on which it is really desirable to never meet another car. Novgorod Seversky is familiar to everyone, who knows Russian literature. Because it was exactly in Novgorod Seversky where the famous prince Igor ruled. And Yaroslavna, who mourned after him, here she is. She is still standing on the shore and waiting when Igor returns from the campaign against the Polovtsy. In history, this woman is known by her middle name. And her first name was Euphrosyne. She was the daughter of Yaroslav, Prince Galitsky.

Overall, the princedom of Novgorod-Seversky became independent since the time of Oleg. Oleg was the son of Svyatoslav, grandson of Yaroslav the Wise. Those who read the story of Boris Akunin “Spit of the Devil”, can find out who was the mother of Prince Oleg, Svyatoslav's son.

Nearby are viewpoints over the Desna river. The monument to Prince Igor was inaugurated in the central square of the city on the 1000th anniversary of the city of Novgorod-Seversky and the 800th anniversary of “The Tale of Igor's Campaign”, celebrated in 1989. The main attraction of the city is the Transfiguration Monastery. It is believed that it was founded back in the 11th century. The beginning of the 17th century was one of the most dramatic moments in the history of Novgorod-Seversky. In 1604, a man appeared near Novgorod-Seversky, who said that he was actually prince Dmitry, heir to Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The troops of False Dmitry, as he was later called, besieged Novgorod-Seversky. The city withstood this siege. But after this, the Polish–Muscovite War began.

And as a result, the Poles stormed the city, looted and burned him. According to the terms of the armistice of 1618, Novgorod-Seversky was conquered by Poland. Soon the city received Magdeburg rights.

The Polish king Wladyslaw transferred the monastery to the Jesuits. Until 1648, it was Catholic. There is a Bogdan Khmelnitsky monument on the square. After the uprising of Khmelnitsky Novgorod-Seversky became part of the Cossack Hetmanate. And then in 1667, it became part of the Moscow kingdom. In 1657, Lazar Baranovich became bishop of Chernigov. Prior to that, he was the rector of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy for seven years. He chose the Episcopal residence to be the Transfiguration Monastery in its hometown - Novgorod-Seversky. He initiated the construction of various buildings in the monastery.

The first printing house in Left-Bank Ukraine started to work there. In 1668, at the Cossack Council in Novgorod-Seversky elected the Hetman of entire Left-Bank Ukraine to be Demyan Ignatovich. He was later nicknamed 'Mnohohrishny' by his enemies.

We told about him in our film about the neighboring town of Korop. Hetman initiated construction of the Assumption Cathedral. We approach the building of the Assumption Cathedral. But they are trying to hide it from us with a smokescreen. The cathedral remained unfinished for a long time. Tsar Peter the Great issued a decree which forbade stone construction nationwide until 1721. It was connected with the construction of St. Petersburg. The cathedral was operating as an Orthodox church throughout its history including the Soviet period.

It’s not only us who liked to travel around these territories, but also Empress Catherine the Second did. Authorities prepared for her travels. In Novgorod-Seversky, they decided to surprise Catherine with a special Arc de Triomphe, which we see now.

Fundraising was announced for the construction of the arch. Originally the arc was planned to be wooden. But they raised so much money that it sufficed to build a stone arch. The rapturous empress considered the petitions of the townspeople. She gave the court architect Giacomo Quarenghi an order to build a new monastery cathedral instead of a dilapidated one. Five-headed Transfiguration cathedral was built according to the project by Quarenghi in 1791-1806 in the style of classicism. In 1785, a theological seminary was created at the monastery. Not far from the monastery gate we see a memorial sign. It reminds of the tragedy that happened during World War II.

In 1941-1943, the monastery was used as a concentration camp. Here, the Nazis tortured 20 thousand people. The monastery which was closed during the years of Soviet rule and suffered during World War II, was revived in the 1990s A comprehensive restoration was carried out.

Now you can stand over the transparent floor. And consider the results of excavations - preserved remains of ancient walls. Some buildings are recreated from ruins. Now it is an operating monastery. There are many different buildings, which we can see. We pass by the building of the gymnasium No. 1. It was built in the early 20th century. Then it was a female gymnasium.

In 2004, a major overhaul of the gymnasium building was carried out. It was facilitated by the then President Leonid Kuchma. He is a native of Novgorod-Seversky district.

And we move on to visit other cities of North-Eastern Ukraine. If you are interested to know about these cities subscribe to “Autozakordon in winter and summer ”! Put thumbs up and share videos with friends! See you in the next city or country!