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#크집사 #Vlog #젖병

오늘은 고양이 우유를 준비했어요?

* 똥고양이 해적단 가입?‍☠️

* 야옹섬 크집사의 레시피?‍?

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아직도 젖먹는 아기 고양이가 여기있어요! - download from YouTube for free

아직도 젖먹는 아기 고양이가 여기있어요! - download from YouTube for free

Claire and Cats Vlog #BabyKittens #Milk #Breastfeeding Over here, sit here! (SFX: Patting) Over here! Come here~ (SFX: Patting) Attaboy! Sit over here. Good boy~ Good boy~ LuLu: (?) So handsome~ Feels so refreshing~ (Laugh) So refreshing! Does it feel good? (Laugh) Yes it does, kitty, it does~ (Inhale) So good~ (Inhale x2) (Shocked laugh) LuLu: (Please give) Nuh-uh. (Laugh) That's enough! Heave-ho~ (Devilish laugh) LuLu: (Save me) (Laugh) You're so well-behaved, kitty! Yeah, there! Just keep looking over there! - Mischievous cat - Why are you so well-behaved today?

Just patiently waiting while being brushed! Hmm? Oh, you're here, ToTo? Should I brush you too, ToTo? It's a shame that ToTo's not putting on weight. - Hi there, CoCo!

- He just gets taller, not fatter! LuLu: I'm all muscle You just won't become chonky... - LuLu's not chonky, just bulky - You just get longer, right?

As for your weight... Uh-huh~ ToTo is~ Awww, so pretty~ (Clicking tongue) - LuLu's too busy trying to hunt the comb - - Success! - Let go! (Laugh) You were so well-behaved until now! I'll give you something else. I'll give you milk, LuLu. Milk! Milk! Snacks!

- Load the LuLu - LuLu: (Growl) - Launch the LuLu - What's that for? Come on, spit it out!! ToTo's watching!

You need to set a better example! - Early learning - Hey! Come on! I did it... You completely messed this comb up! LuLu: I did nothing wrong Ugh, it smells. (SFX: Closing fridge door) Kitties~ Oh dear, how'd you know? You knew what I was up to? What is it?

- A Wild LaLa has sensed her target! - - Feral cats - (SFX: Pouring milk) Hey... (SFX: Pouring milk) (SFX: Pouring milk) Do this...

(SFX: Screwing on cap) - Utter chaos - And close the lid~ - Sampling the goods - - Sampling the goods - Okay, these are for the kittens who still need to breastfeed! (SFX: Thwack) What the? Are you really looking for milk? (Laugh) Here! Yeah. Okay, LuLu, here you go! Mhm! DoDo: (Me too!) ToTo: (Me three!) Watch how LuLu eats this~! (Laugh) - Dignified - LuLu doesn't wolf it down.

- Dignified - See? He drinks one drop at a time. ChuChu, you come here too!

ChuChu: Feed me too Come to mommy! (Clicking tongue) I'll give you a snack. Is it good, LuLu? Hey. (SFX: Splurt) Ack! Geeze... It spilled out! (Gasp) Okay, then... MoMo: (I'm here too) DoDo!

You come here too. Here. (Laugh) He's trying to get milk from LuLu's tummy...

Geeze!! - DoDo sure is one crazy cat! - No... (Laugh) Don't tear it apart! (Laugh) You monster! (Laugh) MoMo: (Kid's got stamina) (Laugh) Don't take it!! Oh no! Stop~!! It's all over the floor now...

(Laugh) (Laugh) Hand it over! Gosh!! (Laugh) Wait!

You monster! Oh no, you ripped it! (RIP) (Laugh) How could you be so cruel? Darn it!! I'll try again with a food bowl this time. My pants are messy now! So's the floor! (SFX: Scrubbing) Geeze... (SFX: Scrubbing) Gosh!

I told you to follow LuLu's example~ (Laugh) - Early education didn't take - I'll try again! LuLu. Okay, eat up.

Here, LuLu, here. Here. Here. Here, NaNa. (Clicking tongue) - Big Head - Here, ChuChu. Here, NaNa. Here. Just eat a little bit at a time. Cats: (A.

Little. Bit.) ChuChu: (?) Some for DD, too. Here.

(SFX: Pouring milk) - Do not want - Guess not. Don't want any, DD? But you're willing, LaLa? Tada! Ah, for the love of- (Laugh) Where'd you guys come from? What is this? Fine~ Those who ate a lot should leave now! ToTo, come get a snack! Done grooming?

Now... stop bugging LuLu for milk~ (SFX: Bowl sliding) Gosh, all the feeding bottles are ruined! (SFX: Bowl sliding) Now...

(SFX: Bowl falling)