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Pepe Aguilar habla de cómo se despidió dé su mamá Flor Silvestre


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Pepe Aguilar habla de cómo se despidió dé su mamá Flor Silvestre - download from YouTube for free

Pepe Aguilar habla de cómo se despidió dé su mamá Flor Silvestre - download from YouTube for free

how are friends and friends I hope this thing allows me this or the connection to endure and I can communicate to you what I want to communicate to you first of all I want to tell you that this is to thank so much show of affection so many supportive people so much love for my mother for me family very hard moments I believe that only people who what has happened to something similar will understand it thoroughly because it is understood but it does not feel and when you feel it, you understand it more clearly I had a very good relationship with my mother always with anyone like any son does not get along with his mother but suddenly there clashes there because we were both good I maybe hundreds but I read and they say that far as that to write who in his territory we had the best yasky we had a lot of fun in Madrid it was very funny it was funny and it hurts it hurts it hurts deeply, obviously the eyes - now I can show them to you after crying for three days today jean pierre e So I think it's important to do it too, I do n't feel sorry for anything but nothing in front of my children on the contrary and we are healing our deep wound based on pure love of pure love love love towards my mother love the present makes my life in the life of the loved ones I feel very grateful for the mother that God gave me and infinitely grateful to all of you for healing, manifesting as you have done, but I have to continue, she was very professional for her entire career in the sense that She was a lady who could afford and demand or not and what she demanded because it was nothing more than being here to be with her family from a very very simple and very professional person and so much so that and I taught this to her And my father taught me the show, the show of life must continue and in our case, the show of the show also has to continue when my maternal grandmother passed away, we were traveling of course working and we are in Los Angeles, remember or and my father told my mother that the one who was leaving now was not that there was no problem that she was going to be with her mother and my mother decided to stay and do the shows, the angels lived that, they did not practice it when my maternal grandmother died we are in los angeles and when my paternal grandmother died we were in el paso texas i clearly remember that my dad got a room he was crying all day and the next day he did the show when my father dies and that it was a bit very hard too But the feeling is totally different, right now I am telling you, but hey, the cast that when my father died I had a commitment show two days after we buried him, it is more the next day , not two days later, the day after we buried him, I didn't have to fulfill life continues life goes on and really love your loved ones past days and those who want to exile us that is a problem if they love them tell my mother I got tired of telling her especially in these In recent years because my mother was a person with advanced age and I always told her how much I loved her, I did not stay with any pending in the sense there are always, I think, like ghosts that come to nag you, not to say you would have done is drink their tracks made starlings and it has been longer and it would have been I think it no longer makes any sense I loved my mother I still love her I will continue to love her and for that love they acted I did not want to earn anything it was no commitment love 100 % love and and so it will continue and it must continue and how curious that today precisely one day after we buried my mother now I have a show again but and we are going to do it of course in honor of my mother, it is curious that it is a show in honor of death but goes far beyond I think the show tonight is a is a taste of Mexico and mother worshiped in Mexico of folklore made in Zacatecas that surpassed Mexicans and that has to continue'll be discussing with you there I cr eo that the songs will have a very different meaning he told me that they would or dvd come to mind at this time it stops not controlling itself no because if you don't finish and what do you have to be realistic what happened happened what is is thank you infinitely to God for having given me a mother who gave me for so many years for so many years and I was left with the desire for him to see today's special I did not teach him anything because I wanted him to see the entire program he was my number one fan was My number one fan would have liked it a lot but hey, I hope you like it, we did it with all my heart, with all the honor, with all the pride, having 100% Mexican blood in my veins and 100% Zacatecan too, my mother didn't have time to get on his horse and come to size web but for that reason in eventual san antonio texas that I am also very proud of that part of my history but I grew up in zacatecas here he went to school believe it or not I grew up on the ranch then and In a better place my mother could not have died, for her it was very important to be by her husband's side, she is already by her husband's side. Well, quiet, very quiet, I did not have love, I did not have the honor of being at the precise moment that he died to her side but curiously because because he died suddenly no one expected him he was ill but no one expected him he was waiting for a surprise he died with his nurse and his very beloved assistant did not die alone he died very quickly he left like the big ones as he deserved it quiet without pain quickly and this and thus his heart said this far we come now is the consumption with his beloved I thank you very much for all the signs of affection life goes on for my mother this which in a couple of hours they begin and I hope you like it and feel proud of Mexico and its Zacatecas traditions of music I saw Mexico alive wild flower alive Zacatecas God bless you all thank you for your attention and see you soon